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Conversion Stories

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by garydench, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. garydench

    garydench Senior Member

    Out of interest, is there anybody here that has converted to Catholicism?

    I, myself, am in the process of converting to the Catholic Church from the Anglican Communion and was really wondering whether others have had similar experiences. My own reasons were that there was no real faith anymore and that leaders were wasting there time trying to make the Church look "cool" and "modern" by pandering to atheistic and hedonistic ideals.
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  2. thereselittleflower

    thereselittleflower Well-Known Member


    I am one! Actually coming into the Church this Easter with my whole family!! :clap:

    I am coming in because after researching what the Early Church believed, taught and how they practiced their faith and after about 3 years of studying Church history, Church doctrines, here I am . . I told my priest when I first talked to him, that if I didn't come into the Catholic Church, where else would I go? That was a very short synopsis of my journey into the fullness of the faith . . :)

    There many of us here . .we even have our own RCIA Lounge thread here somewhere .. I am sure the others will check in as they see this thread. . .

    Welcome to OBOB!! you will find lots of good company here.

    Peace in Him!
  3. ukok

    ukok Freaked out, insecure, neurotic and Emotional

    I'm a convert from Anglicanism to Catholicism
  4. Christy4Christ

    Christy4Christ Pro-Christ

    I will be reuniting with the Catholic church this Easter (I just found out! YaY!!) when I receive my confirmation :D
  5. boughtwithaprice

    boughtwithaprice Legend Supporter

  6. marciadietrich

    marciadietrich Senior Veteran

    I converted last Easter. Technically I was a catechumen since I wasn't baptized, but I had been raised in a pentecostal church and finished college at a baptist university, also attended Nazarene for a while.

    I suppose the main issues for me were a combination of authority, oneness and what was really historical Christianity.

    Welcome home. :D

  7. Debi1967

    Debi1967 Proudly in love with Rushingwind62 Supporter

    I was again a cradle Catholic but never was taught anything about Catholicism. So as I got older I was everything but I just recently converted and am working on my communion and then confirmation. Sorry that I am a little late to the thread.
  8. Spotty

    Spotty ilikemovies

    I'm a Catholic convert as of last April. I was raised in the evangelical Christian church...or churches you could say. (First Evangelical Free Church). My whole family was against my conversion for the most part in greater and lesser degrees, so it wasn't easy. But thankfully, after 4 years of studying the Church I decided to enter into this thing which has the Fullness of Truth. ;)

  9. Michelina

    Michelina . Supporter

    I just wanted to say that you converts have NO idea how much we cradle Catholics need you and appreciate you. You are a tremendous witness to us. You know the Faith better than most of us. You live what you know in an inspiring way. Everytime I meet a convert, I thank God for the 'new blood' that we need in our Church. (It's like getting a blood transfusion.)

    Personally, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. May God continue to bless you and yours in every way.
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  10. Michie

    Michie Perch Perkins. Catholic reporter. ;) Supporter

    I'm in the process.

    I've basically been attending Pentacostal churches off & on all my life.

    I talked to a priest for the first time tonight.

    I will go & recieve the ashes tomorrow at the 6pm. service & meet him.

    I guess after that I will be attending classes.

    I'm really nervous & do not know why.

    I've felt drawn to the Church for a couple of years now.

    I'm just kinda scared yet excited too.

    Hard to explain.
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  11. ps139

    ps139 Ab omni malo, libera nos, Domine!

    I feel the same way. Many times converts to the Catholic Church are the best witnesses and apologists. Here are four names: Augustine, John Henry Newman, G.K. Chesterton, Scott Hahn.
  12. PeterPaul

    PeterPaul Well-Known Member

    I'm a revert. But I strayed into Calvin and Luther (what a mix). This thread is wonderful.

    Aren't we making Bart Brewer's day? :clap:
  13. MParedon

    MParedon Yahweh-nissi

    I'm a Recovering Lapsed Catholic. It took me some time to find the right phrase for me. :) I had to decide between that, Recovering Cafeteria Catholic and Recovering Oblivious Catholic.

    I'm just glad I'm back and I think it is so amazing that it is around the time there seem to be sooo many converts and reverts with such an enthusiasm.

