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casting out demon dream.

Discussion in 'Sign Gifts' started by vanilla8, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. vanilla8

    vanilla8 He is wise, who is wise through God

    Demon casting

    The beginnings of the dream are a bit fuzzy, but I had been doing some washing and was out in the garden taking in some clothes that had been drying. I saw three things that had fallen off the line and were covered in mud, they had to be white of course. Then from inside I heard a cry and a voice shouted that a woman - who was maybe called Joanne - had been possessed by a demon.

    There were 3 Americans in the garden with me, 2 men in suits and a woman in a smart dress suit. They were walking purpousfully to the back door. I stopped the last man and said 'Are you Christians?' He said 'Yes, she's my senator.' I was a bit confused, coz being a polititian doesn't make you a christian, but he had affirmed that they were, so I said 'You'd better go in and start praying.'

    In the kitchen, the demon possessed woman had wrecked my washing machine and was sitting inside the casing. I thought 'Oh great, I'll have to get a new washing machine now.'

    I knelt at the side of the machine and put my hand through the hole where a water pipe would have been, touched her arm and started praying. She took hold of my hand with both of hers and dug her nails in, trying to pull my hand in. I tried to pull away, but the demon dug its nails in harder. I relaxed my grip and started praying in tongues. It mimicked me, but I prayed harder and louder. It let me go and just gibbered. I told it to be quiet, in Jesus name, but it laughed at me.

    I went through to the living room to have a break and one of the Americans came in with a framed photo of two American D.J.s, who had a very popular radio show. One had longish blond, straight hair, and the other had slightly shorter, darker, very curly hair and a moustasch. (I have no idea who they really are). The frequency and name of the radio station were on the photo. I remember a lot of 9's because it reminded me ironically of the emergency number. My American friend said that the demon was affecting the listners of their show, because the demon inhabited the D.J.s themselves.

    I could see the demon manifesting under the glass as shifting light and smoke. I laid my hand on the photo and started crying out to God for the souls of these men.

    The demon started writing on the surface, saying satan was all powerful, I said out loud, God was much more powerful and awesome. The writing then shifted and said Lucifer was beautiful and full of light. I told it that it was wrong, that God is light itself, then I was on my face, crying out 'God please help me, I can't do this.' and sorely weeping. At this point the demon left and the woman came through free and in her right mind, though shaken. We hugged and cried.

    I woke up and cried again. I was filled with such sorrow for the lost. I even felt sorry for the demon because it had been decieved and could never find its way back to the majesty of God.

    This is a dream I had at the end of September this year. Does anyone have any insights regarding it.

  2. HumbleBee

    HumbleBee Well-Known Member

    God's great peace be multiplied to you vanilla8!

    Here's possible insight for you to ponder...the 3 items of clothes covered in mud could represent the 3 Americans...they had an outward appearance of righteousness (they were well-dressed) and of self-assurance (walking purposefully). However, they would seem to be Christians only in name and not in practice, hence their coming in the backdoor, on the sly, rather than through the front door. Jesus deeming their self-righteousness as filthy rags (covered in mud); their confidence as pride.

    Them saying that "she's my senator" would refer to the demon-possessed Joanne, who would be unduly influencing them.

    Kitchen, as in heart of the home, tends to symbolize the human heart, and is also a place of preparation. A washing machine is for dirty laundry, 'dirty laundry' slang for a sordid past. Would seem Joanne's undealt with past has made it difficult for her to receive spiritual cleansing and Divine healing, thus the enemy has come in like a flood and gained a stronghold, trying to block the Living Water of Christ from setting this lady free. Her digging her nails into you could indicate a spirit of fear at work. Joanne may be so wounded that she fears getting hurt more and or she be backslid making her afraid of Divine discipline.

    The demon mimicking and laughing at you, shows a spirit of pride. Joanne, especially someone of her stature, a 'senator', would be defensive and humbled because she needs deliverance.

    Your dream is certainly giving you Divine strategy for successful spiritual warfare in revealing what specific spirits may have strongholds in Joanne's life. Your humble dependence on God (knelt at machine) and loving approach will wisely combat the spirit of fear and pride. The rest of your dream is self-explanatory! Am certain since the demon left Joanne, that our God Most High heard your prayers and made them powerful and effective for the 2 American DJ's and their listeners! TY JESUS! :clap:

    I did find online a radio station frequency that you may have seen in the photo and their DJs even closely fit the descriptions in your dream! :eek: Will pm you the link...
  3. FirstStrikeForce

    FirstStrikeForce Member

    Not completely.

    There are three groups of three: the three Americans, the three pieces of clothes, and the lady and the two DJs.

    The clothes represent the deeds of the saints. There are three white clothes which were "hung out to dry", no surprise they fell in the mud. Which means they were corrupted with sin and all of the good deeds once had were lost.

    Two men and one woman, three Americans. Two men and one woman, the demon possessed woman and the two male DJs.

    The washing machine could clean their clothes, but the woman broke it.

    The word of God cleans the clothes of the saints and makes them white, that and the Blood of the Lamb.

    I do not know beyond that.