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Ammunition against foolishness and more racism of modern "science" .

Discussion in 'Creationism' started by NannaNae, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

  2. jacksonduluth

    jacksonduluth Newbie

    When God spoke things into existence, they were fully formed - in one moment. Adam and Eve came into existence as adults. In their first minute of existence, trees may have appeared thousands of years old to human methods.
  3. SkyWriting

    SkyWriting The Librarian Supporter

    United States
    Yet another indicator that "time" was not yet working.
    The "clock did not start ticking" until Adam sinned against God.
  4. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

    Joshua is the face of the moon!
    as stated here ..
    Joshua and the Conquest of the Promised Land

    the last time the moon impacted earth was in Joshua's time not 12000 years ago no matter what they think or dream of..
    and remember that in prayer concerning the blood-moons.. it is a vital element to the proper interpretation of those signs.

    it was just about 3200 years ago at the bronze age collapse. sea levels dropped in the 8 to .....1200-1300 feet ranges. and the sea world ceased to be .

    so at the very foundations of the start of Israel was a major catastrophic event which altered the whole world to what we know it now as we know it to be.

    in my sleep the lord gave me another clue to his future dealings..

    it had to do with Joshua and Caleb. you see they are the only two who had faith.
    they were the bravest of all Israelites in that time.

    but remember they took 2 1/2 tribes lands and left the woman and children there before going to fight for the other clans lands and their possession the Lord gave to them.
    read Joshua's caleb story to remember it . because this is the picture of what will be all over again when God builds Zion not just Israel. and in his old age/ faithfulness he gathers all the promises of all tribes for all his people and he hill was last... remember that. it is important every part of the taking of Israel is important don't forget it. because it comes again.
    only this time it isn't the walls of Jerico and the taking of that tiny dot on the map but even the foundations of the earth and the sky will reel like never before .. considering the moon hit us once at least in the last 6000 that is saying something. the windows of heaven will be opened again . IS. 23 and 24.

    so far the blood moons the only pieces I know for sure is that

    Joshua and the taking of the land is what that is about .
    between the blood moons is three time frames.
    with in those time frames are other solar eclipses and these reveal and will reveal secrets to those listening and those who really know the fathers voice..

    so now for some guessing

    God uses many different groups of time spans ... so could the three time spans be time, times and a half time?

    or 1 year each .. or 3 1/2 years each or 7 years each . or even 50 years each ? I don't but his puzzle in his sky is just starting to get fun.

    I have a few more guesses and speculations so far but I will keep those to my self.

    I know he is not my puppy and that he will give me the pieces of the puzzle he wants me to understand and only as I need to understand it.
    so for now all I got is a few tiny pieces and a whole lot of guessing.. but I know for sure that the out come of it is birth of a new land and a new kingdom and Joshua and Caleb ( the faithful and all faithful will do it for their brothers .
    I hope that helps all who wish to know what happened in history and how what happened points to a new future that will be . God bless.
  5. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

    events of Hezekiah and Joshua ( about 2800 and 3200 years ago ) somehow combined created turtle island as we know it now.. how exactly it happened no one of this age will ever ask nor answer. so we will never know until our Lord reveals to us the true history of the world.
    but there are always enough clues to know the little minds of little men will never know it and will never have a right to tell us what happened even yesterday much less anything that happened or didn't happen 6000 years ago. .
  6. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

    DNA Consultants Blog

    so now that they recognize that Native Americans have the same root population and genetics as the rest of the world and as even europeans and north Africans and Polynesians . of course their timing is all fantasy ..it is all messed up.. but maybe now they will stop lying about history, creating the people they want them to be.. and start asking the real question about the worlds real history . because they have screwed up and stolen so much it isn't funny anymore.
  7. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest


    November 21, 2014
    Groundbreaking Teotihuacan Mask Findings
    New electron research into Teotihuacan masks reveals surprising proof that the iconic stone masks were made far from Teotihuacan and from materials that were not really jadeite. Researchers studied 150 of the 600 masks held in museums around the world. They found they were made from serpentine, travertine and limestone, and other softer stones and polished with quartz, which does not exist at Teotihuacan.

    from Puerto Rico


    note Huecoids ( is short probably for Red paint Clans) and their semi- precious stones used for manufacturing products of many types. items coming from Southern parts of South America. and from north America as seen here..

    from Cofitachiqui in wikipedia it says this.

    First contacts[edit]
    Cofitachequi may have come to the attention of the Spanish as early as 1521 when two Spanish slave ships explored the South Carolina coast. At present day Winyah Bay, near the city of Georgetown, they captured about sixty Indians who said they were subjects of a ruler called Datha or Duhare. Datha may have been the ruler of Cofitachequi, some 90 miles inland from Georgetown. One of the captives, called Francisco Chicora, learned Spanish and visited Spain. He described Datha to Peter Martyr as "white", tall, carried on the shoulders of his subjects, and ruling a large area of towns featuring earthen mounds upon which religious ceremonies were held. Large quantities of pearls and jewels, Chicora said, could be found at Xapira, a town or chiefdom near Datha.[4]

    Inspired by these stories, Lucas Vázquez de Ayllón led 600 people to establish a colony that would exploit the supposed riches of Datha. At Winyah Bay, one of his ships were wrecked and Chicora and other Indians escaped from the Spanish. Ayllon established a settlement near Sapelo Sound in present day Georgia, but he died and the colony was abandoned after three months, the 150 survivors returning to the Caribbean.[5] Ayllón's colony was probably the source of items of European manufacture later discovered by De Soto in Cofitachequi.[6]

