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    Best Computer Ever

    What would be the purpose of this system? I guess I mean, what does it need to be fast for? Word Processing, Statistical Analysis, Serving Data online, 3-D gaming, or what? The easiest way to design a computer is to know how its going to be used... whether money is an issue or not.
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    What the Democrats said about Saddam Hussein

    Some might enjoy the peanut gallery and throwing them, but isn't the question best placed in "How do we do what is right and improve the situation?" Criticizing the past is like living in the past, there's no future in it. The past is a good indicator of where we're heading, so how do we...
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    bible verses!! (3)

    Ps 32:1 - A Psalm of David. A Contemplation. Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, Whose sin is covered.
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    What did you eat for lunch? (3)

    Leftovers - Loaded potato soup! Yyuummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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    Syria in the news

    This certainly isn't the notion or suggestion of the majority population... just the reporter.
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    Mel GIbson with a beard

    Heh - he makes a movie about Jesus and now everyone's a critic of him?
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    No sense in waiting it out... just get a hotel reservation Ian. That way you can leave tomorrow afternoon, when there's signs of it not weaking. Just precautionary. No sense in not being prepared. Hopefully, you won't even loose power!
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    Syria in the news

    By no means am I suggesting that we cross their border. Syria being Iraq's ally in past, certainly has no appeal for the U.S. military being so close to their border. However, providing the necessary umbrella for continued terrorist acts appear to be quite active there...
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    Arrest Warrant issued for Tom "the hammer" Delay

    Who said I agree with it? If its going to be even-handedly applied across the nation, then by all means... lock 'em up.
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    College gender gap widens: 57% are women

    With the majority of teachers being women, do you think it creates a biased program of education in the public school? Through studies all have seen that females develop physically and mentally faster than males generally speaking (there's always exceptions). So, isn't this just stating what...
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    Wilma upgraded to MONSTER cat 5 (worst ever)

    I don't particularly care for the way it was stated, but hurricane or not... it doesn't change the fact that Jesus is coming and we're one day closer. So, I think I'm actually in agreement with ya Maynard. Eagerness for the return of the Messiah is nothing to be ashamed of, but relating it to...
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    Hurricane Katrina Discussion

    Heh - conspiracy theorist... Obsurd. To consider a tidal wave could be developed into a hurricane by mankind, let alone controlled. This just preys on the ignorance of the public regarding climatology and meteorology.
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    Arrest Warrant issued for Tom "the hammer" Delay

    It all depends on who your are (if you're anybody) and how well you're connected through the judicial system or money. Obviously, political pressure had no way of holding this off, rather the reverse.
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    16 year old arrested in Pamela Vitale case.

    Tragic. Surreal that it could be a 16 yr. old.