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Little bit of a

Discussion in 'Married Couples' started by DZoolander, Jul 11, 2019 at 6:19 PM.

  1. DZoolander

    DZoolander Persnickety Member

    United States
    non politically correct observation.

    This lady I’ve known since HS spends all her time talking about how this country “desperately hates its women and daughters” - and men in general in those terms.

    A few months ago she told me about how her young daughter is scared to be a girl and doesn’t feel safe being one.

    Now the young girl has come out as trans.
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  2. JustRachel

    JustRachel He welcomed me back! <3 Supporter

    United States
    Very sad. So many parents pushing their own agendas onto their children. :(
  3. snoochface

    snoochface Meet the new boss -- same as the old boss.

    Surprise surprise..... :(
  4. mkgal1

    mkgal1 His perfect way sets me free. 2 Samuel 22:33 Supporter


    What may be even worse is how this country (mis)treats trans people.
  5. EmmaCat

    EmmaCat ALL Lives Matter! Supporter Angels Team CF Ambassadors

    United States
    Fundament. Christ.
    Well, I don't know, but this country makes me proud to be here, and I'm happily married to a cop and perfectly happy with what genitalia I was born with.

    I will pray for your friend.

    All good things
  6. HannahT

    HannahT Newbie Supporter

    I find that extreme. Yes, at times women are discounted. Hated? Please. Enlightenment can come to anyone if they strive for it, and are willing. It drives me nuts that people can't see the person that is a jerk compared to just the gender. Yes, we have for the most part come that far. Give credit where credit is due. Life is never a 100%.

    If that is the message this poor child isn't getting? It's not wonder she isn't sure which way to go. Neither is safe (male or female). She will go trans to see where the 'safe' is. Hopefully the child will mature and have a mind of her own. Parents discount their messages at times.

    There is a difference between those that struggle with this issues, and those that get the issues when life opinion's by those they trust are forced upon them. Dad's opinions can cause the same type of damage IMO. Her mother maybe a huge part of that confusion, and today you just can't tell people that. Your called names if you do.
  7. tall73

    tall73 Sophia7's husband Supporter

    Are you referring to discrimination?

    Or the treatment that puts them on hormone blockers and inhibits their natural development before they are of an age to even comprehend the life-long ramifications?

    If someone chooses to transition once they are older and can make a choice, that is their right. And they should not be mistreated.

    However, I do not think that children can make informed medical decisions, sexual decisions, etc. at a young age.
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  8. tall73

    tall73 Sophia7's husband Supporter

    Brown university did a survey study that looked at "sudden onset" gender dysphoria. This looked at the trend of people who had not expressed dysphoria before, and who had often completed puberty, suddenly experiencing dysphoria.

    The study noted that this tended to happen in friend groups, and after increased exposure to social media.

    It noted a high rate of existing mental illness diagnosis prior to dysphoria.

    It also noted child-parent conflict may play a role:

    Emerging hypotheses include the possibility of a potential new subcategory of gender dysphoria (referred to as rapid-onset gender dysphoria) that has not yet been clinically validated and the possibility of social influences and maladaptive coping mechanisms. Parent-child conflict may also explain some of the findings.

    From the abstract:

    There were 256 parent-completed surveys that met study criteria. The AYA children described were predominantly natal female (82.8%) with a mean age of 16.4 years at the time of survey completion and a mean age of 15.2 when they announced a transgender-identification. Per parent report, 41% of the AYAs had expressed a non-heterosexual sexual orientation before identifying as transgender. Many (62.5%) of the AYAs had reportedly been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disability prior to the onset of their gender dysphoria (range of the number of pre-existing diagnoses 0–7). In 36.8% of the friendship groups described, parent participants indicated that the majority of the members became transgender-identified. Parents reported subjective declines in their AYAs’ mental health (47.2%) and in parent-child relationships (57.3%) since the AYA “came out” and that AYAs expressed a range of behaviors that included: expressing distrust of non-transgender people (22.7%); stopping spending time with non-transgender friends (25.0%); trying to isolate themselves from their families (49.4%), and only trusting information about gender dysphoria from transgender sources (46.6%). Most (86.7%) of the parents reported that, along with the sudden or rapid onset of gender dysphoria, their child either had an increase in their social media/internet use, belonged to a friend group in which one or multiple friends became transgender-identified during a similar timeframe, or both

    After receiving blowback the university self censored the study. But it is still found with a revision at the link above, and in original form if you look at the correction section.

    Here is an article describing the blowback:

    Brown University Censors Gender Dysmorphia Study