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Bad Break-up! Need scriptures to comfort and give direction!

Discussion in 'Christian Advice' started by whiterthansnow, Jan 16, 2006.

  1. whiterthansnow

    whiterthansnow New Member

    I just found out that my dad broke up with his girlfriend of 11 and a half years. She is absolutely distraught and devastated and in total shock, etc. He is apparently seeing someone new who is much younger.

    I am going to visit my dad's ex-girlfriend (who has been like a mother to me) this afternoon and would like to share with her some scripture that will speak to her heart and comfort her, as well as show her value and identity in Christ.

    Please reply with pertinent scriptures that come to mind so that I can compile a good list to start with. And pray for her and me, as I'm not sure where she stands with her faith.

    Thanks so much!
    -heather :)
  2. BOJAX

    BOJAX Vaccinated with a phonograph needle.

    (1 John 4:7-21)

    I would explain to her about how fickle people are, but that God is everlasting. God doesn't leave but people do because they are fickle. Also, it is important that you explain to her that you dad did not love her. Show her (1 Corinthians 13:4-7) and aks her if your dads actions lined up with that passage.

    But remember, you are NOT there to tell her what she wants to hear, you are there to tell her what she NEEDS TO KNOW.
  3. millerrod

    millerrod Contributor

    many times understanding brings the greatest comfort have her study 1Cor13:4-7 this defines Love, if she will take the time to look at the characteristics of Love she will be able to see the error she and he have made. this may not seem like comfort but it will be Why? because she will understand WHY this happened and who errored.
  4. fishstix

    fishstix Senior Veteran

    More than likely, she'll want to have someone to listen to her and to give her a shoulder to cry on. Be a good listener. Pay attention to what she has to say. Pray before you visit her and trust in the Holy Spirit to put the most appropriate Scriptures in your mind. But chances are that you should be spending more time listening than talking.