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Praying For Settlement

Discussion in 'Prayer Wall' started by lezter, Mar 5, 2021.

  1. lezter

    lezter JESUS IS KING

    I have an unsettled Relationship, I already have a baby from an unwanted Relationship, We are not married. We did everything to fix our relationship because of our baby but it always ends up sinning. I don't love her anymore. I hate sin, there's no Peace in our relationship and it always hinders me to serve God. honestly I want to end everything, but my burden is my daughter. I love her so much. I want to teach her everything about Jesus. My heart really wants a settlement about our issues, I think we are not fit for each other, I can't help her, and she can't help me. for other info, we are not living together, I always visit my daughter twice a week.

    Please I need advice, and Prayers God Bless us all
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  2. Neostarwcc

    Neostarwcc We are saved purely by the work and grace of God. Supporter

    United States
    My advice may sound a bit archaic but my beliefs and views are archaic in nature so my advice will always sound a little "out of date". That being said, I think you should stick with the woman you made a child with. God loved your union with this woman so much that he blessed the two of you with a child, his greatest gift. I don't think you should take that lightly. IMO God chose for you to be with this woman. While you never got married to her you had a sexual union with her before you were married. IMO, if you were man enough to make a baby with her you should be man enough to either break up with her and pay child support and fight for partial custody or be man enough to marry her and stick by with her. I'm confused by your statement of "it always ends of sinning when we try to get back together." do you mean that you always have sex with her? Why would that be a reason to end the relationship? People succumb to the temptations of sex before marriage all the time. My wife and I did for a year before we got married. Yes, its one of my biggest regrets but, I also loved her enough to have sex with her and make that commitment and union with her, I should be man enough to marry her. Your situation is even more different than mine, God blessed you with a child from this woman. Isn't that reason enough to stick together? I honestly don't understand.

    I mean, you're not constantly cheating on each other are you? Imo that should be the ONLY reason to split ties with this woman. It could be what you meant by "we keep on sinning" but, if you're waiting for the perfect relationship with the perfect girl whom everything is perfect with, you're living in fantasy land.

    Couples argue and stuff like this happens. All the time. My wife and I love each other and are committed to each other but, we do fight. Almost constantly. Still doesn't change the fact that got chose for us to be together and that God wants our marriage to stand until the day I die. IMO sexual union is like that. It's not "cheap" or "hey lets have a casual encounter and never see each other anymore." But, idk... Idk what to tell you. I gave you the advice you didn't want to hear so... *shrug*
  3. LoricaLady

    LoricaLady YHWH's Supporter

    Well, since you asked for advice, if you really want to teach your child to follow the Lord, it seems it would be best to first turn to him so that you are following him completely yourself.

    I did not get the feeling that you are opposed to extra marital sex for example. If that is the case, there could be another child with no intact family coming again, down the pike.

    If you are very healthy I would recommend a once a week 24 hour water only fast. This is actually good for your health. And by the way fasting more than that can be harmful to your adrenals. I know Moses and Messiah fasted for 40 days and 40 nights but they were on a different spiritual plane than we are.

    Fast and pray and ask to live a holy life, to be the father that the Lord wants you to be, and to be given insight and wisdom end guidance in regard to your child’s mother. I pray for those things for you too.