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Prayer Club

Discussion in 'Christian Clubs' started by dancingforJesus, Apr 20, 2009.

  1. OThomas777

    OThomas777 God is good! ALL the time!

    this is really awesome! God Bless you all
  2. SparkyMaddie

    SparkyMaddie Luceat Lux Vestra

    In Relationship
    :pray:Praying for this forum to keep going and reach alot of people..:pray:
  3. Jafid2005

    Jafid2005 Newbie

    I lift up all in this forum that need prayer as Lord you know their needs. Give them wisdom, strengthen them and healing if needed. Help them all get closer in their walk with you. For me Lord tyvm as I had answered prayer this morning another woman has found my First place 4 health online group for in my area no church has this program so my group is growing thanks to you Lord for I give you all the glory! Praise God! I offer up this prayer to your Lord in Jesus' Name and the Holy Spirit Amen!
  4. livinginChrist

    livinginChrist Member

    Hi I'm livinginChrist and I'm new I would love to join here