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Rev. Moon discovered the true nature of the fall

Discussion in 'Controversial Christian Theology' started by Rev Moon jr, Jan 29, 2001.

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  1. Rev Moon jr

    Rev Moon jr Guest

    Show me where Jesus said anything about dying to pay for sins. This is someone else's teaching.
  2. carma

    carma Guest

    Rev Moon, the Bible is God's Holy Word.

    If you want to pick and choose what is the word of God from scripture, then that explains much why you follow some man and not God.

    Tell us what is the word of God and what is not, in scripture.
  3. momule

    momule amazing grace how sweet it is

    .....so sorry that this i gave you was someone elses teachings.. I didn't consider it a teaching but a
    well researched paper on the triall and death of CHRIST.( with truth of scripture as a guide)

    AND a not guilty of CHRIST on the cross......you brought it up!

    so what is truth? what is relevant? to you and your followers.......for if you cannot confess this belief
    of CHRIST with your mouth, it is a false teaching.........may GOD have mercy on your soul.

  4. carma

    carma Guest

    Rev Moon, jr. Scripture says that Jesus died for the sins of man.

    Do you believe that scripture is the inerrant Word of God?
  5. Pastor Carl

    Pastor Carl Guest

    Rev. Moon,

    Your answer to my statements that angelic beings are asexual therefore incapable of sexual relationships with humans was interesting in the least.

    Great flowery words that sound spiritual and your answer came, according to you, from The Rev. Moon. Yet you or Rev. Moon never used any Scripture to back it up. Not one word. Your quick to answer some Scriptures with more words but never use scripture to back them up. Jesus wasn't referring to the scribes, priests and pharasees as Satan being their physical father, but rather a spiritual father, the same as believers have God as their Father. Being born into sin does make people spiritual sons and daughters of Satan until the blood of Christ cleanses us and when we receive Him as Lord and Saviour, Scripture tells us that we are adopted into the family of God. Neither is a process of sexual relations. We are "born of the Spirit", not as the result of a sexual relationship with the Father.
  6. Rev Moon jr

    Rev Moon jr Guest

    Jesus did not say anything about dying for people’s sins. Jesus is the source for the NT. If Jesus didn’t teach it, why do Christians? Why did Jesus’ followers? Because that’s what THEY came to believe. Read Jesus’ words yourself and make up your own mind.
    Jesus himself said why he must be “lifted up” in John 3:14 Num.21:4-9
    I chose to follow Jesus and not John or anyone else, unless what they teach follows God’s Divine Principles. John does not always follow God’s Divine Principles.
    Israel fell into faithlessness. Can we agree on that? God did not raise up a “chosen people” for thousands of years for them to be faithless when He sent His Son, Jesus to them. Jesus was “lifted up” for the reason he gave. To restore faith! Just as Moses “lifted up” the serpent in the wilderness when the Israelites AGAIN fell into faithlessness.

    Had the early Christians actually believed in and practiced what Jesus taught and showed through his life, they would have lived up to the scriptures given to the people of 2,000 years ago and God could give more. No one has yet to live up to the standard of the OT, let alone the NT. That is until now! One true man is standing alone and lifting humankind out of darkness.

    The OT is like the light of a candle.
    The NT is like the light of a light bulb.
    God’s Divine Principle is like the light of the sun.

    Same truth but different levels of expression. It's like school!
    The OT is not the absolute truth. Christians know this. What some Christians have a very hard time understanding is that the NT is not the absolute truth.
    God's absolute truth are the very Principles that God Himself lives by and by which He created the universe.

    All the details of history are being revealed. Now we can know clearly who God is, how God created and why God created. We can now know the details of the “fall” of man and the historical process God has been using to restore God’s ideal. We can now know how God manipulated the blood lineage to give birth to the Messiah.
    We are living in a time when all the Biblical personages can tell their own story. The real truth! Adam, Eve, Noah, Abraham, Moses, John the Baptist and even Jesus, all are revealing their personal testimonies. Most Christians never thought a time would come when this would be possible. Now is the time! All the truth will be known!
    Christians that are fixated on the words given through Jesus 2,000 years ago, well, that’s all God can give them or that they can receive from God. Once Christians actually start “living” up to those words, they will realize that there is a lot more God has to say. In the mean time they judge others from their own limited viewpoint and from a standard they are not even living up to. What is God to do with such people?
  7. momule

    momule amazing grace how sweet it is

    since Moon knows, better than GOD what "HE can do with such people"

    scripture pertaining to this doctrine of yours in GODS holy word, without a "twisting" of words
    would be most helpful.....If that be possible.

    your ability and those of moon's followers to preach false doctrine,
    according to our bible is most disturbing.

