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    Hell is real

    I'm not really sure on the concept of hell. Perhaps its just not existing, or being in a world like situation again.
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    What is Hell?

    I don't know if hell is burning fire. I think it is more of a place without God.
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    I'm thinking about joining the military, anyone have any advice?
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    Is Bush Going Over Board?

    It is not about what you do or what you google, it is about the government having more control.
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    is metal music a sin? cuz if it is i'm screwed.

    If it bugs you then get rid of them. I listen to music that talks about killing people, drug use, anti-God, ect...but it doesnt affect me so I still listen to it.
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    is metal music a sin? cuz if it is i'm screwed.

    I play shooting games and see nothing wrong with it. I don't think listening to any kind of music is sinful/
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    The existence of ghosts?

    I think ghosts are demons. My house has been "haunted" by one for years. My sister and I are the ones that mostly experience things but other people in my family has experienced it too. When I had friends over theyve seen things and this is without me telling them things, so I think it is...
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    2006 in Bible Prophecy

    Word I wonder if he is actually serious
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    Strange signs/symbols

    To say that is pure ingnorance
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    Strange signs/symbols

    Even if these are "signs", what are we supposed to do about them?
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    People born in OCTOBER

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    what is your favorate book in the bible

    Judges, Matthew