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I have a question,

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by wensdee, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. Lion Hearted Man

    Lion Hearted Man Eternal Newbie

    Hey, at least his policies and public opinions are still against gay marriage, the legalization of pot, and universal health-care.
  2. Orogeny

    Orogeny Trilobite me!

    Yes, having a well-informed adult as president is a shame. I hope we have a half wit for our next president, because I sure miss our last one! :preach:
  3. wensdee

    wensdee Member

    So do I, he represented what American is all about and was always good for a laugh, he showed the world where money can get you no matter how dense you are and as if to prove a point he did it twice, he also showed everyone why Americans insist on having the right to bare arms, when it's possible to have presidents like that who needs enemies?

    Disarm Today Datarm Tomorrow.