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Thoughts On The Book Of Acts - Spread The Word

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    “Those who had been scattered preached the word wherever they went.”
    Acts 8:4 (NIV)

    The eighth chapter of The Book of Acts begins with the turmoil in Jerusalem caused by the stoning death of the disciple Stephan. The followers of Jesus no longer felt safe in Jerusalem since Stephan was stoned to death for telling the Jewish religious leaders they murdered Jesus. All but the Apostles left the city and went elsewhere to spread the gospel.

    Evangelism is an important aspect of the church. People everywhere need to hear the gospel. Just like the early church, missionaries are still being sent out to spread the Word. I think there’s an important lesson to learn here in the Book of Acts about evangelism – when the environment you’re working in becomes hostile, move on and find someone who is open to hearing the message. In Jerusalem, the disciples were threatened with prison and stoning. There are still places in this world that threaten Christians with physical harm, but even in a major western city you can find individuals who become enraged at the mention of Jesus. Follow the example in the Book of Acts and move on to find fertile ground. There’s opportunity to share God’s love just around the corner.

    Our mission now is to outsmart the devil and find those willing to listen, making an effort to share the word wherever we go, just as the Apostles and disciples did in Jerusalem, Samaria, and beyond.

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  1. Stone-n-Steel
    The interesting fact is that the chief persecutor of the saints in Jerusalem goes on to be the greatest missionary of them all.
    1. maintenance man
      Indeed! An extraordinary turn of events.
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