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My Journey To Happiness

  1. Blog Description

    I want to start this blog as a diary. I am going through quite a difficult time at the moment. I divorced fifteen years ago, and I raised my children alone. I had a relationship in 2015 which turbned out to be an abusive one. I mean, VERY abusive. I ended up having PTSD. I met my now husband in a forum for victims of abusive relationships. Our relationship blossomed. I wrote a blog and a Facebook page and I created a YouTube channel in my language (I am Italian) to help other victims of the specific trauma I endured, and all of them have been quite a success until now. I married my husband on the last 4th of January, being 49. My plans are to move in the USA on next August in order to reunite with my husband, with my son who is 17 and still a minor. My husband and I are undergoing the process to get a visa for me and my son. This process is expensive and quite complicated, but there were the conditions so we were happy and optimistic. But on last Friday my husband, who never had any problem at work, has been put in administrative leave. Without his job the visa will be denied and I will be banned from the US for ten years.These are scary days for us, but we are keeping our faith strong. I want to write on this blog so, when everything will be okay, it will be a reminder of the grace of the Lord in my life. It is a diary and an act of faith. blue_hydrangea.jpg.696x0_q80_crop-smart.jpg

    About Author

    A reformed nice person :)