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I don't believe in chickens.

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by Ryal Kane, Aug 17, 2004.

  1. Ryal Kane

    Ryal Kane Senior Veteran

    A: I don't believe in chickens.
    B: Really? Why not?
    A: I think it's impossible for there to be birds fifty feet tell.
    B: Chickens aren't fifty feet tall.
    A: Yes they are.
    B: Have you ever seen a chicken? Or read a book about chickens?
    A: No one has ever seen a chicken because they don't exist. And I don't have to read a book to know that fifty foot birds are impossible.
    B: I'm telling you that's not what chicken are. Chickens are real.
    A: You're just saying that because you want to go on believing in fifty foot birds.
    B: I don't believe in fifty foot birds!
    A: So you don't believe in chickens then.
    B: No! Look, here's a picture of a chicken.
    A: That's not a chicken.
    B: Why not?
    A: Because chickens are fifty feet tall.
    B: No they're not!
    A: Look, you obviously have some deluded idea of what chickens are but I know they're fifty feet tall and that they don't exist.
    B: Well what's this picture of?
    A: It's not a chicken.
    B: Then what is it?
    A:I don't know. I don't know anything about birds. But chickens don't exist. You've shown me no evidence of chickens existing. I have to go.
    B: :sigh:
    C: Chickens don't exist! No birds can breath fire!

    Ryal Kane
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  2. gluadys

    gluadys Legend

    :D :D ROLFLMAO :D :D

    Ain't it the truth!!!
  3. Dracil

    Dracil Nekomimi

    Very very nice parody. :D
  4. Logic

    Logic Well-Known Member

    Other Religion
    The chickenists are blinded by their own selfish pride. They are just like flat earthers, I can't even believe people think chicken theory is true, c'mon it's just a theory, which means it's wrong.
  5. PhantomLlama

    PhantomLlama Prism Ranger

    If chickens come from eggs, why are there still eggs?
  6. Faith In God

    Faith In God A little FIG is all we need...

    In Relationship
    more chickens. :) no complaint here.
  7. challenger

    challenger Non sunt multiplicanda entia praeter necessitatem

    Other Religion
    :D aint it the truth
  8. TwinCrier

    TwinCrier Double Blessed and spreading the gospel

    So, would the OP be considered a red herring or a strawman?
  9. Asimov

    Asimov Objectivist

    I think it would be considered reeeeeaaallly funny!
  10. Self Improvement

    Self Improvement Well-Known Member

    I'm eating chicken right now.
  11. einstein314emc2

    einstein314emc2 Member

    Chickens don't exist because nothing exists, everything is just an artificial construct of a computer program that we are part of.
  12. Logic

    Logic Well-Known Member

    Other Religion
  13. Hydra009

    Hydra009 bel esprit

    Rolflmao! :)
  14. Self Improvement

    Self Improvement Well-Known Member

  15. TwinCrier

    TwinCrier Double Blessed and spreading the gospel

    Shh, don't tell PeTA.
  16. Jimmy The Hand

    Jimmy The Hand I Have Been Complexified!

    Ummmmmmm Chicken

  17. notto

    notto Legend

    United Ch. of Christ
  18. Teh Wiccan

    Teh Wiccan The Balance Of Passion

    Stop making me hungry!

    Actually, I had a Chubby Chicken thing at A&W today...
  19. aeroz19

    aeroz19 Guest

    LOL!!!!! :clap:
  20. PhantomLlama

    PhantomLlama Prism Ranger

    Chickens are big mafia in worldwide.

    I mean, the way they cluck at you...can't you just feel the malice hidden behind it?