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Coming Monday -Could it be bad news for Kerry?

Discussion in 'News & Current Events' started by Whyzdom, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Doctrine1st

    Doctrine1st Official nitwit

    So what's the big news?

    Kerry actually killed Vincent Foster?

    He's got a black baby too?

    Sold secrets to Kim Jong?

    Did I miss it?
  2. UberLutheran

    UberLutheran Well-Known Member

    That means I win my bet: that Osama bin Laden would either be captured, or found dead within four weeks of the election.

    I do so love the lobster bisque and the rabbit cooked three ways at The Mansion!
  3. UberLutheran

    UberLutheran Well-Known Member

    Foot is very tough, and there's not a lot of meat on it.

    Also, you have to marinate it FOREVER... ;)
  4. Rochir

    Rochir By Grabthar's hammer ... YES.WEEK.END!


    Oh and ... if that "Kerry donated money to terrorists" thing was true (which i doubt it is) - who the heck do yu think has the bestest of ties with the bin laden family and other countries (Saudi Arabia) which sponsors terror? - Bushy does!;)
  5. UberLutheran

    UberLutheran Well-Known Member

    And not just a "nice" liberal, but one who gets right up into people's faces and tells them that they're wrong when they're wrong!

    And actually, God -- if I haven't thanked You for giving me that purpose, please allow me to do it now!

    Speaking as a diabetic who could benefit from stem cell research: I know it's far more noble for diabetics like me to have our heart attacks, our kidney failures, and to have our limbs amputated one by one so that we can die betwen the age 60 and 70 than it is to do the research using stem cells so that we don't HAVE to die these lingering deaths -- but then again, I've also been told by probably not-so-well-meaning conservatives that diabetes is "God's punishment" for my being a liberal; and I've also received email from CF members wishing me a slow, agonizing death! (Thanks, guys. I love you, too.)

    You want a President who "chooses life". What about the 153 people your President killed by lethal injection in Huntsville while he was governor of Texas (six of whom were later found to be innocent). What about the 20,000 Iraqi civilians who have been killed, even though NO weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq. What about allocating money for AIDS prevention in Africa -- and then withdrawing the money from the budget? Frankly, I don't think a person like that is "Godly", at all.

    And as far as the "legality" of homosexuality -- is it just possible that homosexuals could have the unmitigated gall to believe that THEY have a right to life just as much as us; that they think they are human beings every bit as much as us; and maybe they'd like to be left alone just as much as us?

    Let's take a hypothetical case -- but one which is likely to come up in the next very few years. A test is developed which shows if a fetus's eventual sexual orientation will be heterosexual or homosexual. The test shows that the baby will be homosexual.

    Does a baby whose sexual orientation is determined, embyronically, to be homosexual have a "right to life" and a "right to be homosexual" if allowed to come to term? Or should the parents have the right to abort such a baby?

    Whether we like it or not, science and morality DO work together. We may have the science to play with our genes, but considering the number of people who were killed in the 20th century world wars and genocides, I don't think we may be morally developed enough to risk playing with our genes.

    Finally, if I WERE a test tube baby, I'd hope I'd grow up to be a liberal!

    Liberal, liberal, liberal: I just LOVE the word "liberal"!

  6. arnegrim

    arnegrim ...still not convinced it was the wrong one.

    Why not go with the research that has already proven promising? Instead of placing your hopes on the destroyed remains of a human?


  7. Whyzdom

    Whyzdom Biblicist

    First off, you seem a bit melodramatic here. With proper care diabetes can be handled. As for members of CF doing this, if they did, I would hope that you report them.

    Do you have data to back this up? I looked and I couldn't find any to back this claim up.

    The U.S. Soldiers haven't killed 20,000 Civilians and you know it. Blame it on the terrorist cells that are there, blame it on Saddam old regime..the remnants... but you can't say that the U.S. has caused 20,000 Civilian Deaths.

    Is that what you will say to God when you have to give an accounting of your deeds and works? But God... homosexuals have a right to marry as well.

    Right to life isn't discriminate. A right to life is just that..

    So are you for... or against Stem Cell? You state you are for it... but your sentence here says you are against playing with our Genes? Can't have both.
  8. Les Grands Pieds

    Les Grands Pieds Regular Member

    Kerry's only strong convictions are the belief that he should not have convictions. No baby killing, no surrender to terror, it's about doing what's right, not what's popular. Liberals can say all they want, but God has problems with both homosexuality and abortion. They're NOT good things and they should not be seen as acceptable in our society. There are few things worse than abortion and few things more perverse than homosexuality. Come on, human sexuality is a 2 piece puzzle. It's not a hard puzzle to put together!

    Kerry is an antichrist. He claims to be an "alter boy" when the only altering going on is his side on the important issues! He's obviously very conflicted with himself and he needs to seek psycological help.

    He has no idea how much his "plan" is going to cost. It should be obvious to the masses that this is a fatal plan for the economy if there ever was one.

    Kerry's views are secular and if you agree with them you should be ashamed of yourself for conforming to the ways of this world! You liberals need to grow up and look at the consequences of your actions!

    A fresh perspective, huh? Well Kerry isn't going to be able to do any better than Bush. Israel and Iran have been at war with each other for thousands of years. A fresh face isn't gonna do anything to change their minds. If anything, terrorists will be disgusted by Kerry's liberal views and their desire to harm us would grow even more!

    You liberals are very, very dangerous. Welcome to the real world. It's not all about you!
  9. crazyfingers

    crazyfingers Well-Known Member

    I'm secular and very proud of it. The opposite of secularism is to impose one's religion onto others using government power and that's morally wrong. You don't have the moral right to impose your mythology onto others.
  10. Philosoft

    Philosoft Orthogonal, Tangential, Tenuously Related

    Unless He's specifically tasked you with ridding the world of these evils, I'd say you need to let God deal with them. The Constitution says that, too.
    You're not going to win an anti-homosexuality argument on any front, save perhaps Scriptural. You undoubtedly lack the requisite understanding of biology, as evidenced by your absurdly simplistic comment about human sexuality. I'm just telling you this so your exercise in futility doesn't banish this thread to Philosophy.
    You don't have any idea what qualities an antichrist is supposed to have.
    You don't have any business suggesting "psychological help" to anyone.
    I dunno. Big tax cuts + two-front war is the runaway leader in economy destruction so far.
    You need to wake up and read the Constitution.
    Or 60. But hey, who's counting?
    Do you really not have enough reasons to hate Kerry that you need to make up extremely silly ones?
    I like good irony as much as the next guy, but this is ridiculous.
  11. TheBear

    TheBear Free Agent

    Kerry is an anti-Christ? Liberals are dangerous?

    Can we turn up the heated ad-hominems a little more? Yikes! :eek:

    In my opinion, Kerry is able to separate his own personal religeous views, from the roll of government. He believes, as I and many others believe, in the constitutional principle of the separation of church and state. Even though I'll probably vote for Bush, I have to give credit to Kerry on this one. :)