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Oct 6, 2017
United States
Marital Status
I got divorced.
I then met someone and am engaged.
Started reading scripture more heavily.
There is a lot of controversy.

Makes it sound like re marriage is adultery continuously.

Makes it sound like I should return to ex wife, even though I read verses that make it sound as if that isn’t a possibility.

Betrothal sounds like what engagement is today.
Makes me think I’m already re married in Gods eyes.

Deuteronomy 24 1-4 makes it sound as if you couldn’t return to ex wife.
Example: I’m engaged, makes me think as if at some level I’m married.
Or what if she got engaged and didn’t tell me and I find out years later (in the scenario we would be together)

I think to myself because it’s been driving me nuts, am I supposed to be single for the rest of my life.

I met up with my ex wife a few times (my current fiancé knows) to talk get closure etc
And two times we were about to re try our relationship (yes my current fiancé knows)
I am very open about it.

Every time I got close to re kindling with my ex I got pure anxirty
I worries what if I am not allowed to be with her and I find that out and we’re back together or got re married and then it’s real trouble because we just went through prior chaos
So because of that fear and other reasons I decided to not move forward.

The person I’m currently with is incredible,
Is caring wants the best for me encourages me etc

My mind is just in 3 places right now.
I’ve studied the scriptures.
I just feel like I didn’t and can’t get real clarity on this subject.
I’ve prayed numerous times and asked God to make it clear and it just leaves me sitting here wondering what does God want for my life.

All I want to do is honor him
If I am not putting him first then nothing in life matters.

I need true answers and backed up scripturally
Not just cherry picking.

There’s verses in the Old Testament based on certain things I’ve read aside from deutoronomy 24 1-4 and even in New Testament that make me feel that no matter what I do besides being single is wrong.

I do see a psychiatrist and psychologist.

I ask that before you respond to this you would pray and carefully consider your words and advice in general.