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How can I glorify God?

Discussion in 'Discipleship: Following Jesus' started by Porpoise, Oct 5, 2018.

  1. Porpoise

    Porpoise Member

    United States
    I really want to serve God and glorify him in some way, but I'm not sure how to do that, especially in my circumstances. I have chronic illness that prevents me from being productive or having a social life. Is it possible to glorify him in solitude and without any achievement?
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  2. OldWiseGuy

    OldWiseGuy Wake me when it's soup. Supporter

    United States
    Keeping your faith even in your distress is a powerful witness to others.
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  3. Sam91

    Sam91 Child of the Living God Supporter

    United Kingdom
    You could be a prayer warrior and devote a lot of time praying for people and churches in your area and the Church in general.

    You could be an encourager online too.

    Pray to know His will too.
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  4. maintenance man

    maintenance man Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    There are many opportunities to serve God online. Here is one: Home | Global Media Outreach
  5. St_Worm2

    St_Worm2 Senior Member Supporter

    United States
    Hi Porpoise, I agree with what @OldWiseGuy, @Sam91 and @maintenance man just said above. The other thing to remember is this, I don't believe God expects us to give what we don't have to give. So pray and ask Him what He would have you do with the time, resources and health that you do have to give at this moment in your life.

    Just as a reminder too, a BIG part of being a Christian/glorifying the Father is growing in our knowledge and understanding of Him. In fact, that is the first and principle ministry of those who are younger in Christ, and it continues to be VERY important throughout our lives as well (take note of what Jesus teaches us here about what is truly important .. Luke 10:38-42). So spend more time in the study of His word and in prayer each day that you might help all the more with your growth in Christlikeness (by learning to rightly divide His word & by continuing to renew your mind .. 2 Timothy 2:15; Romans 12:2), to the blessing of others (as well as yourself), and for His praise and glory, of course.

    Here are some daily, online resources that may be useful in helping you with this.

    Renewing Your Mind - Dr. R C Sproul

    Grace to You - Dr. John MacArthur

    Insight for Living - Dr. Chuck Swindoll

    Gatway to Joy - Missionary/author Elisabeth Elliot
    Finally, it's ok to be ministered ~to~ by the rest of the body. In fact, I believe that's exactly what God intended for those of us who are weak, or hurting, or are without the things that we need, etc., and that it's one of the principle reasons that He formed the church. When we can, we minister to others out of our wealth, strength, and/or health, and when we are not, we should choose to allow others to minister to us as needed. I realize that most of us prefer the "ministering to others" side of things, and that most find it hard/humbling to let go of that and allow ourselves to be ministered to instead, but again, I believe that's all part of God's loving plan for all of us who are His :)

    God bless you!

    p.s. - there are many who you can minister to right here/right now, to those who are sick &/or hurting (as well those with many other needs), so stop by our Prayer Wall, Christian Advice, New Christians, and Mental Health boards regularly to glorify God, and to be a blessing to others* in His precious Name :oldthumbsup:

    *(which certainly includes asking for prayer and/or advice for yourself whenever you need to)
    Last edited: Oct 5, 2018
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  6. Tolworth John

    Tolworth John Well-Known Member

    United Kingdom
    Not everyone who is in the spotlight is the one who God estimes.
    Let me tell you a story. My p[arents used to attend a small church in a dormotory town in England. There a single lady had a mission. She wrote to world leaders. Nothing fancy just a Christmast card and the occassional postcard when she knew they were in trouble. All she put was a bible verse and that she was praying for them.
    We only found out because Richard Nixon on a state visit to England made the time to visit her.

    You could do this as well as write and pray for Christians in prisson etc around the world.

    With email you could co ordinate a letter writing for the missionaries your church supports.

    If you are creative, can you make cards or draw cartoons to illistrate childrens talks.
    If you loke sewing or knitting what about samaratans purse shoe boxes can you make items for them and organise with others to complete the boxes.
  7. Vi

    Vi Regular Member

    United States
    I have a rare genetic blood disorder, I too am often isolated, but not totally. I must be selective abt being out and around folks. Because I attend church sporadically and attend women's groups sporadically, it is hard for others to consider me seriously or to have empathy for my situation.

    As my life changes, I admit I must get used to the new normal with each progression. For me, I pray for God to show me ways to serve under my circumstances, then I wait and watch. . And He sends something my way. I resently sewed curtains for a non-profit daycare. These are blessings that glorify God, and I am ever grateful He has a place for me in His plan.