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James : explained.

Discussion in 'General Theology' started by Behold, Jul 23, 2020.

  1. Behold

    Behold Well-Known Member

    "faith without works is dead".
    I will show you my salvation by my FAITH...
    Lot of confusion about "dead faith", because heretics twist this phrase into "dead salvation" or "lost your salvation".
    And of course, James is not talking about salvation, he's talking about public discipleship, where you will be perceived in public "by your FRUIT". = YOU< shall know them.

    James is explaining that before MEN, you are justified by your lifestyle.
    This is related to "you shall know them by their fruit."
    "you shall know them"...= you shall watch their lifestyle, and discover if they are following Christ or NOT...."by their FRUIT".
    See it?

    So, this is what James is explaining.....that before people you are justified in THEIR EYES< by your Christian Discipleship, .....so, is it alive or dead? Thats what he is asking you.....Are you walking the walk in life, or are you just trying to troll on a Christian forum and create chaos and arguments because you are a carnal person who likes to upset peace and cause RELIGIOUS strife.?

    So, before MEN< James says they have to SEE YOU LIVE IT, ( SPIRITUAL FRUIT) exactly as...="by your DEEDS, your FRUIT, shall nonbelievers and believers KNOW IF YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL"
    Understand James now?
    So, before men you are justified or not by your WORKS, but before GOD all your works are as "filthy rags"< as they are compared to Jesus.
    So, do you understand that part?

    You are never EVER justified by your works, or your enduring to the end, or your holding unto your faith, or whatever you think you need to DO to make yourself and keep yourself righteous, before God.
    All that is a SELF RIGHTEOUS FAIL, as the only thing that God accepts on your behalf, to save you, and keep you saved, is never what you are doing before the PUBLIC, that James is talking about.
    So, get that,......learn THAT.

    God never accepts you, based on you or your lifestyle.....never....not ever.
    He only saved you, accepted you, and KEEPS YOU = because of what CHRIST DID for you, on THE Cross.
    So, you are justified before men (James) by your lifestyle, (Fruit) and God justifies you as His own, by your FAITH.
    God only accepts your FAITH, to then give you HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS, as that is what you have to have, and NOT YOURS, to be saved. = Born Again.
    Salvation, is God making you Righteous, thru the Blood of Jesus The Christ, so that He can accept you into His family, as Only God's righteousness given to you as a free gift can make you acceptable to God....and never your works.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2020
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