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Prayer Request

Discussion in 'Spirit-Filled / Charismatic' started by GrapeGirl, May 31, 2008.

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  1. GrapeGirl

    GrapeGirl Freakin' ray of sunshyne

    I try not to ask for prayer too much. But I'm really kinda put out right now. I went to the dr today for my asthma. Thursday night I went to go see Mark Lowry, and I had an asthma attack all the way through the concert. It was an hour and a half drive home, and I figured it would pass if I could just calm down my breathing. It didn't. I had run out of my inhalers so I didn't have anything on me. We thought about bringing my nebulizer in the trunk, but I haven't had an issue in a while, so we didn't think much more about it. The place reeked of church people wearing too much perfume/cologne and a lot of them were smokers and it was enclosed with no ventilation. It was bad. It was hard. But I made it through the concert. And we headed home. So today I asked to be taken to the dr. (Anyone who knows me can testify that it has to be REALLY bad for me to do that).

    So I went to the dr. And he put me on 5 (yes, FIVE) different prescriptions for it. Because of the fact that I hate doctors, I try to go as least often as possible, often to the detriment of my health. Well, it didn't get any better. I wake up 2-3 times a night. Dr guy said it's probably because I can't breathe at night. He asked how often I wake up coughing or end up coughing at night. I said 4-5 times a week. He said that's because I am not getting the oxygen I need. Go figure. He looked through my history and told me even BETTER news. People who have asthma like I do have a significantly greater chance of it developing into emphysema. I don't smoke, so that's not a worry. But this is all very stressful for me. Add on top of it all that I have really bad allergies and can't go outside for extended periods of time in spring and summer because of all the pollen and grass flying around from people mowing their lawns...not to mention dust and ragweed and everything else that seems to exist in my world, including my dogs. I am pretty discouraged. Dr guy totally made me feel like I should live in a plastic bubble. I'm only 24 and I have to take all this crap every day just so I can breathe and live. That just ain't right. I know that people have it worse than me, and I'm not trying to complain. Just trying to help you all see where I'm at.

    I would really like to be healed of this. No more nebulizers, inhalers, nose sprays, powders, allergy pills.... no nothing. Just me...breathing. So please pray for me.

    We teamed up with Faith Counseling. Can they help you today?
  2. whatfor

    whatfor Just me

    Praying for you
  3. DestinyRain

    DestinyRain I cried when I was born,and everyday shows why.-GH

    I agree in prayer with you and for you.
  4. DianeL

    DianeL Regular Member

    You're right, you don't have to live that way!

    My prayers are with you, and I agree with you for total healing of asthma and allergies.
  5. dmhforJesus

    dmhforJesus Living EVERYDAY for God !!!

    In Relationship
    Praying for you.
  6. pinetree

    pinetree Well-Known Member

    you are correct about the symptoms,,but the root of your ailments is the dead,enzyme deficient food!

    refined sugars trigger asthma...

    if you totally change your eating habits...

    start taking enzymes,drink raw carrot juices,after you bought a juicer,you can totally change your health around..its easier than you think..

    and you would find it to be a whhhooole lot cheaper than the doctors.

    1st book, "raw vegetable juices" by Dr norman Walker, (its on ebay)

    2nd book,"the enzyme cure" by lita lee,(she has a site)

    3rd book,'sugar blues",by william dufty

    Jack Lalains juicer is very good.

    The health food thing is like a second gospel..

    at first it sounds too simple,and silly...but just like the gospel,it is true!:)
  7. KleinerApfel

    KleinerApfel When I awake I am still with You




    I pray you receive that healing very soon.
  8. Glenda

    Glenda More, Lord.. More of You..

    Word of Faith
    Father God,

    I lift up my little sis to You today..

    She is discouraged, Abba, having received a 'bad' report from an earthly doctor.. I know these doctors do the best they can to make us well, Lord.. but we have a Greater Physician.. Jesus..

    Jesus who took all for us on the cross.. and when He went to the Father, He commissioned us to do His work here on Earth.. including healing the sick..

    So Abba Father, I ask for Your Healing touch.. Holy Spirit, please flow into my Sis' lungs.. and bring complete healing.. allowing her to live and function without the assistance of any medication or breathing devices..

    Lord, if You do it for one.. You will do it for all..

    I ask this in the Matchless Name of Jesus.. Amen..
  9. MikeMcK

    MikeMcK Well-Known Member

    In Relationship
    Heavenly Father, If it be Your will that GrapeGirl be healed, then I pray that you be glorified in her healing.

    If it isn't Your will that she be healed, then I ask that You would give her the grace and the strength to carry that cross and that You would be made strong in her weakness and be glorified through her.

    In Jesus' name, Amen.
  10. NewSong

    NewSong ♪♫♫♪♫

    Praying for you! As an allergy sufferer myself and one who lives on nebulizers I can so relate to what you are saying. I will be praying for your healing as God directs the prayers on your behalf. I was reading this scripture to my cousin yesterday who has Lou Gehrig's disease and cannot do anything for herself and is totally dependent on God and others. So my friend God has already heard our prayers! I hope you can notice a difference and notice improvements in your health.

    [bible]Isaiah 65:24[/bible] edited...Stupid codes aren't working. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!
  11. lilmissmontana

    lilmissmontana singing my hallelujah song

    Father, I am here standing in agreement with the prayers offered here today. Your will be done. in Jesus most honorable name ... amen
  12. hillbillyhippiechick

    hillbillyhippiechick let there be peace in the valley

  13. GrapeGirl

    GrapeGirl Freakin' ray of sunshyne

    PineSol, you should just send me a diet. The stupid thing is ( and I'm still kicking my own butt for it) is that Sunday, my teacher dude did this weird prayer line thingie and specifically called out breathing problems. We normally have couples go up there and pray for people. I was gonna go up there. Then he up and changed it and there were a lot of people up there and I chickened out. So I guess y'all can blame me for my asthma and tell me it's my fault for not "receiving my healing".
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