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For you Pilgrim

Discussion in 'Messianic Judaism' started by visionary, Mar 8, 2005.

  1. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    The Day of Atonement

    There is so many aspects I do not know where to begin.

    Moses successfully pleaded with God on their behalf, and on the first of High Priest, he ascended the mountain, this time for a second set of tablets. In Moses' absence, the nation fasted from sunrise to sunset. Moses descended the mountain on the tenth of Tishri. Upon returning, Moses found the nation truly repentant and announced that God had forgiven them. He decreed that the tenth of Tishri would remain a Yom Kippur for all generations. In order to receive an inheritance, you must be taken back into the God’s fold, if you do not meet with the Lord at His appointed time, how can you receive the blessing?

    In holy of holies, where is centered the symbolic service of atonement and intercession. It is the foreshadow of our future, Yeshua ministering as our High Priest before the mercy seat.

    Yom Kippur

    Highlights from this verse
    * sacred assembly
    * you remember that you will be tried by fire and purified, well this is the time to present yourself to the Lord.
    * this is the time when the atonement is really made for you in heaven by Yeshua.
    * prophectically this is the cut off date, for those who will be righteous still and those who will be holy still
    *This is a lasting ordinance for all generations, this will be a shadow of things to come.
    *You remember Hebrews mentioning the sabbath of rest, well this is it. From the time that the Day of Atonement has its fulfillment, the people of GOd will enter into His rest.
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  2. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member


    Could you elaborate on this Vis? What is the shadow and what is the fulfillment?
  3. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    In other words, what is the substance that will give a shadow and be coming soon?

    Yeshua came and gave us all an example of how to live. He was transfigured ....
    When the Day of Atonement comes in reality, where it is no longer a rehearsal, where we come face to face with our Judge, knowing He is making the final atonement for us, we are transformed and will not only take on the heavenly features of shsekinah glory but we will also will walk perfectly in Yeshua.

    It will be a blessing to hear His voice pronounce this blessing upon those whose hearts are prepared for that blessed day when He makes this final atonement for us.

    On this Day of Atonement, the unrighteous and the righteous of the world will be experiencing this moment when the Lord enters in the Temple of God, all human minds.

    It will be a glorious experience that day. It is the promise of how God is going to accomplish what we can not do in and of ourselves.
    We will be expecting Him to come, for it is our hope of glory.

    The Lord knows that only He is the one for His bride. He will come suddenly to her, which is our minds, the Temple of God, at the appointed time. It is important for believers to be ready at the appointed time for the experience with God, that is so necessary for us to prepare to live with God forever.

    When the high priest stood before God on the Day of Atonement, he was said to be "face to face" with God. Because of this, the Day of Atonement became known by the phrase "face to face." "Face to face" is a terminology used in:

    It will be the day when the wheat and tares are separated forever. We will be set free from sin forever. What is really sad is most believers have not looked closely at all the shadow rehearsals are pointed out in the Day of Atonement that have are so important. THe Day of Atonement is the ceremony that points out the conclusion of sin, and God's final dealings with sin.

    Jeremiah 8:7 Yea, the stork in the heaven knoweth her appointed times; and the turtle and the crane and the swallow observe the time of their coming; but my people know not the judgment of the LORD.

    Now knowing the judgement of the Lord has an appointed time, called the Day of Atonement, it is important to learn more about this appointed time and what to expect. I want you to understand that when the Lord comes to His temple it will be fast, suddenly. For those that are prepared for it , this will be a time of great rejoicing, for those who are unprepared it will be the judgement that they so feared.

    Think about it, if God suddenly came to your mind, and all the secret things are revealed in their true light, how would you feel, what you do and how would you respond to such an event.

    It will be the time when Babylon is broken down in one hour. Reality hits this world in a big way... There will be a lot of Oooooops.
    Because of hardness of heart, there will be people will not listen to the message that would have prepared them as to what is about to come upon the world, leaving them unprepared for the reality of the event.

    Think of it for a moment, if what I am saying is true and the Lord has prepared a people and the appointed time has come, the world will be heading as far as it can in the totally opposite direction, while the people of God only want to be with God, for there is nothing left that is good.
    Taking down that curtain in your mind, that most people use to mentally separate themselves from God, God suddenly shows up in all His majestic Holiness. Today it is your sins that separate you from God like a curtain. They are what keeps you from seeing God. This is the Mount Sinai experience, only better, because the people of God know what to expect and will have gone before to the throne of grace.
  4. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    So you are saying that the final day of atonement is the day at the Judgement seat where He either will stand up for us that know him and he knows us and only the witness of what those who don't know him will represent them. He will then totally wash away any trace of the sins of the flesh away and we shall be transformed?
    Oh, I hear you there sister, this world makes me want to vomit, but even then I don't feel like I can rid myself, KWIM?

