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  1. I was thinking about redownloading and maybe going premium on Lumosity, a brain training app. I noticed the App Store description had a new feature about mindfulness training. I googled “mindfulness” and got definitions saying:
    Is something like this bad/dangerous? Meditation or mindfulness focusing on breathing and the present and your current state? The mindfulness section has subcategories; Unwinding stress, cultivating kindness, body scanning, and embodied emotion as well as some others. Should I use lumosity or find another brain training app?

    Since writing that I redownloaded Peak, which has games like “apprentice wizard” in the focus category and a category called calming with games like deep listening and laze which I cannot see descriptions of because I do not have a pro subscription. Should I use Lumosity, Peak, something else, or forget about all that?

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    I am not a teacher, just a kid with an overactive and strange mind. My posts are not meant to teach but to be representations of thoughts and my considerations on their truthfulness and applicability.


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  1. DaisyDay
    Mindfulness is just the pop culture version of DBT which is a very useful form of therapy, one of the few that have been shown to be objectively effective for certain conditions. Developing an awareness of what you're doing and why while you're doing it is not dangerous - just the opposite. Good luck with your search.

    I don't know the specific apps well enough to comment on their value to you. I have my doubts, but I tend to be cynical about these things. I did hear that Luminosity was fined for false advertising - it won't make you smarter or stave off Alzheimer's.
    1. DeerGlow
      DBT? Also, I’ll check that link, thanks.