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Why and How to Read the Bible?

Discussion in 'Christian Scriptures' started by Wayne1980, Jul 1, 2021.

  1. Wayne1980

    Wayne1980 New Member

    Hello everyone,

    This weekend I am participating in a Bible study entitled “Why and how should I read the Bible?”. I always prepare notes and scripture beforehand. This week I am a little stuck so please allow me to explain.

    In terms of "Why read the Bible?" I have more scripture that I could possibly share in one hour. But I am stuck to find scripture about how to read the Bible.

    Personal experience is that when I was young, I would just flip it open and read. I would get hung up not understanding historical context or perhaps translation would cause me to miss the point. I didn’t really know if I should read new or Old Testament I just kind of hoped I would get some inspiration. The habit never really took off and when I started working full time I hardly ever opened the Bible at home.

    Flash forward 25 years to last year(2020) and I started a daily Bible study habit that has now gone over 365 consecutive days (PRAISE JESUS). At the beginning of this study, I surrounded myself with study material such as lectures/ commentaries/ guided daily devotionals etc. This is the big difference.

    I don’t really know how to bring this up in my class this weekend. On one hand it seems like I am saying solo Bible study without study materials is not enough. Perhaps I can try to frame it positive and say that one really needs the Bible and the support of others (What I mean is that my study materials and the teachers who wrote the devotions were my support). In a sense I would be describing learning in community versus isolation.

    If anyone has any ideas/ scripture that I can use to make my point and get my ideas across I would greatly appreciative.

    Thank You
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  2. GallagherM

    GallagherM Well-Known Member

    United States
    By the spirit friend.

    1 Corinthians 2:9-10
    Rather, as it is written: “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no heart has imagined, what God has prepared for those who love Him.” For to us God revealed them through the Spirit;

    for the Spirit searches all things,

    even the depths of God

    John 4:24 God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”

    Romans 8:28 And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.

    ( I just simply go verse by verse and write scripture then think and expand even sometimes asking questions to God to help me understand. )

    A good bible to learn from that is helpful is a Thompson Chain Reference Bible, if you can get ahold of one.
    Last edited: Jul 1, 2021
  3. eleos1954

    eleos1954 God is Love Supporter

    United States
    I study topically often (but not exclusively). I find myself often struggling and needing "quick answers" .... it's also a good way to get the broad view of His teachings across the entire bible.

    Here is a resource where one can easily to this.

    What Does the Bible Say About Gods Love?

    At the top one can easily change the topic.

    Also, comparing translations and looking into the original Hebrew and/or Greek is helpful and often gives better understanding ....

    Here is a resource for that and is easily done


    May the Lord guide you through His Word. In Jesus name Amen
  4. EmethAlethia

    EmethAlethia Newbie

    Part 1
    It’s noble that you want passages about how to read the bible. Unfortunately there are none.

    Reading the bible is what a lot of people do instead of doing what God commands everyone to do with the bible. Sure, you will have to read it to obey God, but few are willing to do what it takes to get to the truth. Most go to scripture to prove their beliefs true, to justify what they want to believe about God. And yes, If you love what you “want to believe” about God, and about truth, God ALWAYS gives you what you love most.

    Everyone either loves their beliefs or they love truth. That which we love least is always forced to conform to what we love most. Want to know why there are over 500 different brands of Baptists on the North American continent? Want to know how come Atheists, Agnostics, Moslems, Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Jews, … hell, every belief group on the planet, knows they love truth and have truth believing everything under the sun, here it is. God gives everyone what they really love.

    2Th 2:10 and with all the deception of wickedness for those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth so as to be saved. 11 For this reason God will send upon them a deluding influence so that they will believe what is false, 12 in order that they all may be judged who did not believe the truth, but took pleasure in wickedness. 13 But we should always give thanks to God for you, brethren beloved by the Lord, because God has chosen you from the beginning for salvation through sanctification by the Spirit and faith in the truth.

    So that’s the first thing. It explains how the non-religious lost know they have the truth (Rom. 1:18-32)

    It explains how the religious lost who don’t believe in Christ as their Messiah can hold fast to their beliefs by seeking to justify their beliefs from scripture. (Rom. 10:1-3)

    It explains all of the cults who believe Jesus is their Lord, God and Savior can do all the signs and wonders that true Christians have performed and not be true Christians at all in Mathew 7. Depart from me Ye who work iniquity for I never knew you.

