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Praying for tragedy

Discussion in 'Ethics & Morality' started by JGG, Feb 25, 2012.

  1. GA777

    GA777 Newbie

    But those are not true Christians. You're not getting my point. They are Christians by "name"

    Again, I will point out that in that quote it defines Christianity as being based on the life and teachings of Jesus. You then tell me: "Someone who adheres to Christianity isn't someone who adheres to Christianity [...edited to make my point].[/quote] Nope, I said that your definition is missing.

    Nope, there are several reasons. People tend to understand what they want to understand, and many are led by false ministers or priests who seek nothing but money and many have never read a bible, and most haven't read much of it which is necessary to understand because verses are complementary in ~every part. What verse? If it's his own understanding of the verse then it's not my problem. He uses his logic imagination not the bible to interpret what is written in the bible and that never works.

    Omnipotent + Omniscient Creator of the world. The problem is he can't be accurately defined but I tried my best to sum it up.

    If I understood what you just meant, please show me a fact in the bible proving that this is associated with Christianity

    Where did I say this? And for a Christian, it is a fact. And no Christian says so about himself but he may say so about other Christians.

    The adjective describes the noun so it is necessary in order to know about the noun.

    1. One who professes belief in Jesus as Christ or follows the religion based on the life and teachings of Jesus.
    2. One who lives according to the teachings of Jesus.

    Those were mentioned before and Jesus taught people to love each other so they must show no sign of hate. So it is pretty much the same thing

    Humans can't accomplish perfection before God but can get near that degree. Tho there are many who are so before us (Saints for example) and many priests and monks ( Of course everyone may know 100s and 100s of them who seek nothing but benefit and pleasure in many sadly ways but what is true is that the true ones, especially monks prefer to remain unknown and can be found of course if searched for, very hardly in any other way as they prefer to remain unknown and many spend most of their time praying and fasting anyways.

    That doesn't even come close to perfection.
  2. JGG

    JGG Well-Known Member

    They would say that you are Christian by name. Why should I believe you over them?

    Can you be Christian, and re-married after a divorce for instance?

    Nope, I said that your definition is missing.[/quote]

    Again, no it's not. A definition of Christian does not necessarily require me to define Christianity. It's enough to know that a Christian adheres to Christianity. If I refer to my in-laws being Jewish, I am not required to set the paramaters of what Judaism is.

    Is Osama Bin Laden Muslim?

    But your understanding is perfect, yes?

    What a vague definition. I'm sure we can add stuff that we "know" about God to help define it.

    Let me help:

    1. Is the Christian God Benevolent or Malevolent?
    2. Does the Christian God want us to be robots or have freewill?
    3. What is the Christian God's second son's name?
    4. Is the Christian God also a quadrinity?
    5. Does the Christian God hate atheists?
    6. Does the Christian God lie?
    7. Will the Christian God be unjust?
    8. Does the Christian God destroy?
    9. Does the Christian God tolerate sin?
    10. Does the Christian God care whether I have sex outside of marriage?
    11. Is the Christian God good or evil?
    12. Is the Christian God really unlimited?

    You understand the word "associated" right? These people are all Christian. They advocate, and promote Christianity, and Christian interests. The entire world associates them with Christianity. Not because they're in the Bible, but because they promote the Bible.

    Well, right here...

    So you do no evil?

    Wow, that must be quite a party...

    Blind might also describe the noun, but that would not be relevant to the discussion.

    Such people do not exist.

    Okay, give us an example of such a person.

    No, but you yourself claimed that virtue is relative to other people. Surely, you are a better Christian than any gay man, right?
  3. GA777

    GA777 Newbie

    Because you know now what a Christian means?

    If he does most of what the Quran advises him to, then of course. Same goes for any Christian.

    Compared to you, yes.

    Are you describing or defining who God is ?

    Why didn't you answer my question?

    Did I say that I am a Christian?

    According to who?

    According to who?

    St Theresa.

    You read the bible, you should know the answer
  4. JGG

    JGG Well-Known Member

    You can't answer the question or you're copping out?

    What percentage of the Bible does a Christian have to follow to be considered a Christian? 50%? 51%

    Mmmm...no. Perfect is not relative. You understand it perfectly, or you do not. Which is it?

    You can't answer these questions or you're copping out?

    I explained my statement. Pat Robertson is associated with Christianity because he promotes the Bible. If we ask pretty much anyone what religion Rick Santorum is associated with we will get Christianity, or more specifically Catholicism.

    Check out your faith icon.

    Fair enough. Explain to me how defining the adjective "yellow" is necessary in a discussion about Christians.

    According to the reality of human kind for one.

    Has been dead for nearly 500 years. Somehow I'd bet that her story has been cherry picked and selectively remembered.

    You can't answer the question or you're copping out?