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Discussion in 'Visual Arts' started by Alenci, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Alenci

    Alenci To God be the glory

    I bet there's already a thread on this, but I was too lazy to look past the first page.

    Any swing dancers out there? I finished with some East Coast lessons that lasted a few weeks and now I'm finally learning Lindy Hop. It's such a great way to have a good time and unwind from my college classes. :)
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  2. DoesAnybodyHearHer

    DoesAnybodyHearHer Senior Member

    my sister did swing and said that she really enjoyed, it was quite funny to watch as she was only 5 ft and her partner was 6ft lol!! i did lindy hop at college for a while and really enjoyed, im now doing it with my friend in a dance showcase.
  3. doglover

    doglover Serving my Prince

    In Relationship
    I know east coast swing! :) I really enjoy it. I've attempted west coast swing as well, but it's too hard for me. :p I sorta know the basic step, but beyond that, it's too hard. But east coast is really fun. I usually dance ballroom and swing every Saturday night. :)
  4. jcj3803

    jcj3803 Senior Member

    ECS here. Don't know much about WCS.
  5. dancinggurl54

    dancinggurl54 Member

    In Relationship
    I taught some swing dance at my youth group! It was awesome and they performed with poodle skirts on and they had a blast!
  6. Alenci

    Alenci To God be the glory

    I love lindy!! It blows east coast out of the water!
  7. Equineartchick

    Equineartchick Guest

    I swing dance! I prefer ballroom but I do enjoy swing as well. I've never been very good at lindy, idk why. I like EC and hustle the best.