    And here’s the thing. Every single group does/has the exact same five things they have gathered to hold fast to “what they want to believe” “as” truth. If you ask anyone from any belief group to share why they believe as they do and you will see they share the same things. They …

    1.) Share the proof that verifies their views are the correct ones. What else do they share?

    2.) They share the evidence that proves all opposing views are off. How do they interpret everything?

    3.) They Interpret everything in the light of what they “know” is truth. What is truth? For each of them, the truth is their beliefs. Ergo, all correct interpretations … of all “valid” data, must support … or at least not negate, their infallible beliefs.

    4.) Anything that doesn’t seem to fit with our views, they reinterpret, ignore, discredit, invalidate …

    5.) They may share experiences, signs, or other "facts" about their belief group that are foundational to believing as they do. Things like: We have a burning in the bosom, we speak in tongues, we perform signs or wonders, a statue of Mary came to life and told us our belief groups views are correct, we have prayed to God for the truth and received “feelings” or even signs from heaven. Or, on a more concrete level we have facts about our belief group. Things like: Our belief group is the oldest, largest, fastest growing, wealthiest, has the most experts with doctorates… We include anything that adds assurance that our way is the best way.”

    But these are the things we do "if" we just want to believe what we want to believe, and have reasons for discarding the rest. This process closes our eyes, ears and hearts to even considering anything else. And this process allows all the people from every belief group that believes themselves Christian to believe the gospel is simple, while each of them believes completely different “simple” gospels. Everyone gets what they want.

    Everyone doing the above process has unquestionably true, infallible beliefs. And if you do more of any one of them, all you will do is harden yourself more and more into what you “want to believe” Why? Look at 1-5 above. I call these 5 "Methodology One": The Methodology of belief groups. Every one of them is designed to keep people locked into the belief groups beliefs forever and die with those beliefs intact.

    Think about it. If you do more of any of them, how long before you discover your beliefs are false? How long before you realize something else is true? Answer to both is you can never get to anything but complete assurance of your beliefs, whether you are an Atheist, Moslem, Jew, Roman Catholic, Baptist, Mormon ... everyone does the methodology above to hold fast to their beliefs "as" truth.
  5. EmethAlethia

    EmethAlethia Newbie

    Part 2

    Now look at this Method:

    So what do you do if you want the truth on this issue, or any issue?

    1.) Rule #1: Avoid “Methodology One”: Proving your beliefs true and holding fast to them, is not the same as, “Proving all things over and over again as a habit and way of life, and holding fast to what is good/true.” Look at that 2Th. 2:10-13 passage. Paul said that the lost in the end times failed, and Paul used the same standard and judged that those he was writing to were held to the same standard but passed the test and received a love of the truth and were true Christians making this a timeless truth.

    2.) Open-mindedness: All belief groups believe in being open minded … “until” you accept their beliefs. Then they believe in being as closed as possible. If you love truth, you will continually remain open-minded to altering any or all of your beliefs in the light of the fullness of the truth, when everything that “might” pertain to the topic at hand is rightly divided. How many passages are there about closing your eyes and ears lest you see or hear. Look at Methodology One again. What is it designed to do?

    3.) Habitual ongoing Labor/ Getting Every Piece of Data that Might Pertain: If you Love Truth, you, personally, must become a manual laborer and keep on gathering every fact anyone thinks might pertain to every topic at hand. Then gather all the data that “might pertain” no belief group gathers because they can’t use that information to prove their beliefs true or opposing beliefs false. Yes, that’s every piece of data that proves all your current beliefs false that the opponents to your beliefs have gathered, and every fact that might prove beliefs you believe to be wrong to be truth on that topic as well. We are commanded to be habitual, ongoing, never stopping laborers who are approved by God and won’t stand ashamed before Him. How do we determine what that outcome will be? We habitually “Cut-straight” every single piece of the word of God that “might” apply to the topic at hand. This is way different than looking for passages of scripture to prove true what we want to teach on a topic.

