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IF you found out that the bibble is wrong

Discussion in 'Christianity and World Religion' started by xr022kbKr02h, Oct 10, 2003.

  1. xr022kbKr02h

    xr022kbKr02h ...haiz...

    Other Religion
    IF you die one day and found out that you didn't go to heaven or hell and that what the Bibble says is all wrong, wat will you do? Especially when you have devoted all your life into being a Christian!
  2. follower

    follower New Member

    i used to think about this question all the time and sometimes it still pops up in my brain once in a while esp when i face adversities. i can't assure you that you can go to heaven but the bible can and most impt. god can if you believe in him. THen you would ask : what is god is jsut a myth? If you trully want to know if god is real then you can know today. How?
    pray to the lord and ask that you want to know that he is real and that in believing in him you are assured a place in his kingdom.
    god bless
  3. WayMan

    WayMan Member

    You will do nothing because you will be dead, an ex person, a lump of dead meat, brown bread, DEAD!
  4. Kira Faye

    Kira Faye Spiritualist Witch

    I new passage has been found in the bible. it seems to belong at the start and read; to my darling Candy, all people mentioned are fictional and any connection to person living or dead is purely coincidental. This page has been dammened by christian clerics. (Stolen from red dwarf!!!!!)
  5. Teddybear

    Teddybear New Member

    READ PSALMS 68;11-The Lord gave the word;great was the company of those that published it.

    God's Word is true,and it will never change.If you are a sinner you are dead,But God's Word makes you alive.Don't you what to spend eternity with the living God? God's Word is truth no matter if we are dead or alive.

    God Bless.
  6. Isaiah 53

    Isaiah 53 Catholic Apologist

    That does not concern me; I know the truth.

    He told them, "The secret of the kingdom of God has been given to you. But to those on the outside everything is said in parables so that, " 'they may be ever seeing but never perceiving, and ever hearing but never understanding; otherwise they might turn and be forgiven! (Mark 4:11-12)

  7. Didaskalos

    Didaskalos He is Lord Of ALL

    What pray tell is a "Bibble"?

    Is it a cross between a "bib" and a "table"?
    Or is it what baby "bee" does when it "dribbles"?

    My question to those who do not believe in the afterlife/heaven/hell, etc... is this. Why do you live your lives so cautiously? Before I became a believer I was basically a madman in shorts. Anything went. The only thing that held me back was getting caught and the possibility of suffering as a result of my actions. I have to wonder what non-believers are afraid of. If you really do not believe in anything other than what goes on here in this life, then why are you on a website fussing with a bunch of nerds like us? I would be out partying or getting wasted or some other distraction. I cannot imagine what would stop me. I think I am smart enough to evade the law, and I assume most of you are too. So what are you doing here?
  8. faith177

    faith177 growing

    I live my Christian life because I know this crazy mixed up world is not my destiny. If in your hypothetical question, it turned out that way I would be very happy of the life I lived because of my belief in Jesus I have forgiven people, changed my life to a life of service helping others, I have felt the Joy and seen the look of intense appreciation from the people I have helped. I have become a person I can love and be proud of, taking me from the selfish sad and hateful person I was not only hating and blaming others for the way I felt then but also hating and abusing myself through eating disorders, alchohol and drugs, cutting and attempted suicide. I owe my life to christianity. to Jesus who I have given it too. If it wasnt for the promise of His kingdom and eternal love I would never have changed.
  9. Pete Harcoff

    Pete Harcoff PeteAce - In memory of WinAce

    Other Religion
    Why is it that some Christians think that atheists are nothing more than a bunch of self-serving degenerates? Maybe they have other sources of meaning in their lives? Maybe they have families to take care of? Maybe they realize there are responsibilities in this life, to themselves and others? Maybe you should talk to some atheists and find out what makes them tick, instead of assuming so much.
  10. BarbB

    BarbB I stand with my brothers and sisters in Israel!

