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Blog: Struggles with impure thoughts.

Discussion in 'Deeper Fellowship' started by Donald Yule, Jun 15, 2019.

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  3. Whats that blue thing dabbing at me?

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  1. Donald Yule

    Donald Yule Drawing near to Christ

    United States
    I have recently gained ground in my struggle with impure and intrusive thoughts that can be so harmful for us and burn us out as we try to follow Jesus on this walk through the world.

    I felt led to make a blog about the feelings, cause and things we can do about this situation and if you feel frustrated in this area I hope it gives some insight to you.

    God bless Christian soldier!

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  2. JustRachel

    JustRachel He welcomed me back! <3 Supporter

    United States
    Thanks. I enjoyed your message. It will be helpful to me.
  3. Donald Yule

    Donald Yule Drawing near to Christ

    United States
    Thats great to hear JR and thank you for reading!

    God bless you as you keep moving forward with him!
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  4. Yennora

    Yennora Buy the truth and sell it not. Pro 23:23

    I like your blog and I think you need to share more on CF! Also, I know what the blue thing is :p I don't play TF2 anymore though.

    But I have to agree that ignoring verbal offenders is the best thing to do (unless it is targeted at one of your loved ones imho) and hence the negative thoughts too. (I'm mostly using this strategy now, sometimes I like to mock my offenders though for the fun of it :p)

    I'm still unsure if there are some levels of OCD where you cannot ignore the thoughts though. In my case I was able to just ignore them (sometimes they get me of course, I cannot ignore them always)

    But I started growing a "nothing to lose" or a "it doesn't matter anymore" feeling. This feeling made me lose interest in pretty much what my thoughts were threatening me of. And hence OCD lost a huge share of its power against me.

    However, I have to admit that I wouldn't have been able to ignore the thoughts without knowing deeply inside that God won't "sell me". So maybe it is not a pure "nothing to lose" feeling, I still care deeply about many things. But I grew a sense of security towards God so yeah, many contributing factors I would say.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019