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Conversion Stories

Discussion in 'One Bread, One Body - Catholic' started by garydench, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. healedinchrist275

    healedinchrist275 One Holy Catholic Apostolic Church

    I was a Buddhist since young (I'm 22 now). My country is traditionally, a multi-cultural society. With most people adhering to Buddhism and Evangelical Protestantism. I held a very bad impression against the Protestants due to their aggressive preaching. Most could not really answer my questions about the God of Christianity and many other questions related with life. So I decided to look towards the Catholic Church. I was stunned by the Catholic Church's theology and traditions. This happened when I was 14 or so. Fast forward to the year 2015. I was received into RCIA. Baptized on Easter Vigil 2016. I'd been thinking about approaching a Spiritual Director about being a Seminarian and eventually perhaps being ordained in the Priesthood. I'm still discerning now, but I hope you guys can pray for me in my journey in the faith and my discernment. Thanks and God bless.
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  2. Catholic_with_a_mic

    Catholic_with_a_mic New Member

    I will be prayer if for you. What a wonderful story. God Bless
  3. rturner76

    rturner76 Senior Veteran Staff Member Trainee Supporter

    United States
    Wow, this is awesome! I believe you have a special calling. Mainly because you only heard God's call through the voice of the Holy Mother Church. Perhaps God has used this Church to call you to teach his people about his Son. I am praying in earnest for your discernment, that it be your heart's contentment and God's will.
  4. Gracia Singh

    Gracia Singh Newbie

    God bless you, friend! Christ bless you!
  5. paul becke

    paul becke Regular Member Supporter

    Yes, the Catholic church has a large and ever-growing body of codified wisdom, collated over two thousand years - including the Old Testament , more like four thousand. Primarily, as a result of the Lord's incarnation in our partly-material world.

    The first period, as a result of the special relationship of the Jewish people with God, by virtue of which they produced by far the oldest written history ; and the second part, as a result of the O.T. teaching, to the effect that God made the world and He made it good and for man's benefit.

    That made the difference between the purposeful pursuit of science in Christendom and the fitful, sporadic advances of other peoples every bit as intelligent (worldly-wise), such as China and India.
  6. Wolf_Says

    Wolf_Says Well-Known Member

    United States
    This really isn't going to be a conversion story, but more so an affirmation story of my wife.

    Me and my wife were talking earlier today and somehow the conversation turned into a topic about religion.

    Now I was born and raised Catholic, went to an amazing traditional Slovak Catholic Church in my hometown. It has the bells during the consecration, Tabernacle is right behind the alter where it belongs, plenty of hymms and chants in Gregorian latin, and everybody there has a deep respect for the Eucharist and the mass. You would hardly ever see anybody cross the path of the Tabernacle without kneeling completely or at least genuflecting with the Sign of the Cross.

    Now my wife was raised non-denominational, and was taught prior to meeting me that Catholics simply were not Christian (shocker....right?). Well, one thing led to another and my wife realized that not only did she agree that Catholics were Christians, but that they held many of the same beliefs that she did. She became confirmed into the faith while we were still dating and we got married in a Catholic Church a few years later.

    Now the actual part of the story. My mother-in-law still holds some closet anti-Catholic feelings and beliefs, and although she doesn't share them in front of me, she has often shared them with my wife behind my back. My wife never really felt comfortable telling her that she was a Catholic, because frankly she didn't want the drama and possibility of losing contact with her younger siblings.

    Well, we have since moved (yay, military life), and my wife really wanted to try and find a non-Catholic Church that we could attend and still feel at home. So we tried, for months, going from church to church. Every time there was something off, something wrong, that really rubbed my wife the wrong way. Not a single church fit the bill for her, and my wife kept on thinking of her time and feelings at our previous parish.

    So we were talking about our future kids today. I had talked to my mom yesterday and she had mentioned how she bragged about me and my wife because, even though we live far away, we still go to Church and are invested into the faith. Her words made my wife think, that she really wants out children to not be swayed by today's crazy and changing world. She began to talk about how so many of these other churches would bend to things like contraception, abortion, marriage or divorce, and there was no structure. I think then a light went off or something, and she mentioned how, she really wants our kids to grow up Catholic, have a firm understanding of their faith and beliefs, and to never compromise those beliefs. She loves how, in Judaism, it's not just a religion, its a lifestyle. In her words, too many times for most Christians, its not a lifestyle, it's just church on sundays. But for Catholics, it is, or should be, a lifestyle, and you are constantly reminded of that at mass. Things like confession, catechism, Eucharistic adoration, stations of the cross, holy days of obligations. Catholicism is a lifestyle, and she loves that, and she loves the structure of the mass.

    She continued on with how she really wants our kids, after they are grown and living their lives, to stay firm in their faith. Even if they didn't stay Catholic, she wants them to make sure that they at least go to a church with similar beliefs and is strong in those beliefs.

    The other thing that swayed her finally was the music. My wife enjoys listening to Christian music (especially on sunday), but one thing she finds absolutely downright beautiful and practically sacred are the Gregorian Chants. We listened to some on youtube a few days ago and she almost teared up by how she missed them. She says that frankly, it annoys her when she hears a song at mass that she knows from a Christian church. It makes it all feel, less sacred in a way, to her. She wishes more Catholic Churches sang the Gregorian Chants.

    All in all, today was a wonderful day in this regard, and I thank God for this.

    That is the story. God bless you all.
  7. Galilee63

    Galilee63 Newbie

    and there are many separated Brethren - separated Catholics of whom need prayers to return to our Lord Jesus Sacred Heart, His Church, and to our Most Holy Mother Mary's Holy Immaculate Heart for conversions thus Salvation.

    In our Lord Jesus Holy Divine Mercy Chaplet and Novena of which Jesus God The Most High and Holy Spirit delivered to Holy Saint Faustina, Jesus promises that He hears and answers every one of His Holy Divine Mercy Chaplets and Novenas and indeed our Lord Jesus God our Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit with Most Holy Mother Mary of Whom I include in every one prayed, hears and answers with many other Holy Gifts, Holy Blessings and Holy Graces bestowed upon many people prayed for and my own causes not to mention the release of so many Holy Souls in Purgatory if prayed from our hearts focussing on Jesus and His Bitter Passion, and the Holy Mysteries of our Lord Jesus and Holy Spirit and Holy Mother Mary's Lives and the fulfilling of Gods Holy Word by our Lord Jesus Holy Spirit - God our Heavenly Divine Majesty and Holy Divine Father.

    Every Most Holy Rosary has been heard and answered by our Lord Jesus God The Most High Holy Spirit and Most Holy Mother Mary over 7 years with a Holy abundance of Gods Holy Blessings Gifts and Graces with many conversions attached for those prayed for over past years

    Glory to God in the Highest and Peace to His people on Earth
    Lord God Heavenly King, O God Almighty Father
    we Love You, we give You great thanks and Glory for eternity. Amen.
  8. Theophilus1128

    Theophilus1128 Newbie

    Is there anyone on here who listens to Michael Knowles podcast? He is kinda funny, discusses politics from a conservative perspective, but discusses his Catholic faith a great deal as well. This article addresses some points he recently made about why he's Catholic rather than Protestant. I'd love to hear some thoughts on it from a Catholic perspective:

    A Response to Michael Knowles