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Discussion in 'Creation & Theistic Evolution' started by Simon D, Apr 10, 2021.

  1. Cis.jd

    Cis.jd Well-Known Member

    I'm not going to play this interpretation game with you, you are molding His word to validate your stance.

    I've shown you a verse just as you asked, so stop stalling. You keep saying that you take him at his word but you still haven't shown in scripture that these days are 24 hours and you are avoiding this. If you ignore this again, we are done.

    it does matter. If you are 12am PCT and I'm on EST, you are a day ahead. So in the sense of Genesis, if it was 12am at day 2, it is still day 1 on another part of the globe. You can't just deny these things.

    Evolution probably happened after the Garden. #44

    You just gave yourself a reason to reject this man-made literal 6 day teaching, and you do not realize it. 1d/24hr is not a bible teaching, it's a science teaching. You are leaning to the "wisdom of man" when you think each day where literal 24 hrs (because science taught you this). So just by your reasoning, you should not even believe this 6 day literalism.

    I have raised you several points, such as other planets; I have asked you how do you know that the each of the 6 days isn't 12 hours, or being 1608 hours apart, and I have given many more and you are just ignoring all of them.. since you are not answering these points then it's concluded that you have no answer and this 6 day teaching has been refuted.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2021
  2. coffee4u

    coffee4u Well-Known Member

    Obviously you and I are never going to agree, but can you stop it with the 'you are moulding' his word nonsense.

    How is me taking God's word exactly as it is written, me 'moulding it'.
    You don't have to take it as written, that is your free will. I think you are deceived but that is still your free will.
    I also have free will and I believe Genesis is literal.

    All you showed me was 2 Peter which has nothing to do with Genesis, it's to do with God.
    I agree God is outside of time, which is the very reason time away from the earth may not be the same as time on the earth.
    That has nothing to do with the 6 days that passed on the earth.

    You keep saying prove what a day is, do you do this with every word of scripture? The Bible says day, I accept that as a normal day. Why can you not understand that? Where I live that is what a day is, 24 hours, is your day not 24 hours? You are starting to make me feel I live in some other dimension from you.

    I may be a day ahead of you by the clock and date but I still experience a 24 day and you still experience a 24 hour day -or are you contesting that fact as well?

    No one is saying the time was not different around the globe. The Bible narrative has the garden of Eden in Southern Mesopotamia. So if you want to take any time, take it from there. Evening to evening happened at that point.

    I'm not even touching that nonsense.

    It takes 24 hours from one dawn to the next. If a man sat outside awake all that time he would see the drawn, the day, the evening, the night and again would come the dawn. It takes 24 hours. God gave us the day. He told the Jewish nation to work for 6 days and rest for 1, they had to understand what a day was for them to be able to follow that command. You couldn't have each family deciding what length of time a day was, it could have been different. No, they all understood that a day was from evening to evening.

    You have never spoken to me of other planets, maybe to someone else.
    We know how long a day is because God gave it to us when he gave us the week. The Jewish nation understood what a day was, which was how they could all follow God's command of the Sabbath.
    Exodus 20
    9 Six days you shall labor and do all your work, 10 but the seventh day is a sabbath to the Lord your God.
    Now if someone is Egypt is following this and someone in the UK is following this, they would still start their Sabbath at 6pm by their own time. The fact that it's not 6pm in both places at the same time is irrelevant. What matters is the 6 pm from their own standpoint.
  3. Cis.jd

    Cis.jd Well-Known Member

    But if you are taking God's word "exactly as it is written" then you should not support the 6 days being 24hrs each, because it's not written in the Bible. So you are not taking it as written... I am the guy who provided a bible verse to assist myself while you did not, no matter what you want to think about 2nd Peter.

    But the Bible doesn't say there are time difference that are even a day apart, the creation has 1 day for all. Since the earth does not experience the same day at the same time, what about the other parts of the universe, who is a day in advance and who is behind when we are talking about other things in the solar system?

    Yes i did, #277

    But there is nothing telling you it's 24 hours. I told you about Alaska so many times and for the last time, their day comes after 1608 hours day during the winter. So how would they do the Sabbath?

    You are arguing constantly about nothing and you've been closing your eyes and ears to them. This is the last response I'm giving to you because you are just being cantankerous and wasting my time.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2021
  4. coffee4u

    coffee4u Well-Known Member

    Because it says day and my experience of a day is exactly what God said it is. Evening and morning, the first day, the second day and so on. If God meant some other time frame why would he have used the word day?
    We know the ancient Israelite's understood what a day was or God would not have told them to work for 6 and keep the seventh for the Sabbath.

    Science didn't give us the day, God did.
    Science tries to give an explanation for why we have the day but they didn't create it.
    A day is the cycle of daylight and dark. We don't need science to tell us that, we already experience it.
    Science claims it's because the earth turns while the sun shines.
    Now are they correct? I think they are, but some people here claim they are wrong. Whether science is correct or not doesn't change our experience. We all experience the daylight and darkness cycle whether we believe it's from the earth turning or from the sun moving across a stationary earth. I don't think it's important and I don't really care. A day is still a day regardless of how it occurs.

    Also I never said science had every single thing wrong. Science is very good in the here and now.It is only when science disagrees with God's word that I believe they have it wrong. Miracles are outside of science.
    For example it's a scientific impossibility for a man to walk on water, yet Jesus did.
    If we believe he did we are believing God's word over science. Miracles defy science.

    Creation is being told from the perspective of someone in Southern Mesopotamia. So evening and morning is being seen from that perspective. There was only one land mass at this time anyway, the separation into different continents occurred at and after the flood.

    I went back and you said "A day in Mercury is 57 days long to us so how does this "a day is a day" work?"
    Because we are not living on Mercury, we couldn't even if we wanted to-if indeed Mercury even exists. It probably does but again I don't really care. God is writing to us here.
    When he says the blind can see he knows that we understand what blind and seeing is. When he says a day again he knows that we understand what a day is. It's within our experience as adults. God word isn't some kind of secret code, he gave us his word so we could know the truth and know him.

    This is the first time you have mentioned Alaska to me unless I missed a post. I think perhaps you are getting your replies mixed up. I have not bothered to read what you said to anyone else here.
    I don't need God to tell me a day is 24 hours. The same way I don't ask God to explain what a chair and a table is. It's a basic concept that we learn while quite young.

    Alaska may not have the same cycle of light and dark as we do but a day is still a day. I am quite sure they use a calendar and would say "sale starts 10am Tuesday 2nd of October" the same way any other place using our particular calendar would. Even though it is dark they would still use the word day/day time and everyone there would understand what was meant except perhaps for small children.

    The creation account is written from the perspective of Southern Mesopotamia not Alaska. Very few people have any experience of Alaska.
    And again, this is the current world. Alaska didn't even exist at creation.

    And I have never met anyone before who thought day was some kind of code word meaning something else.
  5. Paul4JC

    Paul4JC It is for freedom that Christ has set us free

    United States
    [Jhn 11:9 NIV] Jesus answered, "Are there not twelve hours of daylight? Anyone who walks in the daytime will not stumble, for they see by this world's light.
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