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Aww, Ahh & Other Exclamations

By mochagirl · Oct 4, 2008 ·
  1. So. We gained an addition to the family today. A new puppy.
    Part of me is happy and all "aww, how cute", and part of me is "ahhh! not another one! Now we have to go through all the house training again!"
    In other words, I have mixed feelings about the little mite. Hehe. But she is really cute, and her face is just darling. She's half German shepherd and half Bernese mountain dog, so she's gonna get pretty big (which is the main reason my mom got her--my family likes big dogs), and I think, theoretically, she's going to end up being a guard dog for the animals or some such thing. I dunno. I have a hard time picturing Mom and T actually making her an outdoor dog when she's older (Mom wants to train her and socialize her before then, so for the time being she's going to be an indoor dog). I just don't think they have it in them to be that strict. When it comes to animals, they're pretty much suckers. ^_^
    Anyway, Ginger, our other dog (we got her last year, about this time--it might have been in September--right after we had to put our two old dogs, a black lab and a goldren retriever/cocker spaniel mutt, to sleep), was supposedly half black lab, half golden retriever, but she has to be in fact half golden retriever and half...I don't know, border collie, maybe, because she never got big. I mean, she's no chihuahua (thank goodness--I hate little yippy dogs), but, as aforementioned, we like big dogs in our family, and she's no big dog. Plus, she's got a lot of herding instinct. So we figure she's got some sort of small herd dog in her. And her tail curls up like my brother-in-law's border collie's tail.
    Alls I can say is, we better not get another puppy next year. Two dogs is enough.

    Oh, the library had a book sale this morning, so my sister woke me up at like, eight-forty-five or so (I don't know exactly, 'cuz the power went out for some unknown reason and thus my clock was blank), and we and our younger sisters went over. Whatever caused the power to go out apparently originated at the power plant, 'cuz the whole town was powerless. (We were never so happy to hit a red light, later on, hehe.) But, looking in the dark aside, it was fun, and I got two books for fifty cents. One of them was brand new, too, not an old library book. :)

    We visited my aunt yesterday, and I got to see my two-month-old cousin for the first time. Ooohh! He's so cute! Aww, I love babies. Drool and stinky diapers aside. ;)
    It always surprises me, I'm not sure why, when I visit various aunts or uncles, by their sense of humor. I don't know why, 'cuz in my family, humor's pretty...er, rampant, and my grandparents are ridiculously funny (while still being respectable...I mean, my grandpa's a retired pastor, and he comes across as very reserved, reverent, almost austere even--which can be very misleading. I'm pretty sure he once dressed up as the devil for Halloween--so he's not exactly the strict, no-nonsense type), so it makes sense that all their kids, not just my mom, inherited that sense of humor--but it still always half-surprises me when I hear one of my aunts or uncles makes some witty/random/sardonic crack.

    One last note: I learned a very valuable lesson yesterday. When the multivitamin container says to take with food, they mean it. Don't take the stinky things on an empty stomach. I won't explain why--but suffice it to say that my stomach didn't appreciate it. Ick. :sick:


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