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A Nightmare

  1. I've been awake for a few minutes but it's still so weird and scary. It was sort of two parts; a challenge and monsters. The challenge had characters from shows, like I think the mentor guy from the Hunger Games was explaining the rules. I was standing on small, thin house frames with some slight video-game type physics. There were a few cows (I think they were part of some betting) in the lower two levels of the house, which had to be moved a little before the thing started. This guy was going to fight, using one of my stuffed horses (an old one from the movie Spirit: Stallion of Cimarron or something like that). Every little fight he'd get the option to eat (or feed the horse I think was what it meant) or to do something else. Feeding the horse would make it fat and slow so people said they knew what option he had to pick or something like that.

    The second part is under light, clear water. I saw a big shark that was white underneath and grey on top. I followed it to see what it was, I think one option was black tipped reef shark but it wasn't really black. Might have been a great white or megaladon, I think. It did not eat me but I'm not sure it tried. Whenever I turned around I saw this thing, it was really rare so I took out my phone underwater (looked like it does now but was suddenly life proof or something?) to film it (and I did) and identified it as a Titan. It looked like an off-colour Sea Emperor(/warper-ish? I just realised warpers look kind of like that and are that color but it was larger than a warper and much smaller than an emperor from Subnautica). It followed me after I taped it and I woke up after a while. This dream scared me and I am still scared and stressed.

    For reference, Sea Emperor:

    This is the biggest thing I know in the game. I do not think the Ghost Leviathan and Dragon Leviathan have been added yet. This thing is normally very deep down (Markiplier used cheat codes in one version to spawn it from an island so people could see one), and clearly much bigger than a person (the one in my dream was relatively little and blue mostly but purple tail tentacles and purple on its face).

    This is a warper, they show up (or start to) I think around 1500m:


    These things I don't know if it's looking in your eyes or getting to close but they can send you to another place on the map and will usually seperate you from your vehicle. So you're out in the open water losing oxygen and possibly in danger. Mostly an annoyance in Markiplier's playthroughs but can be dangerous. Overall the dream thing looked more like the first thing but with these colours.


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  1. JesusLovesOurLady
    It least you didn't have a nightmare over the things you were worrying about last night.
      DeerGlow likes this.
    1. DeerGlow
      Honestly, that's a good point. Being chased by a "Titan" or sea emperor(-warper) is not as bad as that.
      JesusLovesOurLady likes this.
  2. faroukfarouk
    So do you think this kind of artwork is really fun? :)

    Or maybe it can sometimes set your mind off into a mood when you have bad dreams?
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    2. DeerGlow
      :confused: If it helps me that's great?
    3. faroukfarouk
      Helps to visualize; I see.
      They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Depends of course also on whether you want to see it.
    4. DeerGlow
      Yeah I heard drawing nightmares helped so I did it once and had that thing like imprinted in my memory it was a bad idea but this is okay I think. Giving people who don't think of weird things like this an idea of what it was.