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Help with deciphering meaning of dream.

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by BelieverInMostHigh, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. BelieverInMostHigh

    BelieverInMostHigh Newbie

    how do I delete this thread
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  2. com7fy8

    com7fy8 Well-Known Member Supporter

    United States
    Hi, Believer In Most High :) I am Bill, pleased to meet you :) God bless you, however :)

    For starters, cats are predators. If you leave them outdoors, ones say, they can make a project of hunting and playing with and then killing various wildlife; and they don't care how much their victims suffer and scream. They find it entertaining, it seems to me. I have seen a cat who caught a chipmunk, and he kept probing it to get it to run so he could catch it again. But first he bit it enough to disable it so it could not get away.

    And foxes are predators. They don't care if mice and birds cry and suffer while they catch and eat them.

    So, you are talking about a predator world . . . like this evil and sinful world, locked in prison, while all the beautiful nature is all around, but those predators can't be trusted to be out there. Likewise, God has Satan's kingdom on this earth, in containment, control.

    And we might be, like you, trying to rescue ones who seem like poor innocent victims, yet the ones you try to rescue can be ones who victimize others by means of gossip and unforgiveness and competing to be more and have more than others.

    I have seen how a mother duckie in a small pond was holding another mother duck's baby in her beak and dunking the duckling's head, apparently trying to drown the baby of another mommie. This shows how what might seem like a prey animal can in truth be quite capable of predatory action.

    Satan's kingdom is like an animal kingdom; there are predators and prey, but the prey can be very dangerous and cruel.

    So, may be there is the lesson that you can not rescue people who are in Satan's kingdom, just by getting them away from each other. They will still be predators, themselves, somehow, plus in rescuing them you can help get them more hurt, of all things.

    But if you become a person's example, this can be used by God to change someone into a child of God's love.

    Even so, Jesus does have us do things to help wrong people. But we do well to pray and be guided by God so we do what He is committed to blessing.