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evolution&dogs, book 2

Discussion in 'Creation & Evolution' started by billwald, May 7, 2007.

  1. Steezie

    Steezie Guest

    Apparently it was a feigned rout :)
  2. AnEmpiricalAgnostic

    AnEmpiricalAgnostic Agnostic by Fact, Atheist by Epiphany

    Of course you are. Individuals who are willfully ignorant and combative will never be impressed by choice.

    Willful ignorance is the ever present shield preventing the loose thread of faith based belief from being pulled by simple knowledge about the universe we live in. Evolution is only the current poster child.

    The combative nature prevents one from humbly admitting when one is utterly wrong since such acknowledgment is tantamount to defeat.

    For example If some ignorant and combative theist was to assert that all the breeds of dogs were due to genetic drift. Instead of admitting that he or she was incorrect once the people with actual knowledge of such things enlighten them, they will instead spend great effort in conducting the verbal acrobatics necessary to completely change their assertion and hope nobody notices. If somebody does notice this person would rather cry quote-mine and try to distract everyone by refocusing the debate on anything else but the post where they got called out for their flip flop and/or false claims of quote-mine.

    So yes Key, you'll never be impressed no matter what they people here tell you. Thankfully the knowledgeable participants of this forum realize that for every willfully ignorant combative theist there are scores of lurkers witnessing their feeble arguments getting dismantled by truth and reason.
  3. Pesto

    Pesto Senior Member

    Ahhh, but that's not what you said. You're equivocating.

    Yes, the nautilus absolutely has functional eye, but that's not what you asked for. You asked for an example of an eye that was "not fully developed". If a human eye lacked a lens and iris (i.e. "not have fully developed") it would be completely analagous in function to the nautilus eye.

    Like you said, the nautilus has a completely functional eye. The nautilus eye is also an example of what would be an intermediate step between photosensitive cells and a "fully formed eye"
  4. Loudmouth

    Loudmouth Contributor

  5. AnEmpiricalAgnostic

    AnEmpiricalAgnostic Agnostic by Fact, Atheist by Epiphany