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Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Synergy, Jul 14, 2017.

  1. Synergy

    Synergy New Member

    The only reasons God is blessing you is simply for you to help grow his work on earth.
    Though God did not give you billions of dollars, but the little He tested you with, how have you made Him proud?

    So many of us don't see the need to pay tithe, but do you know that the essence of paying tithes is to promote the work of God?

    Malachi 3:10a Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house.
    your Tithe is meant;
    1.to feed the poor and the needy in the church and it environs and
    2.For the provision of logistics for Missionaries. Have you seen how missionaries are suffering on daily bases because we are not faithful with our tithes!

    1. Heaven will celebrate you when your tithe is used for winning souls. Luke 15:10

    2. Are you barren? You don't have to pray much, just pay your tithe “Then all the nations will call you blessed... Malachi 3:12

    3. He will restore your health. Malachi 3:11

    4. He will settle all your struggles (financial, work related, business, marriage) and so on. Malachi 3:10

    If you are paying your tithes and you have not benefited from the Benefit of Tithing listed above;

    Go into a "One Hour With God" at exactly 12:00am every night for three days, challenge God, put Him in remembrance, you will see God's miracle. Believe it or not, just try it.

    If you have not been paying your tithe, it is not too late, you can start now. All the ones you have not been paying is not a debt because God has forgiven you. A new page will be written.

    Thank you and stay blessed!!!
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