    CONSISTENCY IN INTERPRETATION: If God, God’s word, and God’s people are not consistent in what they say and do and DON’T SAY AND DON’T DO, then looking for truth in the bible is a waste of time. I am going to use a topic almost every belief group that calls themselves Christians has closed eyes and ears about and tries to force the scriptures to conform to their beliefs only going to scripture to justify “what they want believe” on the topic, while closing their eyes and ears to everything else. Do your own study on the topic if you want.

    4.) Consistency with Background Context: Pick a meaning that fully aligns with the historical, legal, architectural, agricultural … context.

    5.) Consistency of Meaning of words/root words/figures of speech: Hold to a meaning for all words, root words, and figures of speech consistent with their usage throughout the Old and New Testament. We have a Greek Old and New Testament and a Hebrew Old Testament, pick a meaning fully fitting everywhere the same word, root word, and figure of speech is used.

    Take the discussion on polygamy being adultery, for example. Look at all the places where someone was accused of committing adultery in the Old Testament, and all the places where the definition is given. What were the circumstances. David committed adultery, right? When? How many wives did he have at the time? How many more wives did he take afterwards? Did he commit adultery then as well? Pick the meaning that fits everything said and everything not said. How many times does the bible say Solomon committed adultery? Does God say that He took more than one wife? Does he say those wives committed adultery against Him? Don’t guess, get all of the passages that might apply? Does God illustrate Himself violating His own word/will?

    6.) Consistency with the Surrounding Discussion: Hold to a meaning consistent with the entire discussion surrounding the verse or passage being considered, hold to the flow of thought, flow of arguments, meaning of points made …

    For example, take the discussion this is a part of:

    Mat 19:4 And He answered and said, "Have you not read that He who created them from the beginning MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE,5 and said, 'FOR THIS REASON A MAN SHALL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND BE JOINED TO HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO SHALL BECOME ONE FLESH'?

    Is the context a discussion on what a lawful marriage is or is the context a discussion on whether or not we can divorce the women we are married to at any time for any reason? The context is when can we divorce, a lawful marriage, using the passages listed prior in the O.T. is any woman you have had sex with. Thus, David was married at least 18 times, possibly as high as 28, with one case of adultery. Solomon had sex with a thousand wives and concubines with no cases of adultery. God the Father had multiple wives and they committed adultery against Him. He did not commit adultery… Here’s the problem. First. Did anyone in the Old Testament believe that passage on the tendency for a man to leave his parents to have sex with his wife mean to only one wife at a time? Look at the facts. How many wives did David, Solomon, Gideon, Moses, Jacob … GOD have? Where is the condemnation of the practice? Who gave David his other wives besides Bathsheba? Look at the responses to when Jesus says, if you have had sex with her you are considered joined forever by God. Did they freak out and ask questions like, “So what? My second and third wives are not approved by God at all? Can I divorce them with impunity because it wasn’t God’s plan? Were we ever really married? Do I have to put all of my other wives and the kids by them out to the curb? What does this do to the inheritance? Did Jesus say that this invalidates my right to be king because I am descended from David’s 8th wife?

    7.) Consistency with conscience: Example: If your interpretation would be a sin if a man did likewise and your interpretation results in believing God does what would be sin for us, your interpretation is wrong. i.e., there are no illustrations in the Bible where God says He commits adultery. If your chosen meaning for the word adultery would make God an adulterer, and by His own admission, you picked the wrong meaning for the word. In other words, if you hold to polygamy as adultery you accuse God Himself of adultery.

    8.) God, God’s People and God’s Word are 100% consistent: Pick an interpretation for all the data that makes God, God’s people and God’s word 100% consistent in “all” they say and do and “all” they don’t say and don’t do. Any inconsistencies, are proof of incorrect beliefs/definitions.

    God says that David’s only sins were those related to Uriah the Hittite (He took his wife and got him killed.) even the numbering of the people was not a sin as that commandment was for the people to pay the tax for being numbered. THEY did not pay it. THEY did not know they were supposed to because THEY didn’t know the law or chose not to pay. Yes, David “felt” guilty, but he did not violate God’s commandments in that case. Remember, any inconsistencies in what is said and done, or not said, and not done are a result of our incorrect beliefs. How many times does the bible say Solomon committed adultery? Answer: Never. Solomon was reproved for his wives, but not the number of them. He was reproved by God for taking foreign wives. Now, figure out why Solomon did not violate God’s commands for “kings” not to heap to himself wives, horses or gold. Solomon had “Heaps” of all of them. Hint: Solomon did a great sacrifice and received a vision from God.