    There is only one that is Good. :bow:

  5. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    Let's go through the steps that occure on the day of atonement

    1) the High Priest is atoned for.

    2) He offers the final sin offerings for himself and for the congregation.
    2) Once He is prepared for the task, He dons on the uniform.
    3) Then the two goats are brought before the tabernacle and lots are cast as to which will represent the Lord's and which one is the scapegoat.

    One was for the cleansing of the temple of all the dealings with sin, once and for all, which is what Yeshua is going to finally accomplish. When this sacrificial goat was appointed, the high priest pronounced, "For Jehovah" and the throngs of worshipers would fall on their faces and call out, “Blessed be the Name; the glory of His kingdom is forever and ever.” Then the goat was slain.

    After finishing with the atonement and cleansing the sanctuary of sin, the High Priest symbolically placed the sins of the nation on the head of the live goat. He did this by laying both of his hands on the goat’s head while confessing the sins of the people that had been in symbolically placed there by the blood of the lambs sacrificed over the year. Then, with the sins taken out of the temple they were placed on the head of the scapegoat, the high priest sent the Azazel (scapegoat) off into the wilderness. It was a dramatic picture of God’s willingness to separate His people from their sins forever.

    Just a the blood was necessary for covering, when the death plaque was passing through Egypt, so here it is again. All sins that are not covered by the blood of Yeshua are condemned. Jude 4 It is only be the blood of Yeshua that we are cleansed of sin, "Now unto him that is able to keep you from falling, and to present you faultless before the presence of his glory with exceeding joy " Jude 24
    Compare this verse to Revelation

    This casting the smoke of the incense filled with the fire from the altar and cast to the earth is the believer’s covering so that I believe that they will not die from this point on. Take a look ...the temple was filled with smoke from the glory of God" Rev 15:8 and the similarity found in 1King 8:11 "because of the cloud for the glory of the Lord had filled the house of the Lord."...I believe it is significant is its relationship.

    From what I understand so far, the two goats were to be identical, so much so, that they would tie a red thread around the neck of the scapegoat, so that they could tell them apart. This thread was taken off just before the goat was lead away. They pushed the goat over the cliff, "by the hand of a fit man". and returned to see if the red thread turned white. Story has it that the thread quite turning from red to white after Yeshua, some ten years or so later.???not sure on the details of that.

    To parallel this illustration of the "shadow of things to come", I would say that Yeshua and Satan are brought before the congregations of the world, at the door of the tabernacle. Actually Azazel is the only one seen by the congregations while the High Priest is inside atoning for the congregation. So I can visualize that this is the time that Satan will do the great imitation of Jesus Christ and pronounce himself as God worthy of sitting on the throne of God as God.This is the only time in History where you will have the great deceiver pretending to be Yeshua. This is why there were two identical goats brought to the temple on the Day of Atonement. The prophetic implications are that this is the time that Satan will be before the congregation, for the world to see, representing himself as Messiah.

    Well, in order for Satan to do a good job he will have to manifest himself as a majestic being probably of dazzling brightness, and probably resembling the description of the Son of God given by John in Revelation 1:13-15

    There are several things that he cannot copy,

    So it will be here in the last days of earth's history that there will be a blindness "In their case the God of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelievers to keep them from seeing the light of the gospel of the glory of Messiah who is the likeness of God." 2 Cor 4:4 "And they worshiped the dragon which gave power unto the beast:..." Rev 13:4 There are two things that the devil while imitating Messiah can not do, he can not be holy, and he can not come in the flesh.

    It is not that the Lord did not try to purge all of sin from everyone alive on that Day.
  6. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    Cleansing the Sanctuary

    In the eastward the atoning work is for the cleansing of the sanctuary of the wickedness committed within. The Lord revealed to Ezekiel what has been going on in the Holy Place and to cry and sigh for the abominations committed within. God in His mercy has an atoning work to do to cleanse the Holy Place of wickedness.

    The wicked pastors that do not shepherd the Lord’s lambs in the way that they should go, to tell His people that He is not soon returning, or do not teach the ordinances and statutes of God, will be harshly dealt with by the Lord himself. One of the biggest complaint that God has against these wicked religious leaders is that they stop people with their unbelief that they foster on the people who trusted them to lead them to God. There is many who preach to look on things of this earth and not to focus so much on heaven.
    Judgement begins at the House of God....have you noticed how in these last 20 years there has been a marked increase of ministers, pastors, priests, and any other men of God being exposed for all kinds of sins? Never before in the history of religion have so many leaders been exposed to the world for all to see their sinfulness.

