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Discussion in 'The Ancient Way - Eastern Orthodox' started by paleodoxy, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. paleodoxy

    paleodoxy Catechumen

    Eastern Orthodox

    Where in Texas were you originally from? I'm living north of Houston.
  2. SeekingTheLight

    SeekingTheLight Handmaiden of God Josephine

    Eastern Orthodox
    Howdy, I'm from San Antonio.
  3. paleodoxy

    paleodoxy Catechumen

    Eastern Orthodox
    Well howdy there, pardner!... :)
  4. Philothei

    Philothei Love never fails

    Eastern Orthodox
    Greek half Agean Islander and half from Asia Minor, Smyrna,2nd generation born and raised in Athens.
    God bless,
  5. icedtea

    icedtea Well-Known Member Supporter

    I am not Orthodox yet, but will be someday.
    Converting from 29 years of non denominationalism (foursquare and assemblies too).
    My maternal grandmother was born in Czechoslovakia in 1885.
    My paternal grandfather bron in what was called Austria/Poland.
  6. Canadian75

    Canadian75 Peace-loving Warrior of God


  7. Khaleas

    Khaleas Also known as Jenn the Finn :)

    Eastern Orthodox
    -Moscow Patriarchate/ROCOR/Church of Finland, depending what's around...
    -Born in Finland, raised in France and Finland, now living in the US (VA) and hopefully sometimes next year I'll be a dual citizen. Heritagewise: Russian, Swedish, German.
    -I was Lutheran on paper until I was 19...
  8. skoi

    skoi Regular Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    Convert- raised Lutheran (ELCA) last church Calvary Chapel
    attend an OCA parish
    American (ethnicity German, Georgian, Ukrainian)
  9. Anhelyna

    Anhelyna Handmaid of God CF Senior Ambassador Supporter

    Eastern Orthodox
    Cooo - some of you let have me beaten into a cocked hat - and I thought I was weird - still I'm not 'O' and probably never will be :)

    Who knows ?
  10. repentant

    repentant Orthodoxy: Debunking heretics since 33 A.D.

    Eastern Orthodox
    In Relationship
  11. Michael G

    Michael G Abe Frohmann

    Eastern Orthodox
    Convert from Roman Catholicism, with a one year stay in Roman Seminary which is where I started the process of becoming Orthodox.

    I was chrismated in the OCA, but currently attend an Antiochian Orthodox parish. The jurisdictional boundaries really do offend me, especially in a city with 5 canonical Orthodox bishops.

    Nationality-American. Heritage=Atleast 3/4 German (Bavarian), with English, Scott and Irish.

    My dogs are English. Their father was born in Brittian. And yes, he does have an English accent to his bark.
  12. Dorothea

    Dorothea One of God's handmaidens

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    Cradle Orthodox
    Archangel Michael Greek Orthodox Church - GOARCH
    50% Greek - mom's 100% - I'm an American :)
  13. Monica child of God 1

    Monica child of God 1 strives to live eschatologically

    Eastern Orthodox
    Converted from Southern Baptist where I first heard the gospel at age 20. Before that I was Muslim. May God be praised.

    I am a member of an OCA parish but I roam liturgically :)

    I am an American (my mom is mixed: Black, White and Native; my dad is Black)

  14. ByzantineDixie

    ByzantineDixie Handmaid of God, Mary

    Eastern Orthodox
    Convert from Lutheranism (LCMS)
    I attend a Greek parish because it's there but I am Southern Orthodox :p
    I am first generation US on my Mom's side--she was from Germany, and second generation on my Father's side who's mother was from Croatia and whose father was 1/2 Native American and 1/2 German.
  15. disasm

    disasm Senior Member

    Eastern Orthodox
    1. convert
    2. OCA
    3. WASO mutt (American)
  16. DarkNLovely

    DarkNLovely Dark am I, yet lovely.....Song of Songs 1:5

    WASO!!! I LOVE IT!! LOL!!!! Never heard that one before! VERY CREATIVE!!! LOL!!!!
  17. ma2000

    ma2000 Veteran

    Eastern Orthodox
    Romanian Orthodox Church
    St Gregory Palamas Church, Bucharest
  18. E.C.

    E.C. Well-Known Member

    United States
    Eastern Orthodox
    -Convert from Roman Catholicism
    -Orthodox Church in America
    -Washingtonian. Heritage: Scottish, Irish, Welsh, German, Spanish, French & a little bit of Creole.
  19. cassc

    cassc Veteran- I am an Orthodox Christian

    Eastern Orthodox
    I'm a cradle (which I still think is a funny term)
    I belong to a Greek Orthodox Parish
    I am a third generation American (New Englander through and through)- my Dad is Greek my Mother is half Lithuanian, half English/Irish
  20. xristos.anesti

    xristos.anesti Veteran

    Convert (Seventh Day Adventistsm)
    Church of Serbia - Eparchy of Australia and New Zealand
    Australian (born in former Yugoslavia - immigrated to Australia 13 years ago - Serbian by birth and heritage).
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