1. Sierra98loveretail

    Pray I get a place of my own

    My family just can't get along and I can't get much of a break to relax most days or let alone do my home based business, while I've tried the "get out of house method" to do business it's hard due to weather, being sore (i walk daily) or internet connection is weak with wifi spots near me...
  2. Sierra98loveretail

    Need Art friends!

    In oregon and as a artist on the high functioning autism side I find it very difficult to make and find new friends, while I'm putting my best foot forward to volunteer at a local youth nonprofit some encouragement would be nice from anyone in my shoes specifically so we can talk about struggles...
  3. BioHazardFan03

    Creation/Christian Paleoart General Thread 3D/2D.

    Since there's little to no Paleoart made from a creationist/christian prespective i created this thread so we could all share our works with each other. This tread will contain both 3D renders and 2D art. Give credit if the art is not ours. W.I.Ps are allowed as well. God Bless.
  4. Ohorseman

    New stripes on the rainbow flag. Lucifer Fallen.

    A gray stripe should be added to the rainbow flag, for PORN ADDICTS. That is the right color because PORN makes you gray inside, so to speak. Just like gay pride, porn addicts are also products of a sinful culture, broken sexuality, and a political landscape that promotes sin. Also, a white...
  5. Margot Lugo

    Margot Lugo's Blog

    Margot Lugo's Blog is a place to process my thoughts, ponder new designs in art, and share how-to's.
  6. The Liturgist

    Help me with my signature

    I want to use my signature to ecumenically celebrate traditional liturgical churches. I was wondering if any of you who have Windows and Paint or better, and are graphically inclined, might help me continue my vexillogical theme. I would like a strip or quadrant of church flags, starting with...
  7. Sumune37

    just showing some art off-

    (yes, i made a fnf 1st anniversary image for fnf) ah yes, my favorite game, "ace attorney fantasy vii" lmao
  8. JohnEmmett

    Of Desert 4

    Artist John Emmett The desert is clean ~ and pure and the past is kind ~ for it is over
  9. Sumune37

    art requests are open!!! <3

    you may reply, and I could do your request, but i can't do all of your requests sorry! art requests will close on december 17th make sure to get your request in!!! :sohappy: have a great day! [art requests are now open until december 17th]
  10. Runako

    The Full Armor of God: A bible-inspired video game. Here's the main cast

    Hey guys! I wanted to share a project thatbI am currently working on. It is bible-inspired role playing game based on Ephesians 6. Here are the characters; what do you think? If you're interested, you can follow the project here: The Full Armor of God (@thefullarmorofgod) ·
  11. JohnEmmett

    Purgatory 2

    Artist John Emmett
  12. Tom 1

    Neanderthal cave art and food collection

    Absract art and mollusc shells found in cave under the rock of Gibraltar seem to indicate complex behaviours among Neanderthals: 40,000-year-old sealed cavern gives new insight into Neanderthal life Early art seems to have links to brain structures and ritual practices to do with hunting and...
  13. JohnEmmett


    Artist John Emmett The ghost of good, the ghost of bad, dance together and are glad
  14. BrAndreyu

    A pyrograph (woodburning) that I made a while ago

    I kind of botched up the hand. I am not a very good artist and my hands shake, but this is merely one of the ones that I have done and I think I have pictures of the others, so if you like this one I will try to share others.
  15. FortniteKiller711

    I need help

    Hello! I'm 14 yrs old student from South Korea who wants to be an animation creator. I recently became a christian so I joined this forum. I posted this post to ask a question. Actually, you might won't like it, but please read to the end. I might say something wrong because I haven't read the...
  16. Paulomycin

    Art and Illustrations of Bible Characters.

    As a child, I started attending Sunday School in the mid-70s (Southern Baptist Convention). At the time, Broadman press was handling the Sunday School materials. Most every depiction of Bible characters (the classroom posters, etc.) were artistically rendered to a very high standard of realism...
  17. Eftsoon

    Where did the sublime go?

    I was just thinking about cathedrals. Imagine that you're a mediaeval peasant. Your life is populated by the quaint, and the perfectly unremarkable. Squat buildings, thatched roofs, perhaps a stone manor with a turreted tower or two. Every year however you make a pilgrimage to the local...
  18. Zaymer

    Christianity and Art-culture?

    There is only so much time in a day. There is only so much time in a life. Question being: how best should that time be used? The most important question to answer regarding the usage of time is whether one believes in a reality beyond bodily death, and if so how does one best secure a 'good...
  19. K

    New to Christ, mentally ill, struggling

    Hi everyone. I've been a believer for almost 7 months now. I believe in God, Christ, and objective right and wrong. I struggle deeply with mental illness. I had been seeking treatment for 7 years before coming to God, but I did not begin to heal until I accepted Christ because secular...
  20. Unofficial Reverand Alex

    What is the purpose of the Church?

    The answer, of course, would depend on what religion is in question. I am interested in other religion's answers for their own particular "Church" (whatever form that may take). What I present is my Catholic Christian answer for this question. The purpose of the Church is to bring Christ to...