    In the Lord’s house great many pagan rituals have been brought in and committed by the priests, that the Lord asks Ezekiel if He should leave His own sanctuary. He points out a wide variety that are committed inside the House of God, but the worse one is the worshiping the sun god in His own House. I believe that the Day of Atonement will come when sunday is brought into Judaism.
    And when it is all finished the Temple of God will be with no man, Yeshua included, as the seven plagues fall, and I believe that when the plagues fall, there is no more mercy, there is no more opportunity for repentence, sacrifice for sin is over.
  7. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    I believe he did this on the day of firstfruits.

    Yes, in the Mishnah I think it is recorded that after Yeshua's death and resurection the following Yom Kippur the string remained red, for forty years until the destruction of the temple. He gave them a generation to see, so it would really sink in.

    I agree he can't be Holy, but what do you mean about he can not come in the flesh???
  8. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    From post #6

    I don't understand, in the eastward? :scratch:
    Cauldron, flesh, I have never comprehended this, what do you see?

    This has always seemed to me to be an end times prophecy. Just at the begining to take place now. This verse:
    Just like in my thread Holy Cow where I mentioned the Hathor temple in southern Israel, it should be broken down, I see this as what this verse is speaking of.
    This is interesting, this makes me think about Elijah and how he was lifted off, and then wrote a letter afterwards.

    Yes, as it should, go to the heart of the matter first! Yes, I have noticed and know the scriptures that warn about the bad shepherds and their judgement for misleading the sheep. However many think that they will not be accountable if they were lead astray by such a shepherd, but that is not the truth either.

    What do you mean by Sunday brought into Judaism???

    I have read this many times before but this thought just came to me, Do you think that what Ezekiel saw was actually going on in the temple or what the people were doing in their own minds, the true worship in their hearts? The reason is I see now it says the "chambers of his imagery", that seems like in the inner self, not inner temple.

    The word used for imagery it also means imagination or idol. The word translated Chambers can mean "innermost or inward part, within".

    Ok, who is the "no man" and who is "he"
  9. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    From what I understand the temple was built so that the back when facing the Most Holy would be to the east. The Lord set that up so that His worshippers would not be like other nations around then look to the rising sun in the morning bowing down towards the east.

    Sorry, nothing has come clear to me on this.

    Me too, I see it as an end time prophecy and that is why I am thinking that the last man made temple will be Ezekiel's vision.

    I think that those that get to eat the little scroll of Revelation will also experience this being lifted of.

    I believe this is a wake up call for believers to see the sins of their pastors and priests and lose faith in them, and start searching out the truth for themselves.

    The Papacy is calling for a reconciliation between the Papacy and Judaism, compromise comes next.

    Yes, I have wondered if it is more to do with the things going on in the mind, more than anything physical. In fact, I lean that direction.... but let's face it, unless something seen, heard, or touched sparks the thoughts, they do not happen, which leaves me with physical activity causing mental gymnastics.

    I agree, and think that is where it counts. No matter, if they do build a temple for worship, if you still look up to the heavenly sanctuary where your prayers are to go, where you expect to receive communication, and not the physical temple, then I say that is good. Physcial manifestations in the temple today are nothing more than deceiving demons pretending to be Holy.

    I believe that the no man in Ezekiel is us, the royal priesthood. Yeshua as our High Priest is ministering during the Day of Atonement, and that is why I also believe that there will be no rapture until after the Day of Atonement.
  10. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    There comes a time when it is necessary to leave the outer court. As it is prophesied in Daniel, this part of the sanctuary services will be taken away, by the overflowing abominations.

    For those that are not familiar with Daniel, he was given a vision of the last days, which has puzzled many for centuries.
    This has been the puzzle in prophecy that many have tried to calculate using the numbers provided as to when this occurred or is still to occur. The sanctuary mentioned in this prophecy is not only an earthly sanctuary or temple in Jerusalem; but the Temple of God, which is the divine original Moses was shown in the mountain and of which he made an earthly copy. I see this as the final battle in heaven, for as it is in heaven, as it is on earth. The heavenly sanctuary will have to be cleansed first then so will the sanctuary of our mind be cleansed.

    According to this prophecy in Daniel the AntiMessiah (the Little Horn) is scheduled to desecrate the Temple of God by his very presence. He will enter in the outer court of the Temple of God where the daily sacrifices are performed and will blasphemously challenge the Prince of the heavenly host.

    There is the battle discribed in Revelation.

    The heavenly host cast down to the ground by the Little Horn are the holy angels who surround the throne of God, and because of following under the guidance of Lucifer, the dragon, these angels also fell into his deception and are to be cast of out of heaven.

