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Need to Relocate

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests by Non-Christians' started by justanobserver, Apr 4, 2007.

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  1. Angeldove97

    Angeldove97 We wait, and watch, and wonder.

    Praying for you Norm! We have some neighbors who have had some similar issues, but thank God they've always gotten along with us (they moved in the same day we moved into our hours). I still use to worry that if I go out and play around evening that something might happen---there's been fights and I've seen guns and I've seen them doing drugs. I'll be praying that the Lord watches over and keeps you safe :hug:
  2. DaughterofEve

    DaughterofEve a.k.a. DoE

  3. justanobserver

    justanobserver Still Wondering...

    wel, although I am now a christian I still need prayer for this. I have to either find a new roomate or move by 1 Dec.

    my current roomate got married and will be out of the area by that date.

    I just got told this a couple days ago so I sure could use God to open a door somewhere real quick like.
  4. GreenMunchkin

    GreenMunchkin Likes things. And stuff. But mostly things. Supporter

    Father, Norm is a new creation in You now, and I lift him up to You in prayer, and ask that You provide for his needs. It is Your promise that You will never give us a bigger burden than we can handle, and I ask that You remove the burden from this man's shoulders now.

    Work a miracle in his life today, Lord. You are such a good God, and nothing is impossible with You. Provide, Lord. Bring him respite and comfort so he feels safe. Thank You, Father, for Your tender loving care; for knowing our needs, and for providing for them.

    I ask You to move in his life today, Lord.

    In Jesus' name, Amen.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.