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Should churches kick people out?

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by Faith2481, Aug 29, 2010.

  1. Faith2481

    Faith2481 Newbie

    I had a freind who was told not too come back, It was pretty bad what my freind did. Is it right under any circumstance to tell people to not come back?
    I also like this girl who likes me, I don't just want another girl that go's to church. What question could I ask her too see were her heart is?
  2. Johnnz

    Johnnz Senior Veteran Supporter

    Your friend cannot speak on behalf of the church. Ignore him and if he is a problem then go and chat with the pastor.

  3. BereanTodd

    BereanTodd Missionary Heart

    The Bible does talk about church discipline and there are times that a believer should be put out from among us. There are several passages in the NT that deal with this. Now there are churches who do church dicipline badly, and there are churches that don't do it at all. Whether your church was right or not in this case I can't say without knowing more of the facts, but in a general sense ... yes there is time for removing someone from the church.


    Being told not to come back is wrong. Sometimes church discipline is necessary but you never refuse people like that. The fact is that God forgives in an instant and the church isn't suppose to hold a sin on your head to such an extent as to say you cannot come back. In my church, if a member is disciplined by having their membership removed, they are still invited to come to church and recommit.
  5. Hiroyuki

    Hiroyuki Member


    There's an example of Paul having someone kicked out, but he later has them brought back "because we are not unaware of the Devil's schemes".

    Saving is always the goal, and believing in the power of redemption above all. Punishment is always about redemption with Christians, never punishment for punishment's sake.

    It is easy for people to get into a self-righteous mindset where they become addicted to the drug of ego boosts by looking down on others, but they themselves do the same things so these ego boosts are a lie and lead to death.

    I would avoid such churches in general, but there are times to shun individuals for bad behavior.

    Temporarily with a singular focus on correcting their behavior.
  6. bluegreysky

    bluegreysky I never fear 'cause I live fearless...

    No I think all churches should give anyone a fair chance. Some do judge based on your looks or lifestyle.. but if you're known to do things tht God and Christians don't like and yet here you've shown up willingly at church obviously you want to do the right thing and they should recognize that.
    The only reason a church should throw someone out is if they are making a major offensive disturbance- like standing up and screaming curses or something.

    If you want to know where someone's heart is, go beyond simple questions like "what do you do for fun" and ask "What inspires you"
    "Is there a cause that you support and why" and "Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10? 20?" Also "If you won $1,000,000 what would you do with it?" is a cliche but it tells you something. If she says "I'd get the nicest house and 6 cars and plastic surgery" chances are, she's shallow. If she says something like "I will buy a house and a car but then give some to my parents, some to my church, and some to start a homeless shelter" you're on the right track...
  7. TheDag

    TheDag I don't like titles

    Let me start by saying it is not clear what was meant when the church said don't come back. They could be saying leave and don't come back untill your ready to repent in which case no problem. The church has a responsibility to remove people (with appropiate steps as a last resort) out of love. If however the church meant never come back no matter what even if you want to repent then yes they generally are in the wrong. In a case of sexual abuse for example the church does have a duty to protect people so they need to handle that with care. This might mean suggesting the person go to a different church where it may not be an issue. That is still not removing them from the church as the church is made up of people who mostly attend a congregation of some sort.
  8. NachoND

    NachoND Newbie

    The only time someone should be asked not to come back is if they are trying to lead members of the church away from God. If they don't plan on improving their relationship with God, but instead want to make others in the church walk away from God then they should not be allowed to corrupt the congregation.

    If they are repentant of the sin they commited then they should never be turned away.
  9. Mister_Al

    Mister_Al Regular Member

    I got shoved out of a Church once, and later I looked back on it and saw how God had been telling me to leave that Church for a while and I just wasn't listening. You can't always condemn the Church/Pastor when it could just be God working His will.

  10. metal pedal

    metal pedal Guest

    I've seen it when adults have argued with the pastor during bible study (after serveral times).

    Also we had a girl (about 27 years old) who was part of the worship team & would come to church high.
  11. Avniel

    Avniel Doing my part each day by being the best me

    I think the only person that should be able to decide who worships where is God. Many times we as Christians miss the big picture by constantly worrying about our blessings and reading the bible to find new ways to condemn others versus reading it to understand our faults and weakness in our walk with Christ.

    If a church could kick out members then I think it would only be a sign of hypocrisy if anyone went to church. Well all have done things that we in actuality and fairness shouldn't be forgiven for, but through Jesus we receive mercy and are forgiven for all things.
  12. Big Drew

    Big Drew Believer Supporter

    If someone is unrepentant...say one that continues in adultery or something of this nature, then I understand discipline...but to just tell someone not to come because you don't want them there is childish.

    I was a deacon for a while and one of the members came to me asking if I would tell his ex-wife to stop attending services with us...when I asked him why it was just because he didn't like her and her new husband being there, and he was there first. He didn't like it when I told him he was being silly...but he got over it. Now had she been there causing strife it would have been different...but she was just there worshiping like the rest of us.
  13. TheDag

    TheDag I don't like titles

    So how do you fit this in with the passage from the NT that tells us we should kick people out? It does tell us to follow certain steps and common sense tells us not to use it for small petty issues. However for big issues it should be. What if the issue was big enough it could destroy the church or worse still turn people away from God?
  14. MyRightEye

    MyRightEye Newbie

    Matthew 18
    Here is the process in Scripture. If it is followed, cool. ... if it isn't. . . . not cool.