    The Day of Atonement talks of cleansing the sanctuary, and Satan and His crew are the only ones I know that need to be removed.
    On the most important time in earth's history, during the Day of Atonement, Satan will pull out all the stops, knowing he has but a short time, will stop the daily sacrifice, our prayers for forgiveness.

    In Daniel’s prophecy the Prince of princes is none other that Yeshua, who is currently officiating in the heavenly sanctuary. When the AntiMessiah stops the offering of the daily sacrifice it will be at the Temple of God in the outer court, and when does that happen in the feasts? So you ask “how can the daily sacrifice be stopped by Satan?” If Satan can stop people from praying for repentance, there is no need for the daily sacrifice and its service. If Satan can get people to not look to Yeshua, for one reason or another, then there is no need for Yeshua to perform the daily sacrifice priestly service. Maybe they believe Satan to be Yeshua.

    Satan will be doing a great imitation of the second coming of Yeshua before Yeshua returns and if they believe Satan to be Yeshua then you will have no more requests for forgiveness, no more repentance and therefore no more need for the heavenly daily services. Let’s say the world no longer repents for they now believe it is no longer necessary because they live under His Grace or some other deceptive lie fostered by some institution that they have trusted to be keepers of the truth. These keepers of the truth have taken upon themselves to lead the people away from the truth as it is found in Messiah.

  11. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    Vis, you don't believe Yeshua's blood has already cleansed the temple in heaven? That that abomination has yet to take place? I have thought that that took place long ago when Lucifer rebelled and desicrated the temple, and Yeshua took his blood when he arose and brought it to the temple in heaven?
  12. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    The sacrifice of the passover has no atonement in it. The feast that speaks of the atonement is in the Day of Atonement. While there is atoning power in the blood of Yeshua, it is not the fulfillment of the Passover, where the sanctuary is cleansed. That is in the Day of Atonement.
  13. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    During the Feast of Trumpets, you will have watchmen who will give out the trumpet warning, the heralding of the news, the announcements of what is soon to come to pass. These watchmen on the wall of Zion are the two witnesses of Revelation.

  14. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    So the Passover was exacty that, as in Egypt, to save us from the angel of death, and the power thereof. But our sins have not been washed away yet?
  15. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member


    Where in Torah times?

    See, this is confusing to me, was not the tabernacle in the center of the camp? So if they were in the camp....................................and in the middle of the camp was the tabernacle ? And didn't they get into trouble for not going?

    gotta go, Challah buzzer went off. :)
  16. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    The holy spirit descended upon the chosen 70 elders that were where they were suppose to be at the tabernacle. The two men in the camp that also received the holy spirit shocked everyone, except Moses.

    So the two witnesses will prepare a people for the Day of Atonement, the marriage of the Lamb, when we will one.
    We are not in the right frame of mind yet, but the Lord is working on us to learn the fall feasts and their spritual meanings. The fall feasts will be the guide lines by which to see what order each event occurs.

    The Feast of Trumpets is for the announcements, the trumpets of Revelation, the warnings, the start of the new year, the appearance of two witnesses, and and the start of end times.

    The Day of Atonement is for Satan to appear as Jesus, and want to sit in the Temple of God as God, the marriage of the Lamb, the cleansing of the sanctuary [including your mind], and the end of sacrifice for sins. Satan will be bound and thrown into the abyss.

    The Feast of Tabernacles is the time in the wilderness, the depending on God to look after you, the final harvest, and on the eighth day will be the resurrection and those that are alive getting together to meet with the Lord, from there we go to the Lord's Wedding Supper and rest for a thousand years.
  17. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    :doh: I don't believe this, everytime I have read that ( and it's been recent even with the Torah portion not that long ago) I always thought that Moshe called the seventy men together to met him at the tabernacle and only 68 came and the other 2 stayed in the camp and were prophesizing in the camp when they should have been at the tabernacle. Oy! I can't understand why I always thought that but sure there is a good reason and happy I now get it! :doh:
  18. Sephania

    Sephania Well-Known Member

    I think I figured out why, it's that old English wording:

    See that is why I thought only 68 showed up and two "remained in the camp". But these are two more than the 70 chosen leaders. :)
  19. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    That is one of the reason that I understand that the scribes sent to translate scripture in Egypt was 72.
  20. visionary

    visionary Your God is my God... Ruth said, so say I. Supporter

    Sukkot or Feast of Tabernacles is the festival of fellowship and union with God, with a God with us understanding. As was illustrated in the forty years in the wilderness, with God dwelling with his people in the tabernacle and latter in the temple at Jerusalem, it is the ultimate goal of God to be with us. In the great ingathering at the end of time, where the believers are raptured as the wife of the Lamb. It is forever that God wishes to have this union with man.