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Trying to get husband to care more about what he eats

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by caresforthebirds, Jun 11, 2014.

  1. akmom

    akmom Newbie

    Stock the pantry and fridge with things he CAN eat. He's a snacker. He's going to snack. I bet he won't run to the store for a pizza if he can just grab some grapes from the fridge or a spoonful of natural peanut butter. Sounds like it's about what's available. You can influence that without nagging him.
  2. ImaginaryDay

    ImaginaryDay We Live Here

    I'm confused where the doctor and dietician are at in all of this. Or does he even see either one? As long as you act as both, there's no reason for him to be accountable to them. Prevention and stable health are certainly preferable to Emergency rooms which, from the OP, sounds like where he is headed really soon.
  3. caresforthebirds

    caresforthebirds Newbie

    The doctor told him to eat the wrong diet according to what the dietician said. I am waiting for his insurance to clear in order to meet with the dietician again and not in a hospital setting.

    He is eating better things than before though and his pancreatitis has improved over the last couple of days.

    He likes foods good for you and foods not good for you. What really messed him up was the potassium restriction, that took out whole grains, healthy fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and bananas, and all dairy except cheese but cheese is usually too high fat... he will eat the healthy stuff but so much of it has been taken out of his diet.
    Last edited: Jun 12, 2014
  4. ex-pat

    ex-pat Building my house...

    Eastern Orthodox
    We have a dear friend who is both diabetic and has kidney disease, so also has to eat low-potassium. As I'm sure you know, most of the items on these diets are polar opposites...a diabetic is told to eat whole grains, yet a diabetic with kidney disease must eat only white breads, never whole grains. It's not easy, and the dietician is the way to go...check online for recipes and cookbooks that are geared for diabetics with kidney disease. We bought one for our friend, and it has home made sausage recipes, muffins, and all sorts of things that made meals interesting for her again. You can't be his mother, but you can be his helpmeet. Look for resources together online, try to find the challenge of coming up with the best tasting food that meets the criteria. Fresh herbs change the taste of simple salads, and by having small munchy sorts of things on hand that fit his diet, he'll be less likely to try someone else's food. Best of luck!
  5. caresforthebirds

    caresforthebirds Newbie

    We were trying to put off going to the hospital as long as possible, but now he's there. I think that he's suppose to be there in a way, and two different people on two separate occasions, within two days, gave me bus tickets out of the blue, in total worth 36 dollars. I need them to travel to see him in the hospital. The tickets were an odd blessing at the right time when I have run out of money. Then I found out today I'm getting a trial work period to try to place me in a job. If I had a job I wouldn't run out of money so fast. So actually we are getting blessed, and my husband is in the hospital finally getting treatment and pain relief.