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Bible Software packages for the computer?

Discussion in 'Technology' started by Athlon4all, Oct 7, 2002.

  1. MSBS

    MSBS Well-Known Member

    No...if you restart it'll just load up again.  Shut down the virus scanner and then try and install.
  2. * kittie *

    * kittie * Contributor

    yeah, that's what i did. i was just wondering if i should've restarted the computer, cuz i didn't. mmm...i guess it's okay. thanx anyways:)
  3. cthoma11

    cthoma11 Up in Canada

    There is a note on the online bible site that the material for E-Sword was stolen: They have a hall of shame where they claim that for Rick Meyers and Troy Griffins (Note that the following is quote from the web site): 

    "E-Sword These two win first prize. They blatantly stole all the material from the Online Bible CD and then claim it is public domain. We have a registered copyright with the Library of Congress which states otherwise. Troy is running a "Bible Society" founded on stolen material."

    If true, this is a strong reason to avoid E-Sword. In fact the Online bible website has the following text on it about E-Sword and others:

    "If you see or hear the above products being advertised, contact the publication or radio station doing the advertising and appraise them of the situation. If they are at all concerned about Christian ethics, they will consider this before running additional ads. Tell them that if they accept future advertising they may be liable for damages in a court of law in that they are now knowingly promoting the sale of stolen material."
  4. Athlon4all

    Athlon4all I'm offline indefintely

    I can't believe that where did you get that info?
  5. cthoma11

    cthoma11 Up in Canada

    Online bible website go to the hall of shame link:



  6. Apologist

    Apologist 2 Tim. 2:24-26


    There are easier to use programs but nothing has the power and number of resources as Logos.
    I have the 'Deluxe' edition and I added the John MacArthur Electronic Bible Study to it along with the free Logos software that they give away for any donation you want from the E4 Group at:


    If you really want the best and money is no object, then check out this complete Nelson's bible software for the Logos system: ;)

  7. cthoma11

    cthoma11 Up in Canada

    It appears that the page is now gone. Perhaps they have worked out their differences.
  8. TCCK

    TCCK New Member

    Thanks for all the great info everyone. I have been looking for a good bible software but just could not justify spending $500 Canadian for the Zondervan software right now. (My wife would just freak $500 on software! (And yes she is a Christian but very tight on $ control and it is not like we are in debt or anything.)

    I will look them all over and see what looks best for me.

    I am in a Prophetic School and work fulltime + some so I need something right where I am all the time for my devotions. I work on computers all day long!
  9. jimchambers

    jimchambers New Member

    You might want to try The Online Bible, it is also free and has some good add on's.

  10. mixaleena

    mixaleena Regular Member

    my vote goes to e-sword hands down...



    i hadn't read the above post before I made my post...I will have to look into e-sword being stolen because I have highly recommended that program for a long time. Thanks for the tip.
  11. booger

    booger GOD PICKED ME!!!!

    I have tried just about every FREE bible software out there and e-sword fit my needs perfectly.  I liked the interface between everything and all the stuff that is available for it.  OLB definatly had alot more addons though. 

    I am not fond of people stealing other people's work for their own, but public slander against a "competitor" isn't that great either. 

    I still recommend e-sword.
  12. Noddingdog

    Noddingdog Noderator

    Have y'all tried Bible Memory 2000? It's a great program that incorporates MS Agent and best of all, it's free. (Warning though, it's a big download!) You can d/l it at www.biblememory2000.org

    Hope this helps,
  13. Jon

    Jon <marquee behavior=scroll direction=left scrollamou

    I use Zondervan Refernce Software(I got it off a music CD-ROM)
  14. Zipporah

    Zipporah Member

    Hmmm.&nbsp; I have e-sword downloaded on my pc.

    I also have bible software downloaded from here - BibleDatabase - which, while not as extensive as e-sword and doesn't have as many commentaries available, usually does me fine for my basic requirements.
  15. cthoma11

    cthoma11 Up in Canada

    FYI: Regarding the E-Sword/OLB copyright issue. I checked with the author of OLB and he says the issue still exists, its just that the wheels of justice turn very slowly. He didn't give a reason for removing the "hall of shame" link from his webpage.
  16. cthoma11

    cthoma11 Up in Canada


    I've justed start using logos-libronix. I purchased the Nelson Ultimate library for $18&nbsp;and then updated most of it to the libronix format. I'm quite amazed by the power of this software. There does appear to be a significant learning curve to being proficient and using it to its potential. I does chug pretty slowly at startup on my lowly&nbsp; PII 333. :sigh:&nbsp; but once running is not too bad.

    Thanks for the pointers about E4's offering.
  17. Shay

    Shay New Member

    I use Ilumina
  18. EJO

    EJO Hellafreak

  19. wrench_twister

    wrench_twister ResIdent Pr0Krasstinat0r

  20. nChrist

    nChrist AKA: Tom - Saved By Grace Through Faith Supporter

    United States
    I agree. Rick Meyers is the author, and there are many improvements in e-Sword. It's amazing how many dictionaries and commentaries are free and designed to work with e-Sword. There is also a large selection of different translations of the Holy Bible to install and make comparisons with. e-Sword is an integrated Bible study package that easily contends with the commercial programs.

    I think it is interesting that e-Sword is being translated into various languages and is being made available all over the world free of charge. It is completely free with no strings attached. I opted to get the e-Sword CD to eliminate the huge download time. The e-Sword CD is available for a donation of $15, and this donation helps Rick Meyers pay the bills and continue his ministry. Many Christians are supporting Rick Meyers' work.