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Dec 31, 2017
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Dec 2, 1958 (Age: 61)
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Well-Known Member, Female, 61, from Newstead.Australia

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    Dec 2, 1958 (Age: 61)
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    When I became a Christian in 1987 I could honestly say I had finally found a reason for living.
    There is nothing at all deserving about me yet Jesus died so that I could be His.
    I am simply Christian and believe the Bible is our final authority in all things, inspired by God alone.
    I consider myself protestant in belief.
    I worship at a small home church where we read the Bible, hear a sermon, pray and sing Psalms, its simplicity is beautiful.We are many times challenged,sometimes chastised by the Word of God but at all times encouraged. What a wonderful Saviour!

    I love to read and have done always, which is great as having the Bible to read, it is never ending because there is always something new to learn.

    All my life I have loved animals, in particular cats, horses and dogs. I had horses for 45 years and kept each for their whole lives, caring and training and just being with them was as important as riding to me. I now have 2 dogs, and 1cat, precious family members to me and my constant companions.
    I live with chronic pain along with depression and have done for decades, but God gives me the ability to endure and in all honesty I can even thank Him for this because I can also understand problems others have and empathise, even though we are all different.

    Jesus knows everything I go through and nothing can compare to what He did for me...............and you too.

    I do long for heaven when I can be home finally, hence my tag name.
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