    My starting point was when I watched the Beautification of Mother Theresa, when there were only whispers about some movie Mel Gibson made. Now I feel like I see God's signs everywhere and all in BOLD and OBVIOUS ways. I feel like I would delibratley have to dig a whole a bury my head in it to try to ignore them. Even then I bet the Holy Spirit would still pull me. :)
  14. stray bullet

    stray bullet God Made Me A Skeptic

    I was a catholic-criticizing generic protestant who is coming over to Catholicism. God just put it into my heart one day... I'm awfully grateful for it :)
  15. Magisterium

    Magisterium Praying and Thinking

    Actually, I kinda call myself a "revert". I was raised Catholic (if you can call it that) and my family left the church when I was in middle school. I ended coming back into the church about 3 years ago after being challenged by a good friend and briefly investigating the history of the church and Christianity as a whole. I was in fact, Episcopalian before I came back home to Catholicism. For me, simply looking at the "fruits" of the various faiths (apart from the fruits of various members of those faiths) sent me running back to the Church.
  16. JeffreyLloyd

    JeffreyLloyd Ave Maria, Gratia plena! Supporter

    I came into the Church from the Southern Baptist Church in 2002
  17. Hoonbaba

    Hoonbaba Catholic Preterist

    I'm also a recent convert. I was initiated on Dec 14th of last year, and it was a tough decision to turn Catholic: I still get some unnecessary garbage from protestants.

    I first turned Christian about 3.5 years ago and attended various churches (methodist, anglican, pentecostal, baptist, presbyterian, reformed, etc). I primarily was part of a charismatic/pentecostal denomination but eventually I made the decision to turn Catholic despite the long wait and the frustration of being virtually the only protestant among Catholics. I just couldn't refuse the Church after what the Holy Spirit did to me: I was shown the beauty of the church through the teachings of the Church :)

  18. RhetorTheo

    RhetorTheo Melkite


    My immediate family wasn't particularly religious. They were basically Christian, and my mother believed that the United Pentecostals were probably right, but we didn't go to church. Around 18 or 19, I started to attend a UPC church and was baptized. However, I had questions about Bible contradictions, whether their interpretations were correct, and about whether tongues are really necessary for salvation.

    I looked more into those issues, despite the warnings from my church to not seek knowledge because it will destroy your faith. I also read about evolution, and concluded that creation science was false. After doing some research on the Bible, in particular reading Richard Elliot Friedman's "Who Wrote the Bible," I realized that Moses did not write the pentateuch and that the stories of Genesis are contradictory and compiled from different sources, so it cannot be taken literally. Because I believed that either the Bible was literally true or else there is no God, I became an atheist.

    Over the years, I began to believe that there were possibilities outside of Bible literalism and atheism. I was intrigued when I saw an NAB Bible, which had a description of Wellhausen's documentary hypothesis (the JEDP theory), which I had read about in Friedman's book and embraced. And I liked that the Catholic Church allowed belief in evolution. I thought of converting to Catholicism years ago, but it occured to me around March and the priest told me that I would start the process in the Fall and finish at Easter. By that time, I had lost interest.

    When I met my fiancee, I considered myself a Unitarian Universalist. I hadn't been to many of their services, but I liked how they embraced a sincere search for the truth regardless of your beliefs. When my fiancee decided that she wanted to get married in the Church, we called around and found the local RCIA program.

    As far as the Eastern church goes, I am part Russian. I attended a Greek Orthodox and Catholic wedding a couple years ago at a Greek Orthodox church. I was interested in learning about the Russian Orthodox, but I didn't like the idea of standing the whole time and no pews. When I found that there are Eastern churches within the Catholic Church, I was interested but never pursued it. I remembered it when I began RCIA, and thought about finding such a church. Luckily, one was only about 10 minutes away from my home.
  19. kimber1

    kimber1 mean people suck

    In Relationship
    i'm a new convert from Baptist to Catholic. :) and will be starting RCIA in sept :clap:
  20. geocajun

    geocajun Priest of the holy smackrament

    I am a revert; baptized Catholic at 8 yrs old and due to lack of spiritual formation, I turned skeptic/mason and after tons of prayers from family and friends, guidence of the Holy Spirit, and a hard inner struggle, I (thanks be to God) converted back the Catholic Church. :clap: