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I Made A Difference So Can You Vote Ohio Secretary of State (or so my sticker says)

By mochagirl · Nov 4, 2008 ·
  1. I'm old, I'm old!

    Well, okay, maybe not that old. But my age sounds older than I feel. But I had a fun birthday, better than the last three years. (My 19th birthday my family was on vacation--can you say road trip?--and currently in LA for the special occasion. It wasn't a bad birthday, exactly, it was just...strange, being away from home, living in a hotel (or more accurately, our Suburban) on my birthday. The next year I was home, but I was about the only one home for it--my older sis and bro were home, but my sister had to work all day, and my brother was holed up, as he usually is, in his room, so it was kind of boring and lonely. Or not so "kind of." Mom and the younger kids were, unfortunately for me, in Texas at the time. To date, I'd say it was my worst birthday by far. And then last year, my birthday was on a Saturday, so the whole day football was on TV, or so it seemed. Have I mentioned that I don't like football? ^_^ Anyway, other than that it was a good day. But I could live without ever having a Saturday birthday again...aside from the fact that, I couldn't actually, you know, live, 'cuz I'd have to die before the next time my b-day falls on a Saturday for that to happen....)

    Now that that ridiculously long parenthetical aside is done with.
    Happy Election Day! Woo-hoo. Today I became an official voter. :cool: Last pres-election year I missed the date by one day (another sucky thing about having a birthday in early November--not only is it smack dab in the middle of football season, you're also screwed if you happened to be born on the first Monday of the month two years before/after an Election Year. As I was. :)), so I missed on the momentous occasion of voting for Bush or...was it Kerry in '04? And Gore the time before that? That sounds right. Anyway, though I've been old enough to vote in non-presidential elections for four years, I had yet to take advantage of such a right and privilege until today. Not that I really had much of an idea who (or what) to vote for in most cases. Heehee.

    In other news....um...I started nanowrimo. We'll see if I get anywhere close to making the 50k word mark. As of this moment, I have something like 4400 words written in my story. With that average, I'll make it to 33000 words by the end of the month. It won't win nano, but I'd take it. :) 33000 words I probably otherwise wouldn't have written. Although I probably would have written other words had I not been focused on nanowrimo... (Wow, it's really weird to talk about yourself in past tense concerning a future event. Very odd and, I don't know, unnatural.)

    Merry Christmas less than a month early! (Oh, I love Christmastime...)


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