Retired Navy Wife!


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Jul 6, 2013
Marital Status
Hi all! I'm a retired Navy wife who survived a 24 year military career, raising a house full of children with a husband who was frequently at sea, and have managed to live to tell about it.

I was an Air Force brat who met another Air Force brat while living in AF base housing. He wasn't quite the first boy I kissed, but close. He proposed to me before he left for basic training and we married when he got home. Less than a year later we were blessed with our first baby. 20 years later we were blessed with our last.

Our oldest son enlisted in the Army and served for 6 years. He did two tours in the sandbox.

God be with all of you currently serving. At my husband's retirement ceremony, his CO said that all the accolades should go to me for sticking with him through his entire career. Retired life is nice, but life throws us some twists and turns. We left the ocean and are living in the desert SW.

I hope I can be some help and support to all the other dependents.