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Only the Cross

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Sidon, Jul 2, 2021.

  1. Sidon

    Sidon Well-Known Member

    United States
    Lets take a close look at what saves you, vs, what does not.

    Now, there are all sorts of specific types of spiritual blindness.
    There is the unbeliever, who has been blinded by the devil, """In whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of them which believe not, lest the light of the glorious gospel of Christ, who is the image of God, should shine unto them.""

    Notice carefully the verse says, "IN Whom".
    See that?
    That is INside, the person, In their MIND.
    Its the mind of a person the devil blinds.

    How does this happen to a born again Christian?
    It happens for 2 reasons.

    1.) a deceiver deceives them

    2.) they fall victim of their own flesh.

    The term for a believer becoming deceived is to have a mental "stronghold".

    Reader, the most vulnerable time in a Christian's life is the first Year, subsequent to salvation.
    As it is in that year that you are going to form your initial theology, and if you are being fed lies from the pulpit or from your best friend or from your dad or mother or granny, or nanny, or from a Christian forum... then your faith gets destroyed and you end up a casualty of deception.
    You end up, born again, but deceived.

    The reason this happens to new believers, so easily, is because Salvation creates you to want to believe anyone who sounds like they know something about the bible.
    The new believer knows that they are non-informed, and so, when someone starts talking christianese in your ear........ then you listen, and you want to believe. And so, you get trapped into a really bad belief system if this person is a dark light.

    In '1990, i was trying to understand perfectly how to not become a casualty of a deceived faith.
    So, i asked God. And i received an answer. I came to understand that if you want to know the truth, when there are many truths being taught that seem true, then you have to find out what isn't true, and that key causes THE Truth, to stand alone for you to see.
    I learned that what Satan does is mix a little truth in with some error, and then his people present it as truth. So, in this way, its very deceptive, and deceives many.

    So, lets understand the CROSS, which is the only means of Eternal Salvation, by seeing what isn't on it.

    Imagine the Cross.
    See Jesus on it?
    He's bleeding, He's exhausted, He is about to die for sin of the world.
    Now SEE THAT?
    Do you SEE THAT?
    That is YOUR SALVATION. Your salvation is everything that is ON THE CROSS.

    Now what isn't on it?
    What isn't on the Cross.?
    What isn't on the Cross is everything that can't save you.

    1. Water Baptism
    2. Commandments
    3. Law
    4. Self effort
    5. Sacraments - Eucharist
    6. Mary
    7. Enduring to the end
    8. Everything else that is on your list of "Do's and Don'ts".
    9. Your Church
    10. Pre-destination

    So, do you see any of that list hanging on the Cross?
    Do you see any on that list hanging on the Cross?
    So, never again trust in or try to do those things, thinking they are going to get you into heaven.
    As the only Who will, is the Holy One you see dying for you up on The Cross.
    Believe it.
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2021
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