    He was telling you what he was like as a non-believer. Most of us who came late to the party were the same! We know what it was like to be atheist or agnostic or "don't care". Now I hear the same stuff from non-believers that I said. So, really, except for the fun of talking to you guys, we remember what we used to think and don't need to ask.
  11. Pete Harcoff

    Pete Harcoff PeteAce - In memory of WinAce

    Other Religion
    But it also sounded like he was trying to project, as well. The implication from his post seemed to be, "I was a degenerate when I was an atheist, then I found God and now I'm a better person. Since you're still atheists, you're probably degenerates too, and therefore not as good a person as me."

    Maybe I'm reading too much into his post, but that is what I got from it.
  12. Teh Wiccan

    Teh Wiccan The Balance Of Passion

    For Follower, Teddybear, and Isiah 53..

    Why not just answer the question? This is under a hypothetical assumption... Saying it doesn't matter isn't really an answer to the question.
  13. Didaskalos

    Didaskalos He is Lord Of ALL

    Not at all Pete. I do remember what it was like to be an unbeliever. My projection was not toward you. I agree.... may of the atheists I have met have been good folks. My father was an atheist, and one of my best friends at work is an atheist. So this is not a stab at you. But the question remains, as do my memories. When I thought that all there was to life was an eventual dirt nap.. I felt very like I was missing out on a lot of stuff by being a "goodie two shoes". I used to party hardy. I mean why not? I respect your assertions that atheists have other sources for their self restraint... but I mean what is the point? In my old days... I would have looked at an atheist with morals in the same way I looked at a Christian: just another religious nut who is afraid of living.
    I have started a number of threads in this forum asking just these questions:

    Why bother being good in this life when there is so much to gain in the world by being bad... and nothing to lose in the end?

    I have yet to receive an answer that did not eventually lapse into some sort of sappy-religion.
    So my conclusion is that most intellectual atheists are bad guys who are just afraid to be bad. Scared to go all the way so they support their inhibitions with their own sort of intellectually derived religiosity.
  14. Pete Harcoff

    Pete Harcoff PeteAce - In memory of WinAce

    Other Religion
    Because we are social animals that depend on each other for society to function. For example, I live with a roommate. There are times when she needs my help and I help her. Other times I need her help and she helps me. If we both acted solely for our owns self-interests all the time, then no one would benefit. Ultimately, it would breed tension and possibly conflict.

    So acting "bad" all the time (or rather, self-serving) is not always to ideal solution long-term.

    Furthermore, when you factor in children, there is even more reason not to be so self-serving. The health and well-being of the children is essential for the survivability of the human species as a whole. Hence, people will make sacrifices in their own lives for the benefit of their children.

    I find that surprising.

    You seem to be painting atheists with a pretty broad brush. By the same token, I could paint Christians as clinging to their beliefs solely for a source of comfort rather than dealing with the realities of the world. But, in my own experience, I know better than to paint with such a broad brush.
  15. peaceful soul

    peaceful soul Senior Veteran

    That is a tough question. Since I know God intimately, it would not make sense. Throwing that aside: what could I do if there is no where to go. You should state my options; then I could tell you my answer better.
  16. radorth

    radorth Contributor

    If the Bible is wrong, I'll be a dead fool and won't care.

    If it's right, you'll be a live fool, who be where there is much "wailing and knashing of teeth," the response of a fool who knows it. That is what people will do who have denied manifest truth by force of will, not lack of evidence.

    I'd take Pascal's wager before things get too bad in the Mideast.

    Major wars start suddenly, and WWIII will be over in a few days, so you won't have a lot of time to get real with God.

  17. MorningStar334

    MorningStar334 Pagan And Proud

    I believe I'm going to come back, be re-born and I wouldn't mind being a dog. They got the life! Well, my dog does..(talking to dog who is drooling on knee -). Bear, no you can not eat my hot dog!
  18. Ryoko Ozaki

    Ryoko Ozaki Lunar Mystery

    Isaiah, you seemed to attack me for not directly answering your question about the Rapture but you seem to think that it's okay for you to transpose that same idea of dismissal into your own post? You are a major hypocrite, and I can only hope that one day you see that.
  19. Gabrielle

    Gabrielle New Member

    Hi Rad. That's perfect! :D

    God Bless- Gabrielle
  20. Ryoko Ozaki

    Ryoko Ozaki Lunar Mystery

    I see.... However, if us Buddhists are right you'll just live another life as something depending on your Karma and desires, therefore clinging to this world yet again.