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Colt Delta Elite 10mm

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by MWood, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. MWood

    MWood Newbie

    Has anyone shot one of these? Pros and cons. TIA.
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  2. Bass4Jesus

    Bass4Jesus -

    United States
    Yep, I owned one for a couple of years, but I auctioned it off a long time ago. It was built well, parts all fit snugly, and it shot well.

    What didn't I like about it?

    First, I prefer a curved backstrap rather than a flat one. A curved backstrap lets me shoot a 1911 to "blind point of aim." I know I could've swapped one in, but it would've cut the gun's resale value.

    Second, lots of sharp edges made it tear up holsters -- and fingers if I wasn't careful. The hammer and its serrations were especially sharp.

    Third, something over and above those details just wouldn't allow me to bond with the thing. I was never able to identify it. And my first choice for pistol work has always been the 1911 platform, so it wasn't the fact that the D.E. was part of that extended family.

    I much preferred my S&W 10 mm pistol. It fit my hand better, was lots more comfortable to shoot, had a hammer-drop safety, and it had no unreasonably-sharp edges. The (first) double-action shot was never a problem; it was nice and smooth, with no stacking to my recollection.

    I got rid of that pistol, too, simply because I lost interest in the caliber. Probably just too much energy and torque for my wrist to handle. I'm really skinny.

    Hope this helps.
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  3. now faith

    now faith Veteran Supporter

    Word of Faith
    Some older models had issues with a unsupported feed ramp, leaving part of the round exposed.
    I don't know if they corrected it on the newer models.
  4. FLA865

    FLA865 New Member

    Last edited: Oct 11, 2018
  5. The Gryphon

    The Gryphon Well-Known Member

    United States
    I can see owning a full power 10MM but since I already have a 7 1/2" barreled Ruger Super Redhawk loaded with Randy Garrett 330 gr. Hammer Heads and my .45ACP I will stick to what I already have. But if you are starting from scratch and you can shoot the full power loads acutely; then go for it.