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Septuagint or Entire Bible Recited in Greek MP3 or CD

Discussion in 'St. Athanasius Chapel and Reference Library' started by Sergeiyes, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. Sergeiyes

    Sergeiyes New Member,Old Man

    Oriental Orthodox
    The Orthodox faith accepts that the Septuagint Bible is their Old Testament, not the Masoretic Tanakh. I came across a Koine Greek recording of the New Testamenrt in MP3s. It is glorious,I meditate on it because I get a chapter to repeat and become familiar with the words of the Apostles directly--not in English.:amen:
    Now I want a recorded Septuagint and Apocrypha--the entire canon of scripture. Please lead me either to the entire Bible in Ancient Greek (Koine for the New Testament,and whatever dialect the Septuagint was in) . Best recited so I can clearly hear the Greek,which I intend to gradually absorbe and learn. If neccessary,i can buy the entire Bible in Ancient Greek as CD(s) ,or cheaper, just the Septuagint. I have some money so good quality of recitation and recording in CD is best.
    Please advise. Many thanks!
  2. ProScribe

    ProScribe Well-Known Member

    Marital Status:
    on google there are excellent orthodox publishings & bookstores - you'll need to contact them and ask about what you're asking for.