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Featured What to say to a sister who attends multiple churches and small groups?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by sccs, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. thecolorsblend

    thecolorsblend If God is your Father, who is your Mother?

    United States
    Back in my evangelical days, I met some guys who would attend a weekly study at my Southern Baptist ecclesial community. I discovered that they were a circle of friends who were sort of evangelical vagabonds, joining groups but visiting different communities in rotation. Sometimes they would even attend service at two different ecclesial communities on a single Sunday.

    I expressed my surprise and awe of this to my girlfriend who attended the same community I did. She wasn't the deepest well on the farm, one might say, but she had NO respect for those guys. "They should visit whichever groups they want but commit to one particular [community]," she said. I'd never thought of it that way.

    Still, I don't see the problem with this type of behavior. Some people simply have a different aptitude for this and I don't think they should be "corrected" when they're not doing anything wrong.

    I'm Catholic and I realize things work differently in my Church but I have been known to sometimes visit a special type of Catholic parish rather than my home parish on occasion. I meet a wider range of people and experience a bigger liturgical variety this way. I don't see the harm in this type of thing.
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  2. sk8brdkd

    sk8brdkd Audio A Sk8er

    United States
    Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with what she’s doing. If this is how she has a better relationship with God, and if this is how she connects better with people, let her be. She’s not doing anything wrong.

    At my church on Sunday, our pastor told everyone that he knows of some people who attend several different small groups and he actually encouraged the congregation to join different ones if we wanted to, to see which was a good match for us but he also stated, if we wanted to continue being in 2 or more small groups, then it’s fine.

    I’d say don’t say anything other then encourage her in her walk. She’s doing what works best for her. Let her be.
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  3. DM25

    DM25 Well-Known Member

    Going to multiple churches is fine, and it's also fine to hop around and find a church that works for you. It could be many before finding one that works for you and that God wants you to go to. Church is about fellowship with others in its definition. The church isn't a building, we are the church.

    "You can go to a temple, you can sit in a pew, but you can't go to church, cause the church is you."
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  4. yeshuaslavejeff

    yeshuaslavejeff simple truth, martyr, disciple of Yahshua

    Has anyone seen how to " make disciples" as directed by Jesus to His disciples, in Scripture ?
    This requires quite a bit more than usually mentioned in any meeting.
  5. WrappedUpinHisLove3

    WrappedUpinHisLove3 Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    exactly. there may be a reason for this- is she maybe trying out different groups before she finds out which one fits her best?
  6. yellowMan

    yellowMan New Member

    United States
    I suggest you leave her alone. Your energy would be best spent elsewhere instead of psycho-analyzing this woman and trying to mold her into one of your clique members. You should be happy for her that she is so thirsty for God that she is willing to spend time in multiple avenues attempting to learn/grow/share as much as she possibly can. As for "submitting to its teachings", you are approaching legalism here and you may want to rethink that attitude.
  7. Francis Drake

    Francis Drake Returning adventurer.

    United Kingdom
    Wow, does your church own its members. Remind me never to visit.