    9.) Always apply logic, reason, and rational thinking: Pick an interpretation fully fitting with all logic, reason, and rational thinking. (i.e., if the writer spent a whole chapter saying all gifts are equal and necessary, that none are greater than any others, … do not choose an interpretation for the very next verse that would command us to desire what God spent the previous 30 verses saying doesn’t exist, and that you can’t get, period, regardless of your desire. “Earnestly desire the greater gifts”, contradicts everything prior. Look for the “other” possible meaning. Note: There is one.

    The passage where Jesus is said to have stated that the only lawful marriage model is the marriage of one man and one woman, for example. Understand that, in the audience, there may have been dozens of people with polygamous relationships in their past. Jesus being descended from both David and Solomon, for example. Here’s the problem.

    1.) Someone in the audience says to himself, “My dad had two wives, my mom was his first wife, but his second wife was the one to give birth to a son, my half-brother, first, and he gets the inheritance, and all the benefits and I did not. If only the first marriage is legal, don’t I get to kick my brother and my brother’s mother out and take the inheritance?

    2.) Is Jesus capable of being King? Was Solomon a lawful king? Sorry, if only the first marriage was ever approved by God, neither one was/is a lawful king. Sorry, not from the first wife?

    3.) This is a discussion on lawful divorce. As such, if Jesus meant that only the first wife is approved by God, is Jesus stating that all other wives can be kicked to the curb even without divorce proceedings? What about the kids? Do they have to kick them to the curb as well?

    4.) From the perspective of a second or third wife in the audience, what is your response to Jesus if this is what Jesus said and meant?

    5.) Where are all the discussions that “Should” have been voiced out loud in this society where polygamy was practiced by most of the patriarchs including Jacob, Moses, Giddeon, David, Solomon … where is the confusion, the questioning … it didn’t happen. What was the response of the audience? Shoot, if this is what God meant, it is better not to get married at all, right? The context is lawful divorce. The only way this makes sense in a polygamous society is if Jesus is saying, once you have sex, regardless of the number of wives you have, they are your wife and divorce is not an option. EVER! That’s the only way everything makes sense.

    10.) Start with the Easiest/Clearest … data on the topic: Interpret the clearest, easiest understood, most straightforward data/passages first—then the more complex or difficult passages. The complex, convoluted, and difficult passages are easy to distort to fit beliefs.

    11.) It ALL fits together: Pick a meaning for the parts that fully fit with the whole of the data that might pertain without adding meaning, subtracting meaning, or distorting anything to force it to comply with your beliefs. If everything gathered (#3 above) does not fully fit with everything in #4-10 above, you have the wrong meaning, and you are forcing the scriptures to fit what you want to believe “as” truth.

    12.) Keep on continuously proving all things over and over again as a habit and way of life and never stop … and hold fast to what is good/true. Getting to truth is an ongoing process that never ends. One single verse, one fact you missed, one slight change in interpretation … can force a complete reevaluation and even a complete a change of beliefs. That is, if you love truth, and obey what God commands all His people to be continuously doing for and by themselves. If not …

    13.) It’s all on You! Trusting others to get to truth “for” you, is like trusting others to have a relationship with your wife / husband / kids “for” you. It cannot be done. Your failure to keep on habitually doing as God commands all His people to keep on habitually doing, proves you have gathered enough using Methodology One to hold fast to what you want to believe and fall short of 2Th. 2:10-12

    I always tell everyone: Understand, “Agreement with me might only make us both wrong.” Why? Because it's true. It only takes one verse I missed, in context, cut straight, to change my beliefs.

    This verse is in the present tense meaning ongoing continuous action:

    “Keep on continuously proving all things over and over again as a habit and way of life and always hold fast to what is good/true.” If you love truth, and not a specific belief, you will constantly look for and reevaluate everything you can find, and yes, you will be willing to alter any and all of your beliefs to fit what the fullness of the word of God really says and means with nothing left out, and nothing distorted to try and prove “what you want to believe” true.

