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Advice on dedication to Prayer

Discussion in 'Daily Devotionals' started by LeeMills, Sep 20, 2020.

  1. LeeMills

    LeeMills New Member

    United Kingdom
    Hi all,

    I recently bough the 'Prayer Book' from the Holy Trinity Ministry in Jordanville, NY. Looking through it, it has made me realise just how little I know about such a simple task as prayer.

    I had hoped it would provide a timetable or something similar for when to pray and what to pray. I have found all these new terms - Troparia, Kontakia and many, many others. I don't want to read it from page to page, but instead stick to a rigorous regime of what I'm supposed to to at particular times.

    I'm in the middle of researching the terms and concepts and hope to build a solid schedule in the coming days, but will need some help.

    Am I looking too deeply into this, or just go with the flow and read it in bits throughout the day? Any help is appreciated.


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  2. Lost4words

    Lost4words Jesus I Trust In You Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Trust in Jesus.

    Forget about all these different terms.

    Pray from your heart. Talk to God.

    Dont get caught up in praying empty words.

    Have set prayers, yes. Pick several that have meaning for you.

    God bless you friend.
  3. Heavenhome

    Heavenhome Well-Known Member Supporter

    I understand you want to pray and learn how to pray.
    As far as the book you mentioned, I would forget it.
    Pray from your heart, otherwise they are empty words.
    If you are puzzled about what or how to pray, remember when the disciples asked Jesus to teach them to pray, that Jesus said "In this manner, pray.... where he then gave out the Lords prayer.
    Remember He said IN THIS MANNER.

    I understand it to mean that it is more than just a prayer in itself,(though good in itself to pray) but rather the way the prayer is set out, is how we are to pray.

    Firstly, acknowledgement of who God is (Our Father who art in heaven)
    Next, how we are to look at God ( hallowed be thy name) and so on.

    take the Lords prayer.

    Divide it up in sections and elaborate.

    Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name:
    Pray about what you understand this means
    (it may be, "Holy is your name Lord, above all names…..")

    continue through the whole of the prayer elaborating on each section.

    I hope you understand this and that it is of some help to you.:heart:
  4. Lost4words

    Lost4words Jesus I Trust In You Supporter

    United Kingdom
    Superb post.

    I never looked at the Our Father like that. Thanks for sharing that.
  5. Heavenhome

    Heavenhome Well-Known Member Supporter

    Thank you Lost4words for your kind post.
    I am so glad you found it helpful.
    It helps me when I pray to remember where my focus is.
    God bless you.:purpleheart: