prayer request

  1. M

    If any of you pray for the dead,

    I ask you to pray for my suicidal friend. :( He took his life years ago, but I've been thinking of him lately. To be honest, I must admit I never really understood the purpose of praying for the dead. To be fair, I must admit I never really understood the purpose of praying for the living...

    Asking for prayer

    I started having leg pain last year and thought I had pulled a muscle. The pain started to move around and became unbearable at night. The only relief I could get was to put ice packs on my leg and take pain pills. My Doctor told me I had nerve pain and I had an MRI and have several issues with...
  3. M

    Pray for me

    Some think Prayer can make Anyone a believer They say It works "Believe it or not" Others contend It works Only if you believe What say you? Do you believe? Will you pray for me?
  4. Ashley755

    Salvation prayer request

    Hello, would you all mind praying for the salvation of the people on my prayer list? Thank you so much. Also, if any of you have a request, let me know. Take care, Ashley
  5. EtainSkirata

    Please pray for peace and clarity

    Hello again, I'm having all kinds of issues these last few weeks. I'm working on finding a therapist who has experience treating OCD, so there is that. My mind is in turmoil, jumping from one obsession to the next (recently I've been afraid to eat peanut butter because "what if someone who is...
  6. Ashley755

    Please pray for salvation for those on my prayer list.

    Please pray that those on my prayer list get saved. Also, for personal clarity if its not too much trouble. Thank you :heartbeat:
  7. Margot Lugo

    Prayer For Health

    I met a darling Christian lady the other day and we just really loved each other. Knowing The Lord will do that for sure! Anyhow, she has some prayer requests and I'm going to post these names up for my Prayer Warriors here on CF to pray for! I do not know these people, with exception of the...
  8. Ashley755

    Pray for courage for someone dear to me

    Hi, Someone I know of is struggling to be open about their Christian faith. They’ve kept it a secret for awhile. Please pray they would find the courage and willingness to admit they are a Christian and accept whatever people may think of them for it. I want them to find their boldness. Thank...
  9. Ashley755

    Have a prayer request? Leave it in this thread!

    If you have a prayer request, go ahead and comment it on this thread. Then, pray for someone else's request and give their comment a :praying: rating to let them know.
  10. A

    Healing From Trauma

    Please pray that God would give me peace over a negative experience that I had at a spiritually abusive church. Please pray that He would help me to get over the things that were done to me at this church and that He would help me to stop fixating on the anger and bitterness that I have over the...
  11. J

    Having strong negative feelings

    Hello. My name is Jacob. I've made two posts asking for prayers for conditions before. I'm struggling and now I have bad thoughts and feelings. I try different things to cope with them, but they come back. I want to talk to people about it, but these have made me stuck. I ask that you people...
  12. A

    Prayer Request For Peace & Closure

    Please pray for me. A few years ago, a group of individuals began working together to cause harm to my reputation and my life. The things that happened to me during that time still cause me a lot of pain. I often find myself growing hopeless because, in many ways, their actions toward me ruined...
  13. Christsfreeservant

    Prayer Request

    Prayer request: I was at my son's house on Sunday with my husband and the rest of my family (most of them). I walked out to the car, put some things in the car, stood up and my right knee suddenly gave out. I can't walk now without the aid of a walker. Prayers would be appreciated. [I normally...
  14. Unofficial Reverand Alex

    Prayers for Political Talk

    Greetings, all! I try to be informed in politics, partly because I find it all so fascinating, and also because I am old enough to vote & take that responsibility seriously. That being said, I have a wide variety of interests, making it hard to really invest in one topic. Lately, the topics...
  15. dzheremi

    Please pray for the repose of a friend's soul

    I just found out earlier today that a friend of about 20 years passed yesterday. She had lifelong serious health problems, so I am very glad that I got to know her while I did, though it still hurts especially bad to see someone you care about pass in the 30s like this. Please pray for Kelly's...
  16. Z

    Urgent Prayer! Please Help!

    Dear Brothers and Sisters, My name is Jerry and I'm new to this site. I'm currently in a very very bad financial situation right now. I mean I'm utterly defeated and see no hope. I have created a GoFundMe page, but I'm not sure if it's okay to post it here. Please let me know if it's okay to...
  17. bèlla

    Prayer Request

    Please pray for N. He's the son of a close family friend. I received news this evening he was shot several times. I don't have details. But it may be critical. He's 31 with 2 children. Thank you. ETA: He came through his surgery and has another in the morning. Update: He was shot Sunday night...
  18. BrAndreyu

    So my best friend and his family have COVID19

    They did not get the vaccine, now they have it and he's running a 103* fever that won't break, has a sore body, and the whole host of other symptoms. His wife and 8yo daughter are apparently sick with it as well, his high schoolers seem fine for now. Keep the Stainton family in your prayers...
  19. A

    Prayers For Protection

    Please pray for me. I firmly believe that there is some form of demonic oppression hovering over my life. All my life, I have noticed that I am constantly being hit with one bad thing after another and many of these events occur without a clear reason. Because of this, I have spent a large...
  20. Unofficial Reverand Alex

    Prayers for Job Search

    Dagnabbit, I keep looking for jobs, and I have a part-time position right now, but I really want a career in Teen Ministry in a city with a Byzantine Catholic church & some semblance of a friendly social scene. I have rejected & been rejected by a number of positions, and some have just left me...