    De Soto and the "Lady of Cofitachequi"[edit]
    While among the Apalachee Indians in Florida, a captured boy called Perico told him of a province named "Yupaha" ruled by a woman and rich in gold. De Soto decided to strike out for Yupaha—which turned out to be an alternative name of Cofitachequi. In the Spring of 1540, de Soto and his army traveled north through central Georgia to the Oconee River town of Colfaqui in present day Greene County, Georgia, in the chiefdom of Ocute. The people of Calfaqui were aware of Cofitachequi but did not know its exact location. De Soto impressed 700 Indians from Colfaqui and struck off eastward into a large uninhabited wilderness separating the chiefdoms of Ocute and Cofitachequi. He reached Coafitachequi only after two weeks of hard travel and near starvation.[7]

    De Soto was met by a woman the chroniclers call the Lady of Cofitachequi who was carried from the town to the river's edge on a litter that was covered with a delicate white cloth. They considered her the "chieftainness" of the villages.[8] After spending several weeks in the village, the Spaniards took the "Lady" as a captive and hostage and headed to the next chiefdom to the northwest, Joara. She eventually escaped. The Spaniards found no gold in Cofitachequi, nor anywhere in its vicinity.

    other books state that desoto and his men took many containers of fresh water pearls and quartz Gems ( like Aquamarine and some more rare ones)


    The Lady of Cofitachequi: Part One - National Architecture & Design | Examiner.com
    The Lady of Cofitachequi ( this is the place the Egyptians would have called 'Caphtor" when the it was an islands ( with parts of Spain , northwestern Africa , northeastern South America and southeastern North America.. was still on the Atlantic ridge , before it was
    turtle island) ) was a gracious hostess to the Spanish. She provided them blankets, clothing, food to eat and houses to sleep in. The Spaniards dug up graves looking for valuables and accumulated approximately 350 pounds of pearls. In the process, the Spaniards dug up the microbes that caused the plague. Those pearls would spread the plague throughout the Southeast. They continued to respond to her hospitality by going house to house looking for gold, silver, jewels and women. They found little gold, but did find numerous wooden chests in a royal building that were filled to the brim with either pearls or quartz crystals. The Spaniards grabbed a few crystal and scooped up the pearls in bags to carry back home.

    when in Puerto Rico they called our mtdna African when they found it there .. in North america they call it 'european" and in South America and all the above places science calls it contamination ..they call it
    'contamination' when they find it .
    because it doesn't meet their theories.

    there is 100% chances have found that same mtdna in Lord( Baal-(um)) Pakal and he proves they are all just more thieves, liars , cheats and not near as smart as they claim they are mostly a lot of back patting and tons of hot air. ... and their science is a joke at best ! just more of the same old thing .

    Highlighted section about Tall and white chief .... see Egyptian chart of races known as the Tamahu , these wear a loin cloths, blanket cloaks tied to the side , they are tattoo'd and wear one or two very large feathers in partly braided and partly shaved hair do . does that idea basically sound familiar to anyone .. well it should.

    That race is found everywhere from India and China to North and South America.. and mostly in Western Europe and Western Africa and Polynesia and many more places.. all those places they are noted a very rare mtdna is also found. but it is ignored by goofy scientism because the truth doesn't match their theory of our origins. well until they dug up Pakal that is.

    someday " the intellectuals will have to stop calling everyone else in the world liars and mocking our ancestors and mocking us . our ancestors are not liar . they had no reason to lie.. but you do... Native American know basically who we are . it i snot your right to tell anyone where they come from . so shut up..
    now you are not stealing pearls and jewels but the tiny bits that are left of our history that you haven't already destroyed with your lies and brain washing.

    well on the subject .....in light of these proofs and records of connection
    Now study
    rockwall texas ..

    this guys theory is as goofy as scientism theories ... he is just a lot less militant about it. well so far. anyone who wants to know just look at the facts not the ideas..

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  8. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

    ps are the stones in the wall the byproduct of something and some processing .. and exactly why those stones have this hardness ( and not from aliens) .
    So what if the the main products created by a unknown process were being used to create "natural stone balls" ( as science/ scientism likes to call them ) and marbles and many many other products that they used to build or furnish temples and even jewelry for people all around the world? yes all these things which are being found now all over the world ? things like polished bronze statues and even stones in jewelry and ??????.
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  9. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

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  10. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

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  11. imind

    imind Senior Veteran


    ...no, superlolz!
  12. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

    Dienekes’ Anthropology Blog: Western Eurasian mtDNA in modern Siberians

    the so called earliest western eurasian mtdna's are not that old . which means they probably won't try and do "out of America" . which is what I think they wanted to try.
    instead this latest finding proves a younger western eurasian mtdna's there proves much younger likely world wide trading network since
    what they keep telling us is Eurasian mtdna is in fact everywhere on the planet as thick as the what they say is supposed to be there.
    and so that does really prove an world wide immigration story.
  13. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

  14. NannaNae

    NannaNae Guest

    problem is Menegewi/ MN . Menes conquered the 10 tribes of the western sea tribes many years before the bronze age collapse. and Menes name still lingers even in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alaşehir church of Philadelphia and thus Attalus was probably from Elishah / Allegewi . even there in the name of one of it's kings Eumenes . he had to have been Menegewi . who destroyed the lawful kings of the 10 sea tribes.. Menes/ Mn/ Namer was hundreds of years before bronze age collapse.
    so they found some truth but missed tons of it too.