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  2. I just wanted to share something my fiance' came up with. She is a jewelry designer and has a shop with her daughter. They asked if I had an outlet for some of their items and I told them I would share it with everyone here at CF. So I started them an Etsy Shop account to showcase what they have done. And this is the first items! Check it out and let me know what you think!

    Thanks so much! - Rex

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Tougher Shift

  1. I’m really disliking one of my coworkers. I should just move on but she gets under my skin easily. Also when the number came up as a stall ticket to take out I thought about whoever took it would get the mark of the beast and then I had to end up taking it because the other carhops weren’t around or paying attention. I feel emotionally upset for multiple reasons in multiple ways. I also messed up and got sort of reprimanded by multiple people in that situation where you’re like yeah... I knew I messed up the first time... but I didn’t feel too guilty about it. :(


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  1. CodyFaith
    You don't have to worry about the mark of the beast. You're God's forever and dearly loved.

    One day you'll learn to trust this, I believe. God is with you.
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  2. HereIStand
    Sorry things didn't go well at work. Co-workers can be a challenge sometimes. Try not to focus on her. That's easier said than accomplished, I know. Don't ever worry about the mark of the beast. You have the mark of Christ. Nothing can change that.
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    1. DeerGlow
      :) Yeah, it would be nice if forgiving everyone was easy.
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  3. Emli
    I'm really sorry that you are feeling so bad. :( And that you got reprimanded... I know what that is like, and it isn't fun. But you try to stand strong and keep going.

    Praying for you.
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    2. Emli
      Okay, good. :) Then maybe it's good for you, so to conquer your fears.

      That sounds interesting. Let me know how it goes. And I'll pray that the Lord will bless you with a relaxing time. :)
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    3. DeerGlow
      Maybe I’ll look around for a KAITO model I can import into this program. Or I’ll stick mostly to 2D.
    4. Emli
      What software are you using?