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Oral sex, the thorn in my marriage.

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by starry_night, Apr 24, 2010.

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  1. citizenthom

    citizenthom I'm not sayin'. I'm just sayin'.

    Sorry, I do get emotional when I see people give anti-Biblical advice that I've seen hurt--and even destroy--other married couples to advance an anti-Biblical agenda. Keep up the good work of refuting them! :)
  2. waving_palm_branches

    waving_palm_branches Rev. 2:17


    You are right, but I think ultimately situations such as those you are talking about, that eventually if you open your heart enough the Holy Spirit will reveal what is true and remove the doubts from your heart. It is never too late with God to do what you are meant to do, everything happens for a reason and nothing happens without God's consent.
  3. Created2Write

    Created2Write His Pink Princess

    MyChainsAreGone, that was an awesome post. :)Thank you for sharing it.
  4. Windmill

    Windmill Legend Supporter

    Christian Seeker
    In Relationship
    EDITED: Please ignore, I wasn't meant to post :)
  5. Steve Mac

    Steve Mac Newbie

    Thank you for that wonderful post! I think the Onan-lie must be the second-most-often-told lie in Christendom. I was told it as a young boy too. My dad was a pastor, so he was supposed to know what he was talking about. Besides that, he had the power of the belt. It wasn't until much later, after I learned a lot more about Scripture, that I was able to fully study and analyze the Onan story and debunk what I had been told. Christian parents must quite telling their kids lies in attempts to get them to comply with what they think. Telling their kids lies is sinning against them and God.
  6. LinkH

    LinkH Regular Member

    How long before this gets moved to the men's forum?

    Without mentioning anything specific (or off-topic), I'd also like to point out a man should respect his wife's conscience if she actually thinks she is sinning and consider I Corinthians 8 and Romans 14. If it's just a matter of 'feeling dirty', I don't know if that qualifies. I don't believe threatening to leave is a good solution.
  7. jminnesota

    jminnesota Newbie

    oral sex is wonderful and i feel nothing dirty about it at all. its all apart of the sexual experance. got to spice things up and do things other then just make love in the bed the same way all the time. my wife and i love oral and love to experiment and spice it up
  8. Tropical Wilds

    Tropical Wilds Lord, beer me strength...

    United States
    Thread necromancy... :sorry:

    Love it when a random newbie selects out a random sexually-related post made by another old, random newbie and attempts to engage in a conversation that ended about 2 years ago. :thumbsup:
  9. LovebirdsFlying

    LovebirdsFlying My husband drew this cartoon of me. Staff Member Red Team - Moderator Supporter

    United States

    This thread was begun before the Married Couples Statement of Purpose updated its rules. Matters of a sexual nature may now be discussed only in the Married Men or Married Women Personal Topics forums. No violation has occurred, but the thread is now closed. If anyone cares to continue discussing it, please do so in the appropriate areas.

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