    Your belief that Christ is not the son(because GOD wouldn't sacrifice HIS own)

    that there is no ressurection(when JESUS plainly said, I can lay down my life and take it up again)

    that there is no virgin birth(if so there is no HOLY SPIRIT)

    and you still cannot confess with your mouth that CHRIST is who HE says HE is(GOD in the flesh)

    your doctrine is false, mine is not and I have nothing more to say.........
  8. Rev Moon jr

    Rev Moon jr Guest


    The "fall of man" was due to false, self-centered love. It was not pride, disobedience or anything else. Because the "fall' was a love problen, only true unselfish,
    God-centered love can solve the problem.
    Belief is Jesus does not "save" anyone. Jesus never taught this! Belief in Jesus causes a person to live for the sake of God and others, which is the bases of true love. People are restored by fulfilling such a responsibility. Jesus cannot make a person love God and others, that's their own responsibility. [ability to respond]
    Adam and Eve centered their love on themselves, so Jesus taught to center love on God. This is restoration of the "fall"! This is why by living according to Jesus' two great commandments, a person can be restored as a true love person. "I" am ultimatly responsible, not Jesus. Jesus was given authority by his God to forgive sins and can show the way, but Jesus cannot violate a person's own portion of responsibility. Christians cannot give Jesus their responsibility. A true, mature person, a child of almighty God, takes personal responbility, for everything!
    The cause of the human "fall" was false love between Adam and Eve. The solution is true love between a true man and a true woman. This is what God's history of restoration is all about!
    God is not sitting on the throne of glory and honor, but
    is a God of suffering, grief and lamentation, endeavoring to save His children suffering in hell as a result of the fall.
    The last days is the time when God's ideal will be realized. It is the time when the Second Advent will occur. Accordingly, in the last days, there will be no external catastrophic phenomena such as judgment by fire, the destruction of the earth or people levitating
    into the air. Instead, it is a time when the history of evil entangled with countless tragedies will be untangled.
    Thus in the last days, individual perfection is to be realized, family perfection is to be realized, the perfection of a people, of a nation, of the world and finally, the complete fulfillment of the cosmos is to
    be realized.
    Now is the time when true God-centered love will be realized on earth. This is God's Will from the very beginning.

  9. onesheep

    onesheep Sheep that looks like Bob

    And still no Scripture to back up your opinions. Perhaps you would inform us when you have God's Word to support your opinion. That would be helpful.
  10. carma

    carma Guest

    Sorry RMjr, but I believe God's Word over you or Rev Moon.
  11. Arkyrich

    Arkyrich Guest

    God is not sitting on the throne of glory and honor, but is a God of suffering, grief and lamentation, endeavoring to save His children suffering in hell as a result of the fall.

    Moon, when souls are in Hell, they're there forever because of their sins, which separated them from God. They had their chance to follow Christ and to live their lives in a manner that would leave them in a state of friendship with God at the moment of their death. They chose not to "remain in Christ," not to "endure unto the end." It was their call to stay faithful to Christ. And in life, they were given limitless opportunity to restore their friendship with God even after sinning, by repentence.

    But as loving as God is during our lives, He is also a just God and we receive His justice at the moment of our deaths- eternal life with Him or eternal separation from Him. After He has justly judged us, if we are damned, we are out of His love forever.
  12. athames

    athames Member

    This was one faith I had not heard of before this. I don't know how anyone could follow this guy. In the beginning, there was one instruction given.. Don't eat of the tree of.. That was it. Fornication wasn't an option as there was no other human for them to recognize the act with. They broke the one commandment, and time and time again people fail to follow those, and the list grew big. Strange doctrine. Don't know how anyone can claim some of the stuff I read in here about Moon.
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