    Starting from beliefs, and then going to those who have the same ones to get all the passages they use to prove their beliefs to be fact, opposing beliefs false, and to understand how they interpret everything to hold fast to those beliefs always results in the affirmation of those beliefs. If your goal is to do something like that, pick the beliefs you want to have first. If you want to be Mormon gather their data and use their interpretations. If you want to be a Calvinist use theirs, Roman Catholic ... you get the idea.

    Everyone gets what they really want. That which we love least is always forced to conform to that which we love most. Everyone either loves the truth or their beliefs. But the "Many on the Broad path of destruction in Mat. 7 is the same many that believe Jesus is their Lord God and Savior at the end of the chapter to whom Jesus said, "Depart from Me ye who work iniquity for I never knew you."

    Everyone using Methodology One, while they will get an unshakeable, unquestionable belief that they have the truth, are really seeing God at work hardening them into what they want to believe because they just love what they want to believe. Everyone picks one, and the Methodology you use proves what camp you are in. And, if you think about it, how do the lost respond when their beliefs are called into question? They jump right in with all the things they have gathered to prove their beliefs true, all the things they use to prove opposing beliefs false, since their beliefs are fact, how is everything interpreted? In the light of the unquestionable truth of their beliefs. Call their salvation into question and you will see them get angrier than a rabid dog, and Methodology One tramples everything in opposition under foot in seconds.

    This is why Mat. 7:6 exists. God is hardening them into the beliefs they love. If you continue to share using Methodology One, you are fighting God Himself and deserve to be torn to pieces. Those using the second Methodology have nothing at all they can discuss with those using the first Methodology.
  6. St_Worm2

    St_Worm2 Simul Justus et Peccator Supporter

    United States
    Hello @Wayne1980, this may prove to be useful to you. It's from a teaching series (part 1 of 4) that takes a close, practical look at four of our most important Christian spiritual disciplines, to help with understanding and then applying them to our daily walk. The series is called, Spiritual Boot Camp (gty.org) by Dr. John MacArthur.

    BTW, you can listen, read, or do both at the same time.

    God bless you!

    Last edited: Jul 1, 2021
  7. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    To me, perhaps the most important factor in reading the Bible is -- the Bible itself. In other words, it is most important that you read a Bible that you can clearly understand what is written. There is a spectrum of translations from those that emphasize the translation of words (although it's not possible to have a true "word-for-word" translation because of differences in meaning, grammar, and syntax) to the translation of meaning. (The first are "literal" translations, the latter are functional translations.)

    Personally I would avoid the King James translation, which is not only not a "word-for-word" translation but is written in "dead" English (which is so easily misinterpreted and/or re-translated into modern English). I prefer the NET Bible, v2.1. It's an excellent translation and has over 60,000 translator's note covering every aspect of vocabulary and meaning. I also use the NRSV and NIV, both of which are excellent modern English translations.
  8. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member Supporter

    United Kingdom
    There aren't any scriptures that give instructions about how to read the Bible.
    Basically because there are many reasons for reading the Bible.
    Personal revolution, for Bible study, for memorising, for learning the stories, learning the history, for comparison with other scriptures etc etc etc.

    Encourage those attending the study to read the scriptures, to use commentaries and other study aids.
    To memorize scripture, we are promised that the spirit will bring to our remembrance what we need. This can only work if the information is somewhere in the clutter of our minds!
  9. Shane R

    Shane R Priest Supporter

    United States
    Prayerfully, carefully, and consistently. You are on to something with your realization that in some sense the Bible must be read in community, don't shy away from finding the conclusion of this thought because it undermines Evangelical conceptions about private interpretation.

    Now all the people gathered together as one man in the open square that was in front of the Water Gate; and they told Ezra the scribe to bring the Book of the Law of Moses, which the Lord had commanded Israel. 2 So Ezra the priest brought the Law before the assembly of men and women and all who could hear with understanding on the first day of the seventh month. 3 Then he read from it in the open square that was in front of the Water Gate from morning until midday, before the men and women and those who could understand; and the ears of all the people were attentive to the Book of the Law.

    8 So they read distinctly from the book, in the Law of God; and they gave the sense, and helped them to understand the reading. (Nehemia 8:1-3, 8)​
  10. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    The last Bible study that I conducted was based on the attendees reading the Bible section, then bringing their own personal interpretation about what they read. I found this much more satisfactory than being the interpreter for others about what the particular scriptures meant.

    "For who has known the mind of the Lord, that he will instruct Him? But we (plural, corporate) have the mind of Christ." 1 Corinthians 2:16
  11. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    First of all, here is the way to understand it..
    You read a novel, you STUDY a bible.
    God said....."study to show yourself approved unto God".

    Now, how do you study it?
    You study it according to How God has you study it, vs, how you would do it, naturally.

    You study it not by reading it...........tho you do read it.
    But rather this.....>"rightly divide", the word.

    And how do you do that when the bible is "spirit and truth", vs, just words on a page?

    You do it like this...>>"spiritually discern". The bible is spiritually discerned.....not "read".

    If you just read it, you become a heretic, or insane if you really get lost in it.
    And that is because the bible is not a toy......its a living book, as its the Living word of the Living God.
    You have to ONLY engage it on a deeply spiritual level by being born again, or you end up lost in wrong understanding that can truly harm you and cause you to harm others.
  12. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    I've think we've been through this before, but...

    2 Timothy 2:15 (KJV), "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

    2 Timothy 2:15 (NET) "Make every effort to present yourself before God as a proven worker who does not need to be ashamed, teaching the message of truth accurately."

    2 Timothy 2:15 (NRSV) "Do your best to present yourself to God as one approved by him, a worker who has no need to be ashamed, rightly explaining the word of truth."

    ... and similar in most translations.

    One way to get really confused and put in your own meanings is to read the King James version, then reinterpret what it says into modern English. In this case, "study" doesn't mean to learn about a subject, especially in an educational course or by reading books; instead it means "make every effort", "do your best", and similar meanings.

    "You study it not by reading it...........tho you do read it" is confusing to the point of being meaningless. The best way to read the Bible is => read it <=, just as God intended. There is no reason to be afraid and/or confused. If there is a part that you don't understand, then a footnote or commentary will help.

    Again, IMHO, the worst translation is the King James, since because it is written in a dead language, it is easy to twist the meaning by misinterpreting the Englyshe of 400 years ago.

    On a spiritual note, the misunderstanding of who God is will cause people to fear Him and/or "the church". He is our loving, compassionate Father, who sent His Son to be just like us so that we can understand Him.

    The Bible clearly teaches God's love and truth -- if you let it.
  13. GallagherM

    GallagherM Well-Known Member

    United States
    Read prayerfully; by the spirit; and in context.

    Also if you wanna study get a Bible that will be close to original word for word translation rather than thought for thought or a straight paraphrase (I do like new living translation as those who have basic reading skill will help them read the Bible a bit easier).

    By the spirit because we are born again in spirit when we have faith in Yeshua Christ: and the spirit searches the deep things of God.

    God is love, and never will stop being love.
  14. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Let me show you something.

    The NT, and the OT, are very specific about something.

    The OT is given to Jews, and the NT is given to the Church.

    The bible is not a novel, that is given to the world.

    So, you can't just read it as an unbeliever, and you can't just read it as a Born again.
    The bible is a Spiritual book, not a pulp fiction, as you drawing comparison that is to be "read".

    And dont use bad bible versions to try prove your misunderstanding.
  15. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    It is important to understand precisely what translation is. The Bible (which is what we are discussing in this case) is a collection of writings spanning many centuries, written by people whose way of thinking and ancient culture is very, very different than ours. There is an old but true phrase: "language is culture". It is extremely important that we understand a) what the original authors meant and b) how their writings were received and understood by those who lived at the time they were written and/or heard.

    An "original word for word translation" doesn't mean much. There are many differences in word meaning, grammar, syntax, and cultural relevance between the source documents and the results of translation. The most important factor is not a literal "word-for-word" translation -- there is no such thing -- but that the meaning of what was written -- the ideas expressed -- is communicated to our modern minds as clearly as possible.

    That is why I prefer a translation such as the NET, the NIV, or the NRSV. These excellent translations effectively communicate to us living in 2021 what the authors meant. They are far better for us to read than a (non-existent) "word-for-word" translation.
  16. pescador

    pescador Newbie Supporter

    Anyone can and should read the Bible, regardless of their belief or lack of it. The OT is given to everyone, as is the NT. Your division is meaningless. (Does your Bible contain the OT? If so, and you're not a Jew, then by your thinking you should tear it up. Likewise, if you're not a Christian, by your thinking, you shouldn't read the NT at all.)
  17. throughfireytrial

    throughfireytrial Truth-Lover Supporter

    I feel one should start by simply reading through the Bible start to finish to get the general feel and understanding of it...skip all the footnotes and cross references and even headings so you can see that you can get the Word via the teaching of the Holy Spirit...then go back and do the detail work.
  18. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Wanted to follow up with you on this one.

    Actually when i say that you read the word but not really, not exactly, .... is not confusing.
    The idea is, to discern it, and that is not reading it.
    Discerning, is not reading.
    Discerning is, in the context of "rightly dividing", how you study to show yourself approved.

    When i listen to the word of God, as im reading, i hear what it's telling/showing me.
    That's spiritual discernment, happening.
    I hear the verses comparing themselves to other verses, as a context.
    I dont try to understand it, i only listen to it, and Christ in me shows me the revelation that is the true light.
    I read it, but what im doing is listening to it, with my Spirit.
    This is the "eyes of my enlightenment".....my spiritual eyes.
    I do this with everything. With people, with decisions.....everything.
    '"he that is spiritual, judges all things"

    Think of it like this.
    God is "A'" Spirit. The word of God, the Holy Bible, is "spirit and truth".
    To understand the word of God, is not about reading it, but its about it being revealed inside you., spiritually.

    How does this happen?
    I have a Thread on this.. Take a look if you have time.

    The word of God, is SPIRIT and TRUTH.
    The born again are SPIRITUALLY born again.
    Jesus in the born again, is the Spirit of God.

    Notice that "spirit" is the common denominator...

    So, how do you read what is spirit and truth?
    Not with your human eyes, but with your spirit that is joined to the One who created the word of God, as Spirit and Truth.

    Here is an analogy...

    In Radio you have FM and AM.

    If you want to listen to FM, you dont turn on AM.

    So, the BIBLE is a Frequency, and the frequency, is SPIRIT.
    So, you connect with this frequency, using your born again spirit and not by the natural mind.
    The natural mind is the wrong frequency, and when you use that, you become a heretic.
    Forums are infected with these people because that is all they can do.
    Pulpits are deceiving people, because they can't spiritually discern the word.
    This is how denominations begin and continue.

    The Spirit, that discerns the Spiritual = is the right frequency dialed in, and that is how the word is revealed to you., only. ... = by God's Spirit, as Light to you, that is revelation.
    Receiving the revelation, is how you read the bible.
    When a person who is fighting me in a class, suddenly thinks..>"ah, that makes perfect sense", and yet, its the same ive told them, for weeks....
    That is God opening their spirit to hear the revelation that im teaching.
    Happens constantly on forums and in real life.

    The word of God is spiritually discerned, not read.
    So, that is what i mean by....."you read it" but,......not really.

    What actually happens, if you are born again, and not just water baptized thinking you are....is that Christ in you, reveals the word to your spirit as revelation, and that is the discernment actually happening.

    What is the best way to do this?
    Find a good anointed teacher and listen.
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  19. throughfireytrial

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    You wrote:
    When i listen to the word of God, as im reading, i hear what it's telling me.
    That's spiritual discernment, happening.

    Not necessarily. Discernment usually comes once a reader can put two and two together and get four. In other words using the many passages which touch upon one another.
  20. Sidon

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    Its interesting that in the post you are referring to, i literally stated that God's puts verses together for me, in a context, as i hear them.

    Did you miss that part?
    Did you want to go back and read the post, again, slowly?
    So, here is what you need to do to catch up.
    Go and find the 40+ Threads, ive written, in a few weeks.
    When you read them, then you'll understand what im telling you.
    Until then, and because you are not familiar with my work here on the forum, you'll just keep posting uninformed